No surrender for Salman

20 September 2012

2:39 PM

20 September 2012

2:39 PM

As the Middle East reels and Parisian satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo up their security, one man who knows more than most about the absurd over-reaction of vast swathes of the Arab world has offered some advice. Speaking to Sky News, Sir Salmon Rushdie is not backing down: ‘To tell you the truth, I’m a little tired of religion demanding special privileges. I have all sorts of people attacking me, it doesn’t inspire me to go out and commit an act of violence.’

Rushdie points out that any other idea can be discussed, satirised or taken seriously. ‘It’s very important in England, and Europe and America, where we are fortunate enough to have our say without fear of arrest or worse, we need to stand by that. That’s what you do in a free society.’

Asked whether he feels safe after the bounty for his head was increased, Rushdie said: ‘this is one guy trying to grab some news space, it certainly does not make any difference to me.’ Pushed on whether he ever feels worried, he dryly replied: ‘when I’m talking to journalists.’

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  • Eddie

    Rushdie may well be a smug little git, who sees himself way superior to the untermenschen who do not write obtuse magic realitist tomes all day long (well, he is from the Indian/Pakistani middleclass: the most snobby, aloof, class-obsessed class there is!), but he is right now as he was right before when he answered in reply to some hack’s dumb question: what should the West do about the rise of Islamic terrorism?
    He said: the West should keep on being The West
    As he has just said, we should be defending our values against all who attack them, not pandering to anyone who threatens to bomb us in revenge – or, (and this is the real racism these days) kowtowing to the demands of anyone with a dark skin and a minority religion (and their white middle class socalled ‘liberal’, illiberal mouthpieces). It is appeasement – just like that of some in the 1930s, traitors to our culture and traditions, who betray our values and people out of cowardice (cf the French socialists making excuses for Hitler and then betraying their countrymen to him)
    These Islamist protests are all whipped up by politicians in Islamic countries anyway: it’s good to create and enemy to take people’s mind off their poverty and unemployment: usually cartoons, books, films have been out for months before some Islamic loudmouth rabble rouser picks up on them!
    I would LOVE IT if all newspapers across ‘The West’ (which to Muslim nuts mean the Jew-ruled anti-Muslim place, forgetting how many Muslims live and do well here, and how we tolerate and defend their religious freedoms) had a day of Freedom: whereby all newspapers, magazines, TV channels on one day showed the Mohammed cartoons, and also the sort of anti-semitic cartoons shown daily in Muslim countries, and anti-Christian cartoons, and those who mock atheists etc. Has the BBC got the guts? Of course not! But we can dream that one day it will do the job we pay it to do…

  • Simon Morgan

    Salman Rushdie may have learned to live with the absurdity of the various fatwas issued against him by people more akin, in every respect, to bearded apes than human beings. Now we have a Pakistani savage offering $100,000 for the head of the ‘Innocence’ movie maker. Or was that rupees? It just doesn’t get any sillier or more pathetic. You don’t need bombs and weapons to defeat these morons -just a few cartoons and they’re self-imploding. Maybe we should distribute (by air) millions of copies of the French and Danish cartoons at the next Haj? I’d pay a lot of money to see that.

  • Sarah

    If only other journalists had his courage we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    • Eddie

      Actually, as Salman has admitted, he would not have written and published the book if he had known what would happen.
      He is neither brave or un-brave: he just did what he did to cope when a fatwah was issued.
      There are of course many other men who have courage and stand up to the Islamo-philia and betrayal of Enlightenment values by those who assumje they are ‘liberals’ – people like Bruce Bawer, and anyone who dares to mention radical Islam is novels.
      But I agree, most journalists are cowards, as are most politicians and everyone else who panders to loudmouthed pressure groups (ethnic groups, religious, wimmins groups, the ‘diversity gestapo’ etc)