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Nick Clegg’s viral apology video

20 September 2012

10:51 AM

20 September 2012

10:51 AM

The free publicity which comes with party political broadcasts is more powerful than the broadcast itself: nowadays, our MPs hope their messages will go viral. Nick Clegg’s apology has: and how. The below video has his voice being digitally altered (like Cher’s in Believe) but the result is far catchier. It demands to be watched:


The video-maker has done Clegg a favour. Only the most cold-hearted cynic would feel a tinge of sympathy for him  here, which may be been the idea behind the video. What Tony Blair called the ‘masochism strategy’ where you apologise and get visibly beaten up, ideally by a pensioner, until voters start to pity you.  The funniest thing, to me, is that Clegg isn’t apologising for breaking his promise – he’s apologising for making it in the first place. This raises questions not just about the relevance of party manifestos but of political parties per se. More about this in my Telegraph column tomorrow.

UPDATE: Looks like the Lib Dem leader likes this remix. Will it make the top 10?


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  • London Calling

    A fine example of when sorry just isn’t enough….

    great video:)

  • Will Honeycomb

    Clegg: “When we’re wrong we hold our hands up” Andrew Marr (aka Handy Pantsdown): “I was wrong to put my hands down.” It’s mea culpa week for the peccable.

  • wrinkledweasel

    It might play well with young women who like fluffy kittens and world peace which, let’s be honest, makes up the majority of Lib Dems, but for the rest of us it turns “sorry” into the way you feel after downing five glasses of Lambrini and a litre of Angel Delight.

    • Charlie the Chump

      Mmmmm. Lambrini cocktails. Nice. Was that what the woman who nicked the ferry in devon was drinking? I’m a pirate, I’m Jack Sparrow, Ha Ha. Makes more sense than anything the libtards come out with.

  • UlyssesReturns

    Clegg’s smarmy insincere creepy excuse for an apology was followed on Newsnight by Paxo giving the obtuse Cable a mild grilling on the libtard’s tuition fees policy. Insincerity, disinginuity, obfuscation, and downright lying were all one saw from the leader and his would-be successor – and these are the incompetents dictating terms to the coalition’s majority partners, and vetoing a major plank of the coalition agreement, the redrawing of the boundaries. I wouldn’t have either of these retards in my company and they are, in effect, running the country. I thought the world of British politics had lost its reason when Brown

    • dalai guevara

      So, with no possible option left in the UK voting system, you imply to vote for the radicals? Ulysses, you continue to amaze me.

      • dalai guevara

        The Spectator blog is devoid of Kafkaesque satire, indeed. Just grumpy pensioners.

      • Austin Barry

        PPE: not so much a qualification as an indictment.

  • In2minds

    ” This raises questions not just about the relevance of party manifestos but of political parties per se” – The second point, oh yes! Also has Clegg apoligised to all those women yet?