Iran: Jews make Gays

6 September 2012

12:50 PM

6 September 2012

12:50 PM

An article in an Iranian state-controlled newspaper has claimed that the Jews are spreading gays. According to Mashregh News the ‘Zionist regime’ (with the help of the US and UK) is deliberately spreading homosexuality to pursue Zionism’s real goal of world domination.

Quite how you can dominate the world through gays, I don’t know. It’s true that the very hard to spell Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir became the world’s first openly lesbian head of state in Iceland a few years ago. And only last year Elio Di Rupo became the first gay Prime Minister of Belgium. But if Israel is in fact the force behind this then it seems to me one of the worst run Zionist operations of recent years.


If I were planning world domination via gays, I would probably begin by installing gays as President or Prime Minister of America, Britain and even Iran, not Iceland and a tiny European country that quite often does without a Prime Minister anyway.

I suppose it is possible that the apparently hetero Barack Obama, David Cameron and Iran’s own Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are in fact gay Zionist sleeper agents. But I come away from the story with the suspicion that Mashregh news has not checked its sources. Though in their defence, the same article’s claim that Tel Aviv is a gay paradise is close enough to the truth to make you wonder, though the claim will inevitably lose the paper some readers in San Francisco, not to mention our own city of Manchester.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice think.

  • proph diggla

    douglus who are you? not a jew the real jews where protesting the vile nonsense in tel aviv and fire bombing clowns like you..and the gay liberals in govt. spent millions on terrorizing real jews such as my sephardic satmars brothers are the only defenders of real jewish faith and culture.

  • summer

    Wow, talk about repeating misinformation.
    First, Mashregh News is NOT an Iranian state-owned newspaper.
    It’s a website that is affiliated to but not owned or run by the IRGC.
    If you read the actual Mashregh article in Persian instead of the JPost article (which was copied from a story in an Austrian blog and both of which were obviously written by someone who does not know Persian) you would have known that the story (which is homophobic shite, but ‘Iran hates gays’ is not news) is almost all about how the US, Obama and its running-dog Canada are promoting homosexuality as a genetic defect rather than as a lifestyle choice.
    Every single story on Mashregh has an “Israel is the root of all evil” line in there somewhere (much like the Daily Mail with immigrants, ‘liberals’ etc). Another story on the same day this drivel was published had a picture of a Jew apparently drinking blood.

  • JehudahBenIsrael

    The absurdity here is totally in the open, for all to see: This is how “narratives”, i.e. fictional short stories designed for political expediency, are woven.

    The sad aspect about this case is the fact that similar “narratives” which have been produced in the Muslim, but more particularly in the Muslim-Arab, world have taken hold and have become mantras, uttered regularly and cavalierly by people who otherwise appear to be intelligent and rational.

    “Israel is a settler colonial state”. “The Jews are foreigners who have come to occupy ‘Palestine’ and expel its ‘indigenous people'”. “Israel has initiated all the wars against the Arabs”. “Jerusalem has never been a Jewish city”. “Jews are only a faith community, not a people”.

    We can and should analyse each of these wrong/hate-filled accusations, although I shall not do so at this short post. But, we do need to keep in mind that the Zionists’ Gay “narrative” is an example of the material from which other similar “narratives’ are made.

    • JehudahBenIsrael

      And one more “minor” thing: Zionism is first and foremost the strong affinity Jews have for Zion, also known as Jerusalem; an affinity established more than 3,000 years ago when our king, King David, set up Jerusalem as the administrative and spiritual center of the kingdom. Jerusalem has served as the Jewish kingdom capital city in ancient time, the capital city of the Jewish people all of these thousands of years, and the capital city of the modern state of Israel since 1948. Jerusalem has never been the capital city of ANY other people for all of these thousands of years, despite the fact, based on “narratives”, i.e. fictional short stories designed for political expediency, that the Arabs now claim it.

      In the 19th century Zionism took upon itself three additional tasks: to in-gather those Jews not residing in the Land of Israel (at the center of which is Zion/Jerusalem) back to their national homeland; to re-establish there, based on the universally accepted right of self-determination and independence, Jewish sovereignty; and to re-vitalize Jewish civilization as a whole, i.e. Judaism.

      The above three goals were to be achieved through the use of the laws that are in place and the powers that be, and with as much peaceful cooperation with the non-Jewish population at the time in Eretz Israel (Land of Israel).

      Zionism, in short, took upon itself the task of being the non-violent (not pacifist, mind you!) national liberation movement of the Jewish people.

  • Rick

    In the Islam religion, It is OK to have sex with a dead person,
    and it`s OK to have sex with an animal,
    but is it OK to have sex with a dead goat?

  • 2ndcomingofISA

    the Joo haters also claim that the Jooz are behind the multiculturalism ‘religion’ that is eating out America from the inside.

    I always like to point those people towards the actual
    multiculturalism religion, the Baha’i. The term “Unity in Diversity” is
    a religious tenant of the baha’i, New World Order being another.

    btw, the baha’i are messianic muslims that believe their prophet
    Baha’u’allah when he claimed to be the second coming of Isa (muslim

    If it helps hit the point home about the evil that the baha’i
    represent, Maurice Strong is a devout baha’i working towards the New
    World Order.

  • Andy Gill

    These swivel-eyed Iranian fanatics have completely abandoned any semblance of reason. Too much Islam rots the brain it seems.

  • michael

    Supremacists say just about anything to further their supremacy,…always have.
    Binding in suppression is most easily achieved through the application of a liberal dollop of hatred. Love thine enemies?

  • Sarah

    Tehran is the world capital of transsexuals. Cos gay men in Iran have the option of renouncing sex or their penises.

  • Eddie

    According to the Ayatollah Khomeini’s book, one is allowed to have sex with animals though – so long as one then cuts the animals throat afterwards and sell the meat to the next village! So they do know how to party in Iran after all!
    Worth remembering here too that is many places of the world ‘gay’ is not a lifestyle – even in countries in the south and east of Europe – but that it still goes on of course, AND is not seen as gay at all, not if you are the one who bonks an not the bonkee. I once met an Italian friend of a friend who I was told used to pay rent boys to f them, but who did not see himself as gay because it was not he who was penetrated. Married I think too. Hey ho…

    • DaveCrouch

      I understand that in Egypt, religious authorities have ruled it lawful to have sex with recently deceased as long as the parties are married. Otherwise it would be a sin.
      I imagine that had the Ayatollah Khomeini been Egyptian he would have been able to rule that it was lawful to have sex with recently dead animals.

  • CraigStrachan

    As long as they make ’em kosher.

  • Jaysonrex

    As long asa single Ayatollah is left standing, there will be no peace in the Middle East. Ahmadinejad is merely a front man and as such his days are counted and found wanting by the Iranian Muslim extremists. U.S. Air Force should be ready to start the engines of its bombers since the true target of those terrorists is not Israel but the West.

  • Daniel Maris

    Jewish mothers make gays perhaps…

  • T. Botham

    I recall Ahmadinejad asserting that there is no homosexuality in Iran. And if there were, it would be snuffed out. As the Zionists will be.

  • Laurence

    And Ayatollahs spread idiocy.

  • Thand

    Ironically many gays and lesbians support pro-Palestinian groups
    and socialist organisations diligently working away to delegitimise the Jewish