George Galloway’s awfulness

3 September 2012

12:09 PM

3 September 2012

12:09 PM

George Galloway’s awfulness falls into two categories. First there is the serial dictator-licking. This is a man so profligate, not to say promiscuous, in his affections that he has in succession fawned over Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Then there is the personal vileness — pretending to be a dirty cat on live television (still, after all these years, impossible to watch), explaining his curious notions of when rape is, and is not, rape, and using vulgarly dismissive terms about disabled people.

The strange thing about this is that though the former is, I suggest, in the great scheme of things the worse stuff, it is always the latter that gets him into trouble. So, for instance, he has felt compelled to issue a rare back-track for the recent ‘window-licker’ comments but has never done so for his support of numerous oppressive dictators.

I suspect the same will be true of his latest appearance. The video above of his lucrative first programme on a Syrian propaganda station — is simply unbelievable. With a weirdly newly-adopted Arabic-inflection he berates a young man in his audience for not supporting jihad enough in the places that George would appear to want it in. The only feeling that could possibly be stranger than that of a British voter watching a British MP doing this is what young Syrians and their contemporaries across the Middle East must feel when watching it.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • OldSlaughter

    The most offensive part of this for me is his interrupting somebody to tell them not to interrupt and his condescending explanation about having a back and forth before indulging is an earsplitting and continuous forth.

    What an odious and demagogic lout.

    The continual breathing of George Galloway is but an ever increasing affirmation of my atheism.

  • ShahMassoud

    He is basically calling on Arabs to spill blood in order to fight the Jews and pro-Western Arab regimes. He chides them for asking for basic things such as freedom. Such as the young people demonstrating against Assad demanding freedom. He is quite happy to send other people’s sons to fight his battles but you won’t see him risking his own neck nor his children for this Jihad he is so enthusiastic about.

  • ShahMassoud

    He is basically calling on Arabs to spill blood in order to fight the Jews and pro-Western Arab regimes. He chides them for asking for basic things such as freedom. Such as the young people demonstrating against Assad demanding freedom. He is quite happy to send other people’s sons to fight his battles but you won’t see him risking his own neck nor his children for this Jihad he is so enthusiastic about.

  • Bert

    This man is clearly unfit to hold the office of MP.

  • Marcus

    Like a lot of what Galloway says, there are some good and original points mixed in with bad ones.

    1. Why are Saudi funding this ‘freedom’ movement?

    2. He says that he was not for Saddam or Assad but that they were better
    than their enemies, there are plenty of ethnically cleansed Iraqi
    Christians now living in Syria who will agree on both accounts. I think he is probably right on this one.

    3. The Jihad movement has tremendous hypocrisies and inconsistencies it, after all the biggest killer of Islam’s ‘brothers’ is and always has been Islam’s ‘brothers’.

  • Sarah

    He makes me feel like I need a shower and CCTV.

  • edlancey

    The way he says “Seeria” makes me think of Steve McLaren, the football manager who turned up with a Dutch accent – albeit speaking English.

  • Eddie

    George al-Galloway is 1) an egomaniac of deranged and dangerous proportions – probably he envies those such as him who can rise to dictatorial power in other countries, as others before him have (Benn, Mosely, many lefties whon love Chavez and Castro); 2) clearly rather mad – he is losing it, badly, if he ever had it: it happens to those who believe what their sychophants tell them; 3) a Jew-hating gay-hating bigoted leftwing hypocrite – just an old Scottish shipbuilding navvie hardman in a pretty suit; 4) a corrupt liar who raised funds for terrorism when organising his Iraq fund (as has been proven) – I would like his affairs investigated and for him to be arrested and charged if necessary for this financial irregularity and for his inciting of hatred and violence towards Jews.
    The only thing I can sympathise with him about is his weird accent in the presence of foreigners; I can say from my own experience teaching foreigners and also having lived abroad, that it does happen – as does the exaggerated hand movements one picks up from foreigners. Can’t be helped. It’s osmosis.

    • Marcus

      You make a lot of claims their Eddie.
      1. In what way is George Galloway anti-Semitic rather than anti-Israel’s domestic and foreign policy?
      2. He has had the ‘funding terrorism’ tag levelled at him before and went to America and beat it. What terrorist organisations did he fund? Or are you just re-hashing that old chestnut? America is not shy in asking for British nationals they believe are responsible for funding terrorism, unlike us, who let the US fund-raise for the IRA with impunity.
      3. Gay-hating, the use of the word ‘hate’ should be avoided as it is often used by the the shrill Left and is increasingly losing it’s meaning. Do you mean to say he abhors all homosexuals and wishes to legislate against them? Or that he really does not like the idea of being homosexual himself? Or something else?

      • Eddie

        I make no ‘claims’ – unlike Georgey Boy – I merely state my opinion on what I know. Some may well admire my indefatigability; I couldn’t possible comment…
        1) Oh yes, that old chestnut. Funny how those who criticise Israel for every single thing it ever does and call it names never seem to focus their beady eyes on the many more countries in the world which, unlike Israel, are not democraries – ie all Muslim countries, most African countries, China etc. Nope – just Israel they focus on: a democracy where an ARAB judge passed sentence for rape on a Jewish former PM! Imagine anything so democractic happening ins ANY of the Muslim Jew-hating countries surrounding Israel (and the cause of their policies and paranoia, I’d say). Anyone of any religion and none, and any sexuality and lifestyle, can live free in Israel – that can’t be said of ANY Muslim country. So why is Galloway and his lickspitttle-lackeys reserving their spite and venom for Israel. Oh yes, Israel is a Jewish state full of Jews. Makes sense huh?
        Anti-semitism masquerading as concern for refugees and minorities – that is wht Galloway and his vile collaborators display.
        If people are concerned about human rights, there are 100 countries way worse than Israel – and yet, the Left always sees Arabs and Muslims are friends, apeing the Soviets they so admire. Anti-Israel usually means Anti-Semitic, these days, I think.
        2) Plenty of unanswered questions about the Miriam Fund. The money has disappeared and was almost certainly used to fund Islamists. Because I hate La Galloway does not mean I agree with the equally corrupt US Congress Committee either!
        3) I take your point but am just saying that, despite the facade of eloquent educated rhetoric, the sharp suits, the ‘liberal’ claim, Galloway is anything but: he is just a prettied up version of the bigoted navvies who despise anyone who is different from them; now Galloway sees those as extreme and committed as he is in the Arab world – and no doubt would li=ove to be a dictator, like the ones he so admires.
        I’d say we should all chip in and buy La Galloway a sandpit in the Sahara – where he can play with his little brown friends and little white friends (and ban Jews from the area too or make them wear amusing little yellow stars perhaps?) – and live in a new tiny statelet called Gallowayistan. Maybe then he’ll rant all day long in the desert and leave the civilised world alone to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet without his sanctimonious egomanical dribblings of hypocritical drivel spewing out of our TVs every single week.

        • Marcus

          I agree, the Western rules are applied to Israel. There are always and have always been discrepancies in the West’s focus on certain regimes.
          The following regimes are all guilty of oppression, killing & discriminating against people. Yet, how many have had economic and or cultural embargoes against them:
          1. North Korea – 100,000s murdered within the last 10 years. No elections.
          2. Cuba – 100,00 political prisoners, murder of approximately 60,000 people. No elections.
          3. Pinocet’s Chile – murder of 10, 000 people. No elections until the hand over.
          4. Saudi Arabia – discrimination + oppression against women who have no voting rights.
          5. China – murder, discrimination and oppression of Tibetans who have not voting rights.
          6. Apartheid South Africa – discrimination against black people, who had no voting rights.
          7. Algeria – murder of over 200,000 in the last 10 years.
          8. Israel – oppression and discrimination of Arab peoples.
          9. Iran – oppression of women. Political prisoners and state killing.
          10. Argentinas Junta – Political prisoners and state killing. No elections.
          There are many more. The ones in the list that have received the strongest condemnation tend to be the more Western and the least murderous. It is not just Israel that is singled out disproportionately. I think the only country we did not play sport against was apartheid South Africa, the least murderous of the lot.
          I also think that there is not a clear link between dislike of Israeli oppression and the Nazi/racist hatred of Jewish people. They seem to come from different places. Do you think Goebbels would adopt a sort of Vanessa Redgrave stance on Israel? I doubt it.

          • Eddie

            Ah yes, but I think a great many people who do hate Jews (quite a few Muslims, for example) can attack Israel as a way of being able to be legally Jew-hating. If the Islamists held placards berating and abusing Jews, that would be incitement to hatred; replace the word ‘Jew’ with the word ‘Israel’ and it’s not an offence. Antisemitism has been on the rise in the UK – thanks for politically correct Student Uniobs and University policies which pander to anyone ethnic (eg most Muslims) and also a small hardcore to dominate proceedings (and for example to schedule meetings on Jewish holiday days so Jews don’t and can;’t turn up to vote, as at SOAS, or trying to ban all Israeli academics – whilst of course still inviting academiccs from vile regimes to be guest lecturers).
            I do think the hatred of Israel by some is prompted by good ole fashioned anti-Semtitism; some is because those on the left just follow the old Soviet pro-Arab stance – which is not too fare from the Islamists’, because they all blame all the ills of the world on the money-grubber Capitalists (AKA the Jews).
            I am not Jewish but I know when someone is being picked on for unjust reasons – and though I don’t agree with everything Israel does, I can see it is a democracy with freedom of worship, a great deal of tolerance, pluralism and liberalism.
            Worth remembering that we know about any atrocities by the army there because Israel has a free press and free independent courts; we do not hear of the butchery in Muslim dictatorships, of course. Israel has Arab Muslim judges too; does any Muslim country have a Jewish judge? It seems every the small Christian populations are finally to be wiped out in Syria as they have been in Uraq etc. Jews and Christians used to call those countries home too, of course – for centuries.

            • Marcus

              Yes, would I rather be an Arab in Israel or a Jew in an Arabic country? Answer = the former. However most countries in the West offer both Arabs and Jews greater freedoms than either of their homelands.
              Arabic judge in Israel? Big deal. You would not say that was a great achievement in a Western country, just par for the course. It is through a Western prism that Israel is judged as some regimes are and others escape e.g. most of Africa. There is not necessarily a good reason for this but as I say it is often the more Western countries that get a tougher time.
              1. Football against North Korea anyone?
              Oh yes please! Even though they only recently starved 100,000+ women and children to death.
              2. Listen to an Israeli lecturer? NO WAY Boycott!
              3. Holiday in Cuba? Love to. Despite Castro killing 60,000 odd and keeping political prisoners with no elections.
              The hypocrisy goes on and on….

  • Pilkington

    What is a window licker anyway? I have no idea.
    Am I behind with street slang?

  • John Edwards

    And I wonder how much she was paid for the interview and by whom

  • John Edwards

    Do a google search on Roxana Shirazi author of “The Last Living Slut” about her life as a rock band groupie. This is the person interviewed on Youtube about GG.

  • John Edwards

    Do a google search on Roxana Shirazi author of “The Last Living Slut” about her life as a rock band groupie. This is the person interviewed on Youtube about GG.

  • Tory Troll

    We need a British Breivik. Or ten.

  • Andy Gill

    Galloway’s fake Arab accent is quite hilarious. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was taking the piss.

  • M. Wenzl

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on a Douglas Murray blog — least of all agreeing with it — but George Galloway is batsh*t insane. Not only that, but his oratory has become nothing more than boring, odious ranting. He doesn’t even listen to what people have to say to him — and seems to think that he knows better than an Arab audience!

  • lolz
  • lolz

    George Galloway

    Someone has posted a gross and
    grossly defamatory attack video against me on YouTube. Legal action to
    remove it underway. Be warned.

  • walt kovacs

    well, one of his ex mistresses has shown up on youtube and is spilling the beans about all his perversions…not that i care

    but he honestly thinks he can sue to get the vids taken down

    even if youtube pulls them…tons of other sites to get them on

    luv this guy

  • The Masked Marvel

    McCain and Lieberman? How old is this video again?

  • Curnonsky

    At the end of the clip he is quite honest about why he cosies up to monsters like Saddam, the Assads, Ahmadinejad and the like: it’s not because he likes them – he just hates their enemies, and the enemy of his enemy is his friend. In this he sums up much of the worldview of the Left. They are in the last analysis quite indifferent to the people they claim to be supporting, but by that support they align themselves against their real enemy: us. In the old days they used to be called traitors, but of course now they are “progressives”.

    • ShahMassoud

      George Galloway is to England what Quisling was to Norway.

  • Baron

    clowns like him have always been around, his stunts may be invaluable in that they expose the absurdity of the positions taken by the deluded Left more clearly than the usual double speak.

    Baron recalls well his facing Sadam
    praising the monster for his ‘indefatigability’,
    someone should have asked gorgeous George how this squares with his saying now ‘I was not with Sadam, I was against his enemies’.

  • Reb

    You have to understand, the Scots really really hate the English. Name a Scottish MP that has been anything other than damaging for this country.

    • Maringa


      • rosie

        Yes, Gladstone. And Home. Rifkind. Rosebery. Campbell Bannerman. Ramsay MacDonald. Argyll. Sinclair. Aberdeen. Bonar Law. Crawford. Younger. Must be more but can’t think of them now.

        Galloway’s mother was Irish and a republican too. Now they really do hate the English.

        • Samuel Kaine Wheeler

          My Irish Republican boyfriend would disagree.

    • Marian Thomson

      I am a Scot and I do not hate the English and am similar to many other Scots. Stop being so silly………..there will come a day when we will all have to unite so get used to it!

    • victor67

      and Thatcher was good for Scotland? I agree with you about Brown and Blair although the latter played down his Scottishness to appeal to middle England.

    • Ron Todd

      I am half Scottish In my experience the number of Scots that really hate the English is a minority but quite a big minority. Before I knew I was half English I did not hate the English but neither did I love them.

  • Simon

    Galloway is very Hitler like, i have always thought that about him, seductive hot air, his arguments are often easily rebuffed but yet he takes so many people in, because so many people don’t know the facts especially about Israel. They just believe what the bbc or the guardian tell them. Galloway entrances people, even impresses people, sometimes willful or ignorant people but not necessarily either. He is a pariah of the times, the left has many dangerous people as does the right and Galloway is one of the former. Though I would argue that its the left which is garnering the most popular-ism and sympathy.

    • ShahMassoud

      More like the Norwegian Quisling. He is not as dramatic as Hitler.

  • Andrew Paul Shakespeare

    I got bored after 3 minutes. I understand the point he’s making, but it didn’t strike me as being of such significance as to be worth dwelling upon, never mind indulging an enormous lecture. He reminded me of the evangelists on the God Channel — going on and on about the bleeding obvious. Did he not have something of significance to say?

    I agree with you about the Arabic mannerisms. Very odd. I wonder if he’s been coached by some director who thought it would make the audience sympathise better with him?

  • Ron Todd

    When all the Muslim areas start having a full selection of Muslim candidates they will not need fellow travelers any longer.

  • Austin Barry

    What a linguistically patronising oaf. He will soon be speaking in the ebonic patois of the agitated underclass which is his natural constituency, “I is the man wot is giving you ‘ope for vee security of vee Mooslim lands, in’it bro.”

  • Laurence

    Galloway’s sycophantic and wholly synthetic Arabic inflection is nothing new. In his ‘debates’ with Christopher Hitchens, also available on Youtube, he repeatedly uses ‘Is-rah-ail-ee’ for ‘Israeli’. Presumably that extra syllable goes down well with his delightful chums. What I do not understand is that given his evident love of the non-Jewish portions of the Middle East and given his high regard for dictators and dictatorships rather than democratically elected and democratically accountable governments and given his evident approval of their charming, tolerant ‘culture’ (not to mention the ‘religion of peace), he doesn’t simply up tent and relocate to one of these beacons of enlightenment.

  • sir_graphus

    The disquieting thing about it is this speech is as much for home consumption as anywhere else. Galloway perceives that there are areas of the UK where hard line Islamic rabble rousing is worth enough votes to get him elected. I have enough faith in British Muslims to believe this approach will have him thrown out, in the end. Previously, he’d been a lot more clandestine about what he believed in, and largely stood against the big parties (rather than FOR anything), arguing that they didn’t represent Muslims properly. Here, perhaps over-excited by his environment, he is making the mistake of telling his voters what he actually does stand for, and I don’t think the majority of Muslims, the ones that only vote once, that is, will like it very much.

  • 303Brit

    Reminds me of the old newsreel clips showing Hitler in full spate. Scary. Even scarier is that he was elected to parliament. What a wonderful subject for a talented satirist – if there are any still around. I guess modern times, being beyond parody, has rendered them redundant.

  • June

    Galloway is an MP and therefore speaks for many British people and is a hero to many on the lefty progressive BBC/Guardian side of the fence. His views are very nearly mainstream in many British towns and cities. Oh, and the Arabic-inflection is of a help rather than a hindrance, such is the new British political landscape.

    • rosie

      And rape is no big deal in these post feminist times. Not a hate crime, and therefore not a crime to arouse disapproval, but actually aspired to by many a yoof as a means of self enhancement.
      We used to live in a civilized matriarchy like the rest of Europe, RC and protestant alike, in which women set the standards and men adhered to them, if unwillingly.
      We are now heading for patriarchy – in which women do the work, and men just please themselves. Galloway is ahead of the game. He doesn’t need to up tent, thanks to the socialists and feminists. Difficult to say which did the most damage in the long run. The feminists, I should say, getting the wrong end of the stick about which sex was trapped.

  • sir_graphus

    Crikey. Stunning.