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Afghanistan’s triumph: the return of cricket and other ‘frivolities’

21 September 2012

9:43 PM

21 September 2012

9:43 PM

England have just beaten Afghanistan in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup currently being held in Sri Lanka. In the end, it was a comprehensive victory for Stuart Broad’s men but how wonderful it is to see cultural and sporting life returning to a country where such ‘frivolities’ were outlawed by the Taliban.

This is Afghanistan’s second appearance at a major cricketing tournament and follows Rohullah Nikpai’s efforts in the Olympics a few weeks ago where he won the country’s second ever medal.

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  • Noa

    At last! The DfID’s investment in Afghanistan’s structure is starting to provide a real return.

  • In2minds

    Cricket for women?

  • Daniel Maris

    Good news from Libya – the first good news in many months from Islamic North Africa.

    HOwever, we have to understand Libya is tiny compared to Egypt.

    • Noa

      If you are referring to the so called ‘populist’ storming of the Islamic militia base in Benghazi it is, I suspect more likely to be a prelude to wider internecine conflict and civil anarchy than any attempt to return to the rule of law, however misbegotten.

  • john

    Enjoy it while it lasts. When the last NATO troop leaves, the Taliban will take over the entire country again, and the clock will be reset to September 10, 2001. It will be as if the previous 12 years never happened.

    • Austin Barry

      Yes, the only markers of the past 12 years in this fly-blown, Islamic cesspit will be the wasted lives of our troops, squandered by the grossly misguided idiots who rule us. Cricket?

      • john

        Every western life and limb lost is for nothing – absolutely nothing. Please don’t tell me “we got Osama” – he simply gets replaced by another ant from the colony. People talk of Bin Laden as if he devised Islam himself, and it somehow died with him…

  • Percy

    There was a very good documentary on Afghan cricket: Afghan Cricket Club – Out of the Ashes, which followed the team’s progress to the last T20 World Cup, really quite moving and well worth tracking down.

  • SimonToo

    I understand that cricket was the one sport the Taliban did not ban. They picked up the cricketing bug in the mujahaddin camps in Pakistan and brought it back to Afghanistam when they returned.

  • Fergus Pickering

    They are not at all bad, these guys. The rise of Afghanistan as a cricketing power may be the most important sporting development of 2012. It might help to convince the world that there are actually human beings living there. The Taliban is right to outlaw music, sport, frivolities. Only in such a benighted climate can their horrible philosophy take hold. Frivolous people love liberty.