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Tory MP: Cameron is a chambermaid to the Lib Dems

29 August 2012

3:42 PM

29 August 2012

3:42 PM

Yesterday David Cameron was a mouse, and today he’s a chambermaid, according to another one of his imaginative backbench MPs. Brian Binley, the Conservative MP for Northampton South, has written a fierce blog in which he tells David Cameron that he doesn’t need a reshuffle that will simply amount to ‘re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’: he needs a change in direction and a re-think.

Binley attacks the way the Prime Minister relates to the Liberal Democrats in government, saying:

My point is that Mr Cameron should never have hitched his star to any of the self-indulgent lunacy that has been characteristic of the unreasonable demands of his coalition partners. It was always going to fail, and has created unnecessary distance between him and the country. Why did he not put his foot down and assert his position, firstly, as Prime Minister, and secondly, as leader of the Conservative party? What are his true priorities? It seems that appeasing the childish tit-for-tat approach to politics that is the entire Liberal Democrat mindset has dominated his thoughts for far too long. The country needs a full-time Prime Minister and not a chamber-maid for a marginal, irrelevant pressure group who have got him in a virtual arm-lock with a constant stream of threats to abandon ship.


He also accuses Cameron of ‘treating his backbenchers and his party as an unnecessary inconvenience’.

Now, this sort of name-calling makes a nice little recess story in itself. But it’s what Binley proposes next that is really interesting. He says that the reshuffle should enable Cameron to ‘deliver policies that will create prosperity’. He says:

If that means abandoning Vince Cable, or upsetting the balance in Clegg’s clandestine playground, so be it.

So Binley is suggesting not just reshuffling the Business Secretary as a sort of shot back across the bows at Lord Oakeshott, who wants Cable to be promoted to Chancellor, but also ‘upsetting the balance’, which suggests fewer Liberal Democrat ministers at the top in order to push more Tory policies through. This is even less likely to happen than Clegg’s wealth tax that he’s been touting today. But it’s another page in the dossier of evidence that suggests the Prime Minister is going to seriously struggle with his own party over the next few months.

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  • Gouldus

    I’m with tanky – the tories will lose next time, because voters have very short memories – the LibDems will, more than likely, not exist at all.
    Dump the LibDems – go into minority governement and show the public what you’d like to do – put up policies that have some bite – yes, they will be voted down by Labour and the LibDems but then, at least, the country will see what the tories stand for.

  • M. Wenzl

    I don’t think anyone told Mr Binley that his party are in coalition.. Or perhaps he’d prefer a minority Tory government unable to push anything through? Or perhaps a Lib-Lab partnership?

  • John_Page

    a chamber-maid for a marginal, irrelevant pressure group who have
    got him in a virtual arm-lock with a constant stream of threats to
    abandon ship.

    Note to Mr Binley: highly mixed metaphors aren’t as vivid as one good one well thought through.

  • 2trueblue

    Ah, don’t worry we will be more entrenched with the EU by then and it will all be academic. Unless Cameron can shape up and show us what sort of conservative he is, frankly he is doomed. We are nearly half way through the parliament and it has not been a pretty sight. We have no idea where we are going and the truth is neither does Cameron. Therein lies one of our problems. If your party are unhappy with you and your electorate are unhappy with you, your options are clear, try harder to look after your own first. A radical reshuffle is needed. We need some real brains, and people with a talent for keeping their mouths shut unless they have something legend to say. Some real talent would also be nice.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Cameron is a chamberpot to the Lib Dems.
    Please amend photo accordingly.

  • Heartless etc.,

    “Can I do yer now Sir?” – ah, the Call to Arms of he who was chosen to Lead the Tory Party.

  • Mutafe

    What you compare him to is immaterial save that they are all negative, that’s the only thing that matters.

  • Vulture

    I think that we all – yes, even member sof the Stupid party itself – have got the measure of Cameron by now.
    A pathetic incompetenent weakling who believes in nothing but hoilding power for its own sake for him and his chums.
    He’ll hang around for a couople of years before he’s washed away by a John Major style Labour landslide, then swan off to a tax free job in Brussels with hs mate Nick.
    And sod the rest of us. The signs of mutiny in the Tory ranks are growing fast and its only them who can save us all from the two Eds. Unless they ditch Dave very quickly, its all up for us all.

  • Boo80

    “The country needs a full-time Prime Minister and not a chamber-maid
    for a marginal, irrelevant pressure group who have got him in a virtual
    arm-lock with a constant stream of threats to abandon ship.”

    Actually the country needs a government with a functioning majority, without a functioning majority a PM is just a man with a fancy title.

    What the country voted for was neither side having a clear majority, so we now need a chamber-maid to scurry around to keep the whole thing afloat so that they might, just might have the power to sort out the country before the whole thing implodes.

  • drakes drum

    When loyal conservative members of parliament like Brian Binley speak out it shows that they have listened to their local constituents. They see the situation as seen from the eyes of those all MP’s need, local workers. The despair in a leader who has turned against the Conservative party.
    It would be wise for Cameron to listen but we know from experience that he listens to nobody. How long before the backbenchers lance this boil?

    • Fergus Pickering

      I’ve never heard of Brian Binley. Should I have? Or is he just part of the ‘brute vote’ as Disraeli put it. May I suggest that in going into coaliion with the Lib Dems and thus sparing us another five years of the Brown-Balls show, Cameron was putting country before party? No danger of Binley and his ilk doing that.

      • Andy

        Well yes and no. A wiser course of action might have been for the Tories to stand aside and allow Brown to remain in office. This current economic mess is HIS mess and maybe the crap should have covered the Labour Party rather than the Tories. As Mervyn King pointed out who ever won the 2010 General Election would then be out of power for a generation. That is what will happen.

        • Arthur Seeley

          This current mess is not down to Brown. Oh do try to look beyond your blinkers. The whole mess began in USA with Lehmann Bros, Freddie Mac, and Frannie Mae and a tranche of sub- prime mortgages. Brown stepped in to protect yours and my bank account by propping up Northern Rock, LLoyds, RBS and the rest.
          The man may not be a charmer but by the heck he saved yours and my skins.

      • TomTom

        Cameron ? Which country do you mean ? Surely not the one the rest of us live in – he’s Downton Abbey, Cliveden or whatever other “Set” he belongs to……he is an incompetent narcissist who has destroyed the Conservative Party

  • tanky

    ifs highly likely the tories are going to lose the next election, you may as well go down fighting, doing what you believe in, rather than keep the lib dems sweet for a couple more years.

    • telemachus

      The Liberal Democrats today are simply Tories in a garish yellow cloak.

      But their constant expediency has led them to pander to the
      right while every now and again throwing scraps to the left as today with the
      wealth tax.

      Those with long memories will recall the Lib Dems’ notorious
      election campaign on the Isle of Dogs in 1993, parroting BNP propaganda and
      inadvertently helping Extreme Right councillor Derek Beackon to a short-lived victory.
      They have learnt no lessons since. In Burnley which suffers too many BNP
      councillors, Liberal Democrats used the fascists to throw out a Labour
      administration and replace it with a Tory-Lib Dem coalition. With a motion of
      no confidence before the council, Gordon Birtwistle, leader of the Lib Dem
      group, phoned the BNP’s local fuhrer to make sure the BNP troops were in attendance for the crucial vote.- a clearly ‘deeply shady alliance’.

      Again and again the same theme emerges: the Liberal Democrats are driven by little more than a desire for any last scrap of power. And at their centre a Tory Kernel

      Yet Binley wants to chuck them out or at least Vince Cable

      Cable is the brightest spark in the party’s sole ideological current, a selection of
      committed, mostly youthful free marketeers seeking to cleanse the Lib Dems of
      every left wing deviation they ever had.

      • Noa

        Nobody agreeing with you, ‘mucus. No change there.

        • tele_machus

          Talk to the vicar about a prophet in his own time

          • Austin Barry

            Your egomania is a significant presenting symptom of a narcissistic personality disorder. I do suggest, as an old sparring partner, that you seek help from a non-judgmental professional, ideally in a secure and caring environment, as I fear that the somewhat sociopathic sallies we encounter on this blog may be a precursor of something rather more alarming. Hold tight, my florid friend, hold very tight.

            • tele_machus

              Grateful for the advice.
              I’ll consult my mirror

              • telemacharse

                * Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the thickest of them all?

                * Tele-machus, telemachus, get a life you nasty troll.

            • Arthur Seeley

              Ignore the jerk, Tele, the personal attack is the surest sign that they are rattled. Keep going , we might even persuade the odd one to open their eyes/mind.

              • 3Para

                Talking to yourself troll?

              • Noa

                You’re demonstrating all the classic symptoms of ad hominen wazzuckhood yourself. No logical or persuasive arguments have flowed from your keyboard either to justify reconsideration.

        • Arthur Seeley

          I agree with him.

    • Arthur Seeley

      The idea behind the coalition, we were advised, was to tackle the serious economic situation. That meant certain aspects of each political persuasion had to be sacrificed, put on the back burner, a one for one trade off.Such a scenario did not cater for the monstrous ineptitude of the towel folder, Osborne, and his vaoid adherence to an out dated Ideology
      The country , the electorate recognise that however draconian the measures this government advance they are a watered down version of what they might expect from a Tory elite with a majority. Oh,then, the paroxysms of delight as they hear the peasants squeal.
      Listen! Your lot are destined for the dustbin of history then an enlightened and liberated generation will look back at with amused bewilderment that such thinking actually held sway for even so short a period.

      • TomTom

        Just which party is going to cut back the £600 billion ADDITION to the National Debt that Osborne is piling on ? It appears that the best result in 2010 would have been if Labour had dumped Brown and let Darling beat Cameron hollow

  • Wessex Man

    I can hardly wait for the Conferences to start! all the empty promises from from Cameron, Clegg and Miliband oh joy!

  • Wessex Man

    I can hardly wait for the Conferences to start! all the empty promises from from Cameron, Clegg and Miliband oh joy!

    • Douglas Carter

      They’ve already started.
      This is just another little pre-contrived charade for the benefit of the ground troops in each party, and morsels to wave in front of the opposite party doubters.
      ‘Look, our own people are upset – must mean we’re doing something difficult, this coalition thingie ‘aint easy for us y’kno’…
      It’s one thing if the waves of publically-stated unrest are in february, or december, or may, but conveniently weeks ‘afore the conference season? That’s ‘born yesterday’ territory…

  • MaggieLavan

    Brian Who?

    • Axstane

      Brian who rented a flat from his own company and scooped up £50,000 in expenses so showing us that it was not just Labour and the posher Tories who were on the fiddle.

      Brian who has gone head to head with everything that Cameron has tried to do – he is the Official Opposition – him and his cohorts.

  • Chris lancashire

    With members like Binley and Yeo, the Conservative Party doesn’t deserve to be in power. Time they learned some discipline if they want to be able to govern this country.

    • Enoch was Right

      The Conservative Party is not in power. A party resembling the Gadarene Swine calling itself Conservative and ‘led’ by Cameron is allegedly ‘in power’. In reality trundling along cluelessly until it loses the next election. They can then truthfully rename themselves David Cameron’s Conservative also known as party of the Gadarene Swine.