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Sinophobia, the last acceptable racism

12 August 2012

12:30 PM

12 August 2012

12:30 PM

The Chinese have excelled at London 2012, much to the annoyance of their Western rivals. In this week’s issue of the Spectator, Ross Clark argues that the claims against swimmer Ye Shiwen reflect irrational suspicion of her country. Here is an edited version of Ross’s article (you can read the full version here):

The story of London 2012 has been that of a country which was once an underachiever in the Olympics but which, through sheer hard work on the part of its athletes, has hauled itself to the top of the medals tables, producing in the process one of the most dramatic world records in Olympic history.

I refer, of course, to the People’s Republic of China. But this is not a story you will have picked up from the BBC or the press. Rarely can a sporting performance have been met with such resentment as that of 16-year-old Ye Shiwen in the 400 metres women’s medley. She had hardly wiped the drops from her goggles before the US swimming coach John Leonard was making coded accusations of drug use. Her offence, it seems, was to have swum faster than the all-American winner of the men’s event, Ryan Lochte.


When Ye Shiwen won a second gold medal, she enjoyed none of the adulation showered on other multiple winners. Then, two days later, the whole issue went quiet. What had happened? Ye Shiwen had passed the drugs test to which all medal winners are subjected. She wasn’t a drugs cheat after all.

Deprived of the opportunity to accuse her of doping, the nation’s Sinophobes changed tack. Obviously she was the product of a ‘brutal training regime’. Then came the extraordinary accusation that she might have been genetically modified. BBC’s Newsnight entertained the fantasy that athletes might be having their genes modified — interspersed with clips of Ye Shiwen winning her medals. After 15 minutes of this, the scientists invited on the programme admitted that there was no evidence it was possible to manipulate genes in this way. Funny enough, none of Michael Phelps’s or Usain Bolt’s performances have provoked such wild speculation. As for the brave boys and girls of Team GB, if some Twitterer dared to accuse them of using drugs or the services of Dr Frankenstein, I suspect they would be collared by the constabulary within the hour.

But the Chinese are different: you don’t need any evidence to chuck accusations of cheating at them. Sinophobia is the one form of racism which remains socially acceptable. As everyone knows, China just nicks our ideas and sells them back to us at half the price, thanks to the coolies who must work 18 hours a day and are apt to disappear if they complain. China has an appalling human rights record, but some of the sinister practices attributed to it go on in every western country. The stadium in Stratford, like Beijing’s Bird’s Nest, required property to be compulsorily purchased and tenants forcibly relocated — and the same happens everywhere in order that public projects can be built.

The controversy over Ye Shiwen has become a proxy for the fuss over the Chinese economy. Many in the West have attempted to construct a narrative in which the crash is China’s fault. US presidential hopefuls — including Barack Obama in 2008 — accuse China of suppressing the real value of the yuan. It is a line eagerly adopted by Mitt Romney, who has said that he will declare China a currency manipulator and place tariffs on imports.

There is nothing manipulative, of course, about printing money (in the form of QE) to depress your currency. What, exactly, is China’s economic crime other than to have bought US treasuries, enabling the US government to spend money without raising taxes? China’s rapid growth is just the age-old story of a low-cost economy enjoying the boost of low labour rates.

Four years ago, Beijing was mocked for the megalomania of its Olympics, accused of spending a fortune on a vanity project as its poor went forgotten, trying to use a visual spectacle to blind the world to the reality of life in the country, and splashing a fortune to train its athletes. If they are faults, they are ones of which London 2012 has become equally guilty. We seem to have nicked China’s big idea.

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  • cyllan

    one has to wonder, Russell brand, anti Chinese racism, nancy del ollio……..who is the target audience for this “publication articles”?

  • cyllan

    another liberal idiot writing trash….as if the english werent hated enough……..are you going to make a report on world racism towards england????? beginning with china????? and the french????

  • Zhangsta

    What a great article. The comments beneath just back the point more – that Sinophobia exists. “Really, are the Chinese any better than the Nazis?”…Eddie are you serious?! All governments have their evils, I don’t think the UK/ US governments are exactly squeaky clean.

    The Chinese actually admire the West, they embrace Western music and films, and even have built cities to replicate those in England. I think that a lot of the complaints about the Chinese being racist is a misunderstanding of their bluntness in nature, rather than actual maliciousness, as are a lot of comments here.

    It’s just a shame that the West cannot embrace the East in the same way, because until they do, ignorant people will stay ignorant to the East and Sinophobia will prevail.

    • jan

      Eddie is misleading the readers in many ways.

  • hatty chen

    I do agree with “sinophobia is one form of racism which remains socially acceptable.” and the comments just prove it.

    • jan

      indeed man..if there was no Sinophobia then we wouldn’t see so many people got tightened up in the commenting..

  • ArchiePonsonby

    Then what to do about the overseas Chinese who comprise many millions, have been established for a hundred years or more in some places and have absolutely no
    allegiance to Beijing, Taipei or anywhere else but their host country and their families.

  • Ian Walker

    Last time I looked, China was a country, so Sinophobia, even if it existed, wouldn’t be racism.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, Taiwan is a fine, industrious democratic country. We should never have de-recognised it. Thank you Milhous.

    • motorway8

      Stop being in denial. What comes around goes around. Everything as consequences, you make the bed you sleep in.

  • Billy Corr

    There is all the difference in the world between detesting the vile regime in Beijing and the willful cruelty imposed on Chinese athletes on the one hand and dislike of Chinese people on the other.

    Is Ross Clark seeking to conflate the two, like those self-righteous PC commentators who accuse opponents of mass Third World immigration of being “anti-immigrant” just as though the two standpoints were synonymous?

    It is helpful to pause and remember that the statistical-mean Chinese is about as rich, or poor, as the statistical-mean Albanian or Jamaican.

  • EC

    By any measure, a very poor article.
    Desperate stuff.

  • jebediah

    I saw no racism towards China. I saw reasonable doubt expressed about a massive result from a very young lady, swimming for a team with a recent history of drug use.
    The same doubt would have been applied to any team in similar circumstances. The rest of the article appears to use the fig leaf of compulsory purchase to wave away Chinese human rights abuse.
    Most people I know have respect for China’s achievements and economic growth, and an admiration of the Chinese work ethic.
    The whole article is either deluded, a polemic or trying too hard.
    The case of racism against the Chinese is not proven.

    • Bleedin’ foreigners…

      Her performance issue was a non-story. The story was framed as her being faster than the male winner over the same distance. That would be cause for suspecting foul-play. But she was only faster in the last 50m. Over the entire race, she was 23 secs slower – perfectly normal. But the news never said this…the full facts weren’t reported.

    • motorway8

      Iam chinese, imo the brits are the most racist people towards the chinese in the whole world.

  • OldSlaughter

    Kind of a silly article with some truth hidden beneath the surface.

    For my money, the girl is 16 and therefore capable of massive improvement in tune with quick body development. However.

    1: The Chinese have recent form is mass doping. Sorry, that is a fact and therefore notan ‘irrational’ fear and not without evidence.

    2: The leap in performance was so huge as to appear like a drug cheat. Many suspected Ben Johnson before his tests came back. So we have experience of massive performances preceding prove of drug abuse.

    3: Not finding the drugs is not proof of not cheating. Experience suggests that it is sadly possible to be a step or two ahead. She is however innocent until proven guilty.

    So basically you have a member of a swim team with serious previous convictions putting in an incredibly, incredibly rare performance. One that is actually bizarre. The suspicion is well founded.

    Phelps never improved at quite that rate, so he wasn’t suspected. Usain Bolt is a freak and was know to be since his early teens. He looks like a freak being way way taller than all the others, again there is no requirement for drugs to explain his success.
    Very poor examples. People still assume Flo Jo did and she never failed a test. Is that racism also?

    • motorway8

      Since All countries are guilty of massive doping (lately the whole Aus team) . The comments of the chinese swimmer was uncalled for.

  • james102

    The Chinese are certainly a very high achieving group in the
    UK.Highest per capita education standards, highest per capita number of graduates,
    highest proportion in management…do you think there is institutionalised anti-non-Chinese racism?
    Macpherson should be asked to chair an Inquiry.

    • motorway8

      If I was a company owner I too would hire good hard working people, so colour is irrelevant. These days when competition in business is so fierce it helps to hire the best people. this is nothing to do with treating or mistreating anyone, its about self preservation, but the UK public in terms of prejudice outside of business and self interest, are still the most prejudice towards the chinese, I know iam chinese. We have been mistreated disrespected for far too long.

  • Coffeehousewall

    I’d have thought that the last acceptable racism was against English people, and it is being facilitated by our Government and the agents of the Left in the media and public services.

    It is our Government which insists that there are no indigenous English people, thereby eliminating us as a people with a stroke. It is our Government which will not allow us to celebrate St George’s Day as an English National Day. Every criticism can be made of English people, it would seem. Anglophobia. practiced even by those on the Left against their own nation, is always acceptable.

    • james102

      Yes if you think about the Protected Groups under the
      various Equalities Acts then a white English heterosexual man is about the
      safest to express dislike of. They are also pretty safe villains in US films as
      probably the only group who will not shout “racist!”.

    • Stephen Collins

      What are the indigenous English people? The Anglo Saxons? The Celts who lived in areas of England? The Normans who’ve been here for 946 years?

      What about racism against the Briitsh by English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish nationalists? Or is that acceptable?

      • Coffeehousewall

        I am an indigenous Englishman. All of my family have been born here for hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years. This is my land. My nation. My home. It doesn’t belong to those who have just arrived and hate it and wish to destroy it. Nor does it belong to the 5th column of Leftists who wish to subvert the English people. It belongs to those of us who are the indigenous English nation. We know who we are.

        • ArchiePonsonby

          Then for goodness sake stop voting for the usual suspects! There have been “Commonwealth” immigrants here since the 1950s and we’ve only just noticed?

        • motorway8

          If you are so proud and want Britain to be all white and indigenous again, the only why that could remotely happen if all whites get back to Europe from south and north America (north America is Asian land) and from NZ and Aus. Otherwise you will piss off the whole world.

      • james102

        Genetic studies show England’s population has been pretty
        homogenous for millennium (at least before Labour opened our borders.) The
        Welsh are different but the so-called Scots (an Irish tribe) are mainly English
        genetically. The Picts were probably a Germanic people.

        The remains of a man buried in Cheddar Gorge 5000 years’ ago
        showed genetic links to people living a few miles away.

        There is also a growing school of thought that a Germanic language
        was spoken in England prior to the supposed “Saxons” invasion. There is also no
        genetic or other physical evidence of the Saxon invasion and massacres that we
        have taken Bede’s word on.

        • woolfiesmiff

          To put it another way the results of the UK genome/DNA research undertaken by Oxford University show that 80% of the current inhabitants of the British Isles ( this includes Ireland) are descended from the original post ice age inhabitants of these islands from more than 12,000 years ago.

          The whole celtic thing by the way is a Victorian myth

      • Eddie

        Most white British people share ancestry and immigration to the island of Britain by Normans or Vikings or Anglo-Saxons brought very few people here indeed (despite the best efforts of the pro-immigration lobby to massively exaggerate this influx). Read this:

    • Eddie

      Oh indeed: it is perfectly acceptable to be racist against white persons, sexist against men, and rabidly anti-British (esp anti-English). Take a look at any Bollywood movie to see that racism against white Brits in action (our equivalent would be having little brown buffoons running around in loin cloths cacking evrything up, raping their 4 wives, stinking of curry and saying ‘bud bud’).
      A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear:
      it is not irrational to be fearful and wary of a vast country with over a billion people who are insanely loyal and nationalistic, who see themselves as racially and culturally superior to non-Chinese persons, who want to take over the world in an amoral fashion with NO thought or consideration for the damage caused to the environment, endangered species or humanity.
      It is rational to hate China and fear that untra-nationalistic brutal amoral state; it does not mean one hates every Chinese person!
      Would this commentator even be asking the question if the Chinese looked just like us?
      All the Chinese care about is money and power for them – a world run by the Chinese would be hellish, a new dark ages ruled by fascistic militaristic amoral robots. Really, are the Chinese any better than the Nazis?
      Islamophobic is a nonsense word too: it is perfectly rational to be against fascistic religious extremists who want to impose the facism of literalist Islam on the world and kill all infidels (Christians, atheists, Muslims who are not extreme).

      • motorway8

        We live in a world where the west claim the moral high ground, but yet they have waged more illegal wars than any country in the whole world. Please do not speak about the money and power obsessed chinese, they may be concerned about money in their personally lives because they dont have social services (the dole) to fall back on, but their international policies are far from being greedy and power hungry. Instead being power and money hungry reflects western international policies more.

        You send aid to Africa as a smoke screen while at the same time take back 10 folds back by your unfair trade treaties with them. You have exploited African nations for decades. At least the Chinese are willing to pay market prices for African goods and treat them as equals.

        Please do us all a favor stop spreading your white lies, you can not pull the wool over people’s eyes anymore. Your games up!

  • Alec

    Clearly this article hasn’t been written by someone who knows anything about international swimming, and frankly I think it’s a rather daft article that ignores the central reason why any excellent Chinese swimming achievement still raises suspicions.

    In the ’94 world championships China shocked the world and took 12 0f 16 golds, but later that year had seven of their swimmers caught for doping at the Asian games.

    In Australia in ’98 they had four swimmers and a coach thrown out of the world championships when human growth hormone and other drugs were discovered at customs, and they had over 30 swimmers testing positive in the 1990’s. It looks like they have done a lot of work to clear this problem up in recent years, but Li Zhesi was to be at these Olympics but tested positive for EPO earlier this year.

    We’ve just seen a 27 year old East German women’s sprint relay record finally broken, which was almost certainly established with the help of the needle, and the previous behaviour of Chinese athletes, with proven large scale drug taking, is the reason why some chose to question Ye Shiwen’s times.

    This is a great shame for her, but we should look to her own compatriots for the blame primarily, rather than try to create some idea of western prejudice as the real culprit.

    • Curnonsky

      And it is worth pointing out that the science of doping has always been several steps ahead of the testers, so lack of positive tests is hardly incontrovertible evidence. Most of the synthetic EPO and HGH doping athletes use comes from China these days, by the way.

    • GabyC

      He doesn’t seem to know much about international trade either.

    • motorway8

      BS, the worst offenders of drug users are from the west, dont see the same alarm bells ringing with any athletic whos white and breaking record after records. This prejudice and racism towards east asians is not exclusive in swimming or any sports. The brits are most inherently anti chinese people on the whole planet and have mistreated the chinese for decades, considering they have paid their dues, serving the brits for more than 5 decades in Hong KOng that was as lucrative as another london, no wonder the brits were enjoying such financially fun times during 70-90s, yet the chinese have never ever been given the respect due to them for their loyal service to the queen, instead we are persecuted at any opportunity the brits find who often make the action’s of one chinese person accountable for an entire race of 2 billion chinese. the brits deserve to be the first nation to be nuked by an nation.

  • Augustus

    Do Ping is definitely a Chinaman, and he goes back a long way.

  • 2trueblue

    Ross not sure where your wandering article goes. The item you started with was in the press and on the BBC which is why we all know about it. It started with the American coach, pure envy and jealousy, and not followed up by anyone else. That is what happens at Olympics, records get broken and we all go ‘WOW’. And then someone cries because their athletes are not doing well.

    The Chinese hold huge amount of dollars, as do the Russians, and countries in the Middle East. They could all sell their dollars in great swathes to destroy the dollar….. and themselves! It is the same old story, you owe the bank $10,000 and you have a problem, you owe the bank $10m and the bank has a problem. As for depressing the value of their currency, take a look at how Germany sells her goods at Greek prices! Do you think the Germany BMWs etc would sell so well if the true value of their currency.
    On vanity projects look at India with their nuclear program whilst the population is hardly well cared for.
    The Chinese are in danger of suffering their own crash for much the same reason we had ours……. cheap credit allowing markets to froth away…..

  • Daniel Maris

    Sorry, I didn’t realise it’s not acceptable to fear militaristic, totalitarian regimes that invade other countries, shoot students and trade unionists, persecute artists, put on show trials, practice forced abortion and support war-making states like North Korea.

    • jan

      who told you PRC is supporting NK??

    • motorway8

      Invade other countries?, watch your mouth, China claiming sovereign land within their own territory is not the same as the west waging illegal wars against UN advice against land far far away. Stop your white lies, the world are not deceived by the west no more, your games up.

  • Anthony Makara

    I understand Mandarin and all I can say is that the state organs in Beijing are quite comfortable in speaking openly of how the West will be eclipsed by the Central Country(China) and that China should always consider using its Economic Nuclear Option(foreign reserves) to completely disable Western economies, as a response, if the West ever resorts to protectionism. Of course we should have nothing against the Chinese people, however we must recognize that the day is approaching when the West will have to face China down.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, but protectionism will come – it is inevitable because (unlike the Japanese) the Chinese government seems incapable of restraint.

    • motorway8

      Thats becos debts have to be paid, crimes have to be punished, and your persecution of the chinese can only be stopped by a strong china. The Brits have only yourselves to blame, you think your constant persecution of a race be it chinese or blacks isnt going to have repercussions, even in they’re discriminating against whites as pay back.

      Why dont you brits stop being so reoccupied with race then you wont create any problems for yourselves, if you continue to poke the tiger in the eye it will eventually bite back. The fact is we own you now, we own your big brother the yanks, 75% of US national debt is owed to east asian countries and they still have to borrow more, they arent gonna borrow from broke Europe are they? people in US actually depend on east asians for their next welfare check! the more you despise us for no reason the more we will be pissed, not that we’re not pissed now, you have know idea what you racist anti chinese have unleashed over many decades of the mistreatment of the chinese be it in your country or on the international arena, we east asians dont protest about our mistreatment, ,we just get even.

  • Chris

    Your last paragraph is ridiculous!! The criticism was never simply that China spent loads on the games, it was that they did so whilst people in their country were starving and in complete poverty! So London is not ‘equally as guilty’.

    Also, Chinese success is not the story of London 2012… The chinese finished second in Athens and first in Beijing. They have actually failed to get even close to the toal of medals they won in Beijing when they had the home advantage. Hardly ‘the story of London 2012’…

    • 2trueblue

      Agree with you on the point that London is not ‘equally guilty.

    • motorway8

      The only reason why there are more starving people in china is due the size of their population, aren’t there starving homeless people in London also? So why bring up the poor when the Chinese state can afford to hold the games. Its just more china bashing nothing more, since there are undoubtedly more rich people in china than britain! if there weren’t than they would have a case, dont ever forget the chinese state lifted 300 million people out of poverty in the past 2 decades. The investment they made in the games will bring more success to china, it was considered a good investment.

  • Alexsandr

    remember Caster Semenya and the row in 2009. No-one said that was racism.

  • George Igler

    Once again as with criticism of Islam, “racism” is now considered a portmanteau concept into which anybody can stuff whatever arbitrary meaning they like, even if the criticism being made, no matter how valid or invalid, has zero to do with race.

  • Nicholas

    I think you must distinguish between racism towards Chinese people and dislike of China as a state, especially a totalitarian communist one party state; a distinction I don’t think your article makes. In the socialist legislated love-in that we are now required to conform to these sort of distinctions are becoming blurred.

    Also I think you need to consider the behaviour of the PRC diving team when they failed to get gold. Their members were conspicuously absent in congratulating the US winner whereas all the other competing teams did not hesitate to do so.

    There seems to be a worrying trend of left-leaning journalists to become apologists not just for PRC but for North Korea too. And if you dislike “Sinophobia” (whatever you mean by that) then perhaps you might consider what Chinese attitudes to Tibetans might be called?

    • tele_machus

      You are strangely correct.
      The Japanese and the Chinese are the same race but as Austin Barry says above you do not hear abuse down the pub of the Chinese.
      On the other hand we are at one with the Chinese on the other side of this coin.
      We all learned at school about the Nanking Massacre and probably 10 Million Chinese were killed by the invader in the decade before the mercy of the Enola Gay
      I for one was impressed by Ye Shiwen

    • motorway8

      There is no distinction, the racism towards chinese people is the same as the dislike against china as a state. The west only dislike the china as a state because its run by chinese to help the chinese become a success again. They haven’t done anything that warrants the chinese bashing the west has been guilty of for so long, and you can not pin Tibet on china, because firstly its was a civil war and secondly china has always had jurisdiction in Tibet, even when they defended Tibet against two foreign invasions one by Nepal and the 2nd by you BRITS who killed more Tibetans.

      You can not take the actions of a few individuals of a chinese team and make them accountable for 2 billion chinese people. Even if they weren’t friendly as you put it, can you blame them? The west hasn’t been actually pally with the chinese far from it, you have persecuted the chinese for decades and still at it today, you only get what you give. The west have far too much prejudice for the chinese that hasn’t gone unnoticed, like Its fair game to be racist towards east asians openly (even the PC brigade allows it) , what do you actually expect? we can hate too you know.

  • alexsandr

    I thinks peoples worries will be about the totalitarian Chinese state rather than against the Chinese as a race.
    A state that was more open and transparent and less oppressive and dismissive of its citizens human rights would attract less suspicion, I feel.
    Questioning a dodgy government is not racism. Its justified.

    • anyfool

      Having a state that is open and transparent has not stopped extra judicial killings being enacted against the enemies of the US by said open, transparent, not quite as oppressive but supremely dismissive of the rights of other countries citizens. this is carried out by a President that the “progressives” of this world praise as a demigod, i guess the rules must be different if you tell yourself that it is done in the interests of people like yourself

      • Coffeehousewall

        It is the responsibility of a democratic government to be primarily concerned about the rights of its own citizens surely? Which is why our own Government is rightly criticised for being more interested in sending our tax money to prop us corrupt Governments elsewhere than in serving the British people.

        I am very happy with a few extra-judicial actions, if you mean that we should all feel sorry for Osama Bin Ladin? None of that compares with, or is relevant to, the condition in which most Chinese people are forced to live. It is a totailtarian state, a communist totalitarian state. As a state it is our enemy and we should not support it nor allow it to buy into our own societies.

        This is not racism. There is no such thing as a Chinese race.

        • anyfool

          I never said that i was against extra judicial killings it is the nauseating sanctimony of usually socialist junkies like Obama, actually i would like to see a drone over Kirkcaldy.

      • Nicholas

        Hmm. Perhaps you could provide an example of a terrorist attack against a Chinese city as devastating as 9/ll? Presumably those “extra judicial killings” can be ignored in your book because they were not perpetrated by a nation state? The USA sees it as protecting itself. I don’t blame them. Those terrorists who don’t like the heat should get out of the kitchen.

        • Daniel Johnson

          “Those terrorists who don’t like the heat should get out of the kitchen.”

          The families of the alleged terrorists should also stay away from their funerals, since Obama likes to missile the funeral services (killing women and children in the process).

          In a piece of spin that would make New Labour proud, Obama has classified all males aged 15-50 as enemy combatants – *if* they happen to be killed by one of his Nobel Peace Prize winning drone strikes.

          • Nicholas

            I have a real problem with apologists for terror who appear to have more concern for the families of terrorists than the thousands of people who have been their innocent victims.

          • Derek Nimmo playing a vicar

            The only decent thing Obama has done in his presidency is massively increase the drone strikes against these retarded, terrorist savages. Is some of their family members get killed? Well, it’s just too bad. This is a war, in case you hadn’t noticed.

            • John Johhson

              “…drone strikes against these retarded, terrorist savages…”

              There are not terrorists, there are militants. Great emotionalism by the way.

              “Is some of their family members get killed? Well, it’s just too bad.”

              That’s the mentality terrorists have. But I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if your family members got killed.


    • motorway8

      you already live in a totalitarian state, you just dont know it yet, do you work just to pay your bills, most people do, its called enslavement. Not to mention the U.S police state. You already live in a prison without bars, do you need to acquire permission to protest these days in the UK? yes you do, a sad state of affairs, dont you think, maybe the chinese are pointing the finger at you now…lol as far as I know people are making protest in china these days without them being arrested!

  • Coffeehousewall

    China isn’t a race, it is a country. Actually it is a country made up of many different ethnicities. Therefore hostility towards China (entirely reasonable I’d have thought, it is no friend of ours) cannot be racism, and is at worst nationalism, an expression of a proper caution towards those who don’t wish us well.

    • tele_machus

      Wrong end of the stick as usual, vicar
      Go interview the UKIP Corby Candidate
      He will use you for publicity as you use this site
      Folks who do not know should be made aware that Peter from Maidstone who tries to decry multiple identities of other posters also posts as John Ball and in order to promote his wierd site, coffeehousewall.

    • james102

      Race and ethnicity are different concepts.

    • motorway8

      BS, you are only hostile towards china because they’re chinese. What have they ever done to you brits to warrant the hostility. You brits are just inherently anti chinese at heart, you couldn’t stand them being so wealthy a century ago and devised a plan to ruin them, which you did and took HK from them and you have bullied them ever since with accusations of foul play that are unfounded or anything the west isn’t guilty o yourselves,.

  • Austin Barry

    Odd. I never hear any anti-Chinese sentiments from the man in the pub. The preoccupation seems to be with a non-racial cult known for its intolerance.

    • Daniel Maris

      You’re not talking about the Methodists there are you?

    • Eddie

      It’d be interesting to hear what the average Chinese person say about the British or Westerners generally.
      Don’t they call us ‘ghosts’ or ‘long-noses’? Don’t they sneer at our history and lifestyles, which they see as inferior? Aren’t they the real racists then?
      Isn’t this article full of appeasement and excuses, much in the same way ‘useful idiots’ brushed away criticism of Stalin’s ‘modernisation’ programme?
      To compare the forced movement of people from Chinese neighbourhoods to the well-managed and compensated moving of a few tenants from the site of the Stratford Stadium is absurd (esp seeing as Russian property developers moved in after 2005 to take advantage of compensation schemes).
      We are not a Western equivalent of China! Offensive, dishonest, stupid and wrong to argue that. But I’d bet a portion of special fried rice that the writer of this article has Chinese connections (wifey perhaps?) – or perhaps wants to forge some?

      • shaneSL

        Your racism is extremely offensive. I have not seen such racism since the end of World War 2 when the Nazis were in power.

        And no, the Chinese do not have derogatory names for foreign friends. But they do have derogatory names for foreigners that seek to exploit the Chinese or to cause instability in China.

        You should be ashamed of yourself

        • Don Ross
    • motorway8

      ignorance is bliss, never mind the chinese , theres was a couple filmed in their own living room being racist and mocking the Japanese while watching a documentary on japan. And japan are supposedly an ally…it seems its still fair game for brits to be racist and to mock oriental people openly in Britain. I hope they nuke you bastards soon.