Draft Delingpole

7 August 2012

7 August 2012

It’s an open secret in Eurosceptic circles that Nigel Farage has asked James Delingpole to consider standing for UKIP at the 2014 European elections. The prospect of Delingpole sitting on EU environmental committees is enough to chill the spine of even the most devoted pen pusher in Brussels. However, could we see his foray into politics begin even sooner?

I was most amused when asked to sign the “Draft Delingpole” petition today. With the departure of Louise Mensch from the seat of Corby, Northants, an internet campaign has been launched to persuade the Spectator’s very own ranter to stand in the November by-election. Mr Steerpike isn’t going to hold his breath, but Delingpole looks very fetching on the site in his World War II fatigues.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Your blog is good.

  • Malfleur

    I don’t see Dellers as a chap on the hustings somehow; rather more as playing Harry Hopkins to Farage’s Roosevelt.

  • Contrarian Rex

    No doubt he would be a worthy successor to Farage. But I don’t know how a normal intelligent person could stand being around all those illuminati muppets. Makes a snake pit look like a cozy jacuzzi.

  • Russell Seitz

    Surely the fatigued if not emotional Dellers should defer to his better dressed UKIP colleague Christopher Monckton:

  • James Delingpole

    Because he is in the Ardennes in 1944 fighting the Battle of the Bulge. Obviously.

    • msher

      Hell James, do it. As we can see from Daniel Hannan’s videos, you never have to show up.
      Besides, as I wrote bufo, unless disaffected Tories leave the Conservatives, neither the DT nor the Conservatives will ever understand they don’t represent their constitutency any more.

    • Swanky Yanky

      ‘JAMES FOR
      I can’t vote for you, honey, but most of my good friends can : )

    • Peter_Wood

      but on which side?

      • Swanky Yanky

        Which side of what?

  • kidmugsy

    Why is he dressed as a GI?

    • msher

      I think a joke. He writes WWII thrillers. As a regular reader of his articles in the Daily Telegraph, I believe he usually knows he is in present day Britain. But I grant he is given to references and analogies to WWII battles. I think his parents must have given him toy soldiers when he was a boy and they were his favorite toy. But as a libertarian-conservative, his views are on point. So what’s a little eccentricity?

    • Swanky Yanky

      Because in some way he’s American at heart.

      • msher

        I don’t know. That trip to Australia sounded awfully seductive (to him, not me). And I finally saw Jo Nova’s blog. If she really looks like her picture, she’s very good looking. Glenn Beck, not so much.

        • Swanky Yanky

          Ha! I think he’s spoken for anyway, Msher.

      • Russell Seitz

        Then why isn’t he wearing the American flag as a shirt, like the defrocked UKIP leader–

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