Delingpole moots run

8 August 2012

4:22 PM

8 August 2012

4:22 PM

The campaign to draft James Delingpole into Parliament, revealed here yesterday, is gathering pace. Delingpole himself has broken cover to declare that he was already moving to Northamptonshire – the scene of the upcoming by-election.

‘I’m torn, I must say… though I can’t claim to have taken quite as many drugs as Louise Mensch apparently has, I did make a pretty heroic go of it in my younger, longer-haired days.’

But it’s not all fun and games. ‘On the other hand, I’m skint,’ says the right-wing scribe. In a long rant against the Tories, he confirms that if he were to run it would be on a UKIP ticket – also revealed by me yesterday. So, does he want to be an MP?

‘Probably not. Hateful job, hideous place – like a cross between a very minor public school and a 70s Berni Inn, vile creepy people, long hours and (unless you’re say, Tim Yeo MP) crap money.’

We’ll take that as a yes then.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice view.

  • Mike Barnes

    Who on earth would vote for that nutter?

    May do him so good actually to get out there and put his views to the people. Then once again the Ukippers and the climate change deniers will find out how out of touch and unpopular they are!

  • David Lindsay

    Does he live in Britain? If so, then he is the last contributor above the line on Telegraph Blogs who has set on eyes on the place since the age of 22 or who would ever consider doing so again. It is a strictly American-based site of a strictly American-based paper.

    In April 2010, Nigel Farage told the Any Questions audience that UKIP wanted to legalise all drugs. Even the Lib Dem on the panel disagreed with him. But what says Delingpole?

    If it is a Eurosceptic that you want, then how about Ed Balls, or Jon Cruddas, or the next Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, John Cryer, a Eurosceptical dynast? As is the Labour PPC at Corby and East Northamptonshire, Andy Sawford, the son of Phil Sawford, who was until 2005 the Campaign Group MP for Kettering.

    Delingpole’s candidacy would challenge Andy Sawford to defend the NHS (on which Delingpole’s views would be a gigantic embarrassment to UKIP) while being true to his own inherited Euroscepticism and to certain other important principles:

    – That we cannot deliver the welfare provisions and the other public services that our people have rightly come to expect unless we know how many people there are in this country, unless we control immigration properly, and unless we insist that everyone use spoken and written English to the necessary level;

    – That we must reject any approach to climate change which threatens to destroy or prevent secure employment, to drive down wages or working conditions, to arrest
    economic development around the world, to forbid the working classes and non-white people from having children, to inflate the fuel prices that always hit the poor hardest, or to restrict either travel opportunities or a full diet to the rich; and

    – That we must uphold the full compatibility between, on the one hand, the highest view of human demographic, economic, intellectual and cultural expansion and development, and, on the other hand, the most active concern for the conservation of the natural world and of the treasures bequeathed by such expansion and development in the past.

    Bring it on.

    • C Cole

      I’m sure if you know what Farage said about drugs in 2010 you can find out what Delingpole thinks. Hint: try searching under “Tea Party backer’s call to legalise drugs and guns”. It’s a BBC story from November of the same year.

  • ArchiePonsonby

    Here’s to a big win in Corby for UKIP, ehr kid! All power to you, in’t it?

  • UlyssesReturns

    I can’t take UKIP seriously. They are a bit strange, like right-wing liberals, and prone to having a few nasties lurking in the corners. Now if James could get together with, for example, Dan Hannan and form a New Conservative party, I would join, support generously, and vote for that.

    • 3Para

      Where do I join?

    • Douglas Carter

      …’They are a bit strange, … and prone to having a few nasties lurking in the corners.’…
      Sidelining the ‘wing’ aspect, name me a single political party which doesn’t come under that description?

      • UlyssesReturns

        I can’t. All political parties are like the clubs Groucho Marx avoided on thebasis thatany club that would have him wasn’t worth joining. That does not mean that there is no place for a right-of-centre party espousing true conservative libertarian values

        • Douglas Carter

          No, I appreciate that, honestly. But a …’right-of-centre party espousing true conservative libertarian values’… will yet still be a party which will, inevitably be …’ a bit strange, … and prone to having a few nasties lurking in the corners.’…
          Unfortunately, that’s politics, as we currently stand. I wish I hadn’t, but I’ve been there.
          And I don’t limit that to the ‘right’. They’re all wierd. That’s the way it is. From my experience, Tories are arrogant and self-obsessed. LibDems are thoroughly nasty and anti-democratic, Labour are staffed with obsessive xenophobes, racists and deluded loons.
          The political tribe have divorced themselves from reality. Something very different is required.

          • UlyssesReturns

            Well I would return to a benevolent dictatorship under a Maggie or a Churchill but unfortunately they are few and far between and all go a bit potty after 10 years or so. And then there is always the danger of another Brown.

  • James Parris

    Who the fuck is he?

    • woolfiesmiff

      Ask your mum, she knows

      • James Parris’s mum.

        Don’t talk to me about James. He’s an embarrassment to our family.

  • tomdaylight

    You can bet that, regardless of who is eventually selected, the “hideous place” quote is going to end up on every Labour leaflet. Nice work, Delingpole.

    • rick

      Smart move. Most voters dislike parliament and politicians. Many will interpret this as an indication that he is willing to speak truth to power.

  • therealguyfaux

    “Saving Private Delingpole”– the idea of you getting into Parliament and once there, making a difference, may be “A Bridge Too Far.” In any event, why get your “GI” tract in an uproar on Election Night– or should we call it “The Longest Day”?

    • The Phantom

      As long as he is not an inglorious B*$£%!£d its ok by me But will he be Uber Mensch or Unter Mensch?

  • C Cole

    Go for it JimBob! Nothing wrong with UKIP as such, but it would be good to see an openly libertarian party in British politics. Something along the lines of the US party of that name.

    • C Cole

      Do the good folks on here think UKIP qualify as libertarian, btw?

      • Toby


      • Remittance Man

        More libertarian than any of the others certainly.