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31 August 2012

31 August 2012

To hell with Mitt Romney. He can wait. The star of last night’s Republican extravaganza in the god-forsaken city of Tampa was Clint Eastwood. With the help of an empty chair he gave one of the finest performances of his career. It was magnificent [sic] and certainly worth more than Million Dollar Baby. It’s only ten or so minutes so I recommend you watch it in all its awful glory.

As I said on Twitter it was like watching the father of the bride make a speech at a wedding at which he dislikes the groom and does not recognise his daughter. It’s all a little sad really.

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  • Ross

    Wow, here was me thinking the policies were important. 25000 unemeployed = Recession, bringing the soldiers home = who put them there in the first place?, yes because business men had nothing to do with the s#1t the global economy is in in the moment. Mitt Romney is no better than George Bush.

  • MaxSceptic

    Well, he made my day.

    And also provided good entertainment. Something this blog rarely does.

  • Baron

    all about this election’s run-up will be forgotten well before the New Year but Clint’s performance, superb, unique and influential.

    those of you mocking him just wait until you reach his age, you won’t be able to zip down before you go, the man’s exceptional, that’s what national treasure should look and talk like.

  • ArchiePonsonby

    Did you known that Mr. Eastwood’s father was Stan Laurel? Yes, he of Laurel and Hardy!

  • Malfleur

    “As I said on Twitter” A little sad really.

  • Austin Barry

    Sure, it’s sad and poignant, but Clint is a national US treasure and for Obama to mock the guy is inappropriate (a favourite word of his) and cruel. Obama might just as well have pissed on the Lincoln Memorial. Obama is not just a strutting, self-regarding absurdity of cowardly, pious, politically correct rectitude but a complete and utter doos.

    • cg

      What a load of rubbish you are coming out with. In what way does Obama meet your description? Was killing Bin Laden PC? Was saving the automobile industry PC? However, I love the way you got your favourite word in and how you are not afraid to describe yourself as a mealy mouthed onanist.

      • Austin Barry

        Wonderfully incoherent invective. You’ve made my day, punk,

        • cg

          No, seeing that you are an onanist that your wrist is going to make your day. Will it be strong enough to hold your cup at your tea party? lol

          • Austin Barry

            I don’t think you should ‘lol’ at your own recondite wit. Slightly crass, old chap.

    • rosie

      “Sure, it’s sad and poignant…”
      Why fall for the derision of people who can’t concentrate? It wasn’t a very long performance, and it wasn’t very demanding. It was to the point. Here was an octogenarian who hadn’t gone to seed. In pretty good shape physically, too. The thing that was “sad” in the eyes of the Democrat-dominated media on both sides of the Atlantic was just that it was a Republican performance, appealing to Republican sentiment, and the Republicans loved it.

    • Augustus

      And his unscripted moments aren’t that dandy either!

  • CraigStrachan

    Yes, Clint sewed up the Alzheimer’s vote for the GOP. Might just tip Florida to Mitt.

    • Augustus

      Well, he put the case: “When somebody does not do the job, you’ve got to let ’em go.” Right, or not?

      • CraigStrachan

        Whoever put Clint on that stage wasn’t doing their job and should be let go.

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