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Bookbenchers: Philip Davies MP

12 August 2012

12 August 2012

Over at the books blog, Tory MP Philip Davies has answered our Bookbencher questionnaire. Davies is the present holder of the Readers’ Representative at the Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year Awards. He believes that 1984 is the book that best describes now; and he would rescue the three volumes of Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography from the burning British Library. Davies is known by some as the ‘darling of the right’, but after this he should be nicknamed The Gruffalo.

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  • TomTom

    Philip should read Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness, Under Western Eyes, Secret Agent…. less trash more substance. He shoukld rwad Howard Spring “Fame Is The Spur” as it is set in part in Baildon is his own constitiency

  • OfficialView

    Not sure if these judgements results from very limited reading, or from borderline insanity.

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