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Sneaking a peek at the beach volleyball

30 July 2012

12:36 PM

30 July 2012

12:36 PM

The Olympic beach volleyball is situated just behind Downing Street on Horse Guards Parade, and as such is perfectly located for a politician wishing to take an hour or so out from a hard day’s work. Boris Johnson is clearly a fan, writing in today’s Telegraph:

As I write these words there are semi-naked women playing beach volleyball in the middle of the Horse Guards Parade immortalised by Canaletto. They are glistening like wet otters and the water is plashing off the brims of the spectators’ sou’westers. The whole thing is magnificent and bonkers.


I’ve just returned from the morning lobby briefing, where us hacks remained focused on the important issues of the day, as ever, and quizzed the Downing Street spokeswoman on the Prime Minister’s own thoughts on these glistening otters playing almost in his back garden.

‘I do not necessarily think that we would sum up the beach volleyball in those terms,’ the spokeswoman replied. She explained that while you can hear the cheering and music of the beach volleyball in Number 10, you can’t actually see the play. That sounded like a bit of a shame. So has the Prime Minister seen any of these semi-naked women on Horse Guards?

‘I think he probably had a peek.’

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  • Dimoto

    Otters are graceful, intelligent little creatures.
    The specimens on show in the beach volleyball should better be described as leathey, bedraggled dugongs.

  • Noa

    ‘I think he probably had a peek.’

    A comment , surely, of immense disdain, implying the that the PM really behaves like a prurient schoolboy rather than a statesman.
    Which is of course, true.

  • Radford_NG

    31 July c.2.00am BST. Such historical ignorance.Horse Guards has historically been the most sacred secular place in Britain;at the heart of the British State.I have long inveighed against the plan to use it to present a sex show with near naked women cavorting in public.I believe Livingstone arranged this on purpose to further mock and degrade the British nation.Just as I believe he created The Great Bum Boil (City Hall,do they call it?) straight across the river from The Tower for the same purpose.

  • Daniel Maris

    BJ has clearly read his Waugh – “Through the plashy fen, feather-footed the questing vole…”

  • Frank P

    Reads Alexander Boot’s piece on volley ball and eat your heart out Issy: