Homophobe of the year

26 July 2012

5:30 PM

26 July 2012

5:30 PM

News reaches No. 22 that rising star of the right Milo Yiannopoulos, of Catholic Herald and tech-world fame, is to be nominated for Stonewall’s ‘Homophobe of the Year’. The news has come as a surprise to the flamboyant Yiannopoulos, who, despite arguing forcefully against gay marriage on Channel 4’s risible 10 O’Clock Live, has never made a secret of his own sexuality.

Then again, headlines such as ‘The lingering stench of gay marriage’, published after an appearance on Newsnight earlier in the year, may have contributed to the nomination. But the waspish columnist, recently dubbed the ‘pit bull of tech media’ by the Observer, need not worry about winning: Mr Steerpike understands that he’s up against Ken Livingstone.

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  • Guest

    A homosexual with sufficiently few narcissistic tendencies to oppose gay marriage must hate himself

  • rndtechnologies786


  • Eyes of Kim Novak

    What a poor confused young man. How can he be Catholic and gay at the same time? What would Dirk Bogarde say eh chaps? 😉

    He should be helped, not attacked by the Communist media.

  • Tipsilon

    Firstly, Ben Summerskill of Stonewall has just said on Twitter that neither Milo or Ken have been shortlisted, and that this story was ‘completely invented’ by the Spectator ( ).

    Secondly – ‘flamboyant’? You are really still using silly, false-stereotype-enforcing codewords to identify a gay person in the 21st century? Clearly we have further to go than I thought.

  • Jamie

    he’s hot 🙂

  • Sir Graphus

    Surely you can oppose gay marriage without being a homophobe. Homophobia used to mean, fear of and hostility towards homosexuals. Now, Stonewall want it to mean “opposing the gay lobby’s demands in any way.”

  • Jaz

    Yiannopoulos is a risible self-publicist. He will, of course, welcome the award as he needs all the publicity he can get.
    There is nothing secret about his own self-hating. It oozes out of his execrable writing.

  • tomdaylight

    Ironic given that until very recently Stonewall was against gay marriage too.

  • Ray

    Perhaps he just wants to keep his options open by trying to keep a foot in both camps. Perhaps more of a cynical Uncle Tom than a homophobe, or maybe he believes his sinful nature will be ameliorated if he pleases people like Cardinal O Brien?

  • Rupert Mason

    Isn’t he a little love????Ooooh!

  • Clothilde Simon

    So he’s self-hating. I don’t hate him, but I think he’s a very boring writer.

  • jez

    Badge of Honour surely.

  • Sean Anderson

    This “homophobe of the year” seems like a spurious idea for a competition. Yiannopoulos himself identifies as gay, so are Stonewall going with the line that he is secretly self-hating? Are they trying to say he is just posturing as gay to get away with anti-gay writing?

    This story is either false, or Stonewall are flailing, making off-the-cuff attacks, and have some explaining to do.

  • Nicholas

    I nominate Daft Cameron for Homophile of the Year. With the current economic and Euro crisis, and his plunging credibility his pandering to a minority within something less than 2% of the population is nothing short of heroic. Also someone needs to have a quiet word with Stonewall about celebrating and embracing diversity. That includes the right to disagree.

  • Robert Eve

    Lingering stench sounds good to me.