Hunted Jeremy faces the media crowd

26 June 2012

26 June 2012

One time Tory leader contender (now cabinet dead man walking) Jeremy Hunt faced the suits last night at his first outing in media circles since being dragged through the gutter over his relationship with News Corp. 
Pencilled in to speak at the All Party Media Group’s summer drinks at Channel Four, the Culture Secretary tried to put on a brave face in a hostile crowd of media hacks, television types and lawyers. I can only think of rabbits and headlights. 
After the softest of digs from host Austin Mitchell MP, who noted that Hunt had been starring in his very own reality TV show for the last few months, Jezza immediately recalled the last time he had been in the building he shared a platform with troubled comedian Jimmy Carr. ‘He’s had a few pops at me in the past, so time for a bit of payback,’ he said before admitting to Googling some of Carrs jokes for inspiration. 
‘Sadly none of them were suitable for this audience,’ he said, before embarking on a soliloquy about high-speed broadband. At which point Mr Steerpike went in search of the bar and a punchline.  

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