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The View from 22 — 3 May 2012

3 May 2012

8:58 AM

3 May 2012

8:58 AM

Here, CoffeeHousers, is this week’s episode of The View from 22 podcast.

In this episode, Leah McLaren returns to the Spectator a decade on from her infamous cover story attacking British men to explain how she’s now fallen in love with one (0:30). James
Forsyth and Neil O’Brien from Policy Exchange examine the Tories’ lack of progress in the North (6:48) and how elected Mayors
will help. Fraser joins in for a discussion of today’s local elections and why Labour has the most at stake (16:10).


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good or bad. 

The View from 22 – 3 May 2012. Length 23:01
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  • Paul Danon

    22 may be a code-word for you, but it needs to be explained or replaced with something we understand.

  • normanc

    Running Doggcatcher on Android if it’s of any interest.

  • normanc

    Not sure if it’s your feed or my podcast software but the dates are all over the place. This one has been flagged as 26 April, the Boris interview as 12 April, last weeks as 26 April, and the first three are fine.

    I’m tempted to say it’s my software as the feed looks fine on feedburner but it’s only happening with your feed. Maybe your technical boffins could take a quick look.

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