Rochdale is a lesson to all of us

10 May 2012

2:51 PM

10 May 2012

2:51 PM

The coverage of the appalling Rochdale grooming case has been, for the
most part, well-informed and responsible. In the Times today David Aaronovitch takes on the cultural
issue directly (£)
and should be saluted for so doing.

‘So here are the bald facts about this specific kind of abuse. Men, many middle-aged and most of previous good character, and largely from one community, have been committing a
particular series of sexual crimes almost entirely against young girls. Why? Almost certainly because of their attitudes towards women and sex.’

But he saves his most important point for the end of his article when he says: ‘we ought to be mad as hell about the neglect of our most vulnerable kids.’


If it is right to challenge the Muslim community (or more precisely, the Pakistani community of the urban north west) about the systematic misogyny in its midst, then we must also ask the white
community (or more precisely the working-class community of the urban north west) about its systematic failure to protect its young women. Indeed, we probably need to ask whether there is a genuine
sense of community in these communities at all.

Paul Vallely’s special report in the Independent is also well worth reading. He
quotes Wendy Shepherd, a child sexual exploitation project manager for Barnado’s in the north of England. ‘The networks of men come from different backgrounds,’ she says.
‘in the North and Midlands many have been British Asians; in Devon it was white men; in Bath and Bristol, Afro-Caribbeans; in London, all ethnic mixes, whites, Iraqis, Kurds, Afghans,
Somalis. The danger with saying that the problem is with one ethnicity is that then people will only be on the lookout for that group — and will risk missing other threats.’

Julie Bindel in the Guardian is, as always, challenging in her analysis. Her position is
clear and, as is so often the case, utterly sane:

‘It is my firm belief, based on interviews with a number of victims, family members, campaigners and professionals such as police and social workers, that where the gangs are of Asian
origin there has been a tendency in some areas of England to ignore the issue for fear of being branded racist. I have also been clear that ethnicity of perpetrators is indeed relevant, in that
folk seem to be more interested and appalled by criminal gangs raping girls when the gang is Asian. Contrary to what the British National party would have us believe, this is not an epidemic of
Pakistani child abusers abusing white girls — it is more that we as a society ignore the voices of those who know best about child abuse: the victims and their advocates.

The uncomfortable truth is that there is complacency about organised sexual exploitation, which leads to few convictions regardless of the ethnicity of the perpetrators.’

The truth is that this case illustrates a tragic truth about this country: we do not look after our children and young people well enough. The lessons from Rochdale should not be
preached by one community to another. They are lessons for all of us individually and collectively.

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  • Honest_John01

    The term Asian gangs is very derogatory to Indians whom are Hindus, Sikhs and Indian Christians as well as Chinese, Filipinos, in England. These gangs are British Muslim Pakistanis and should be called, as such that this group are rapists and kid molesters because of there despicable religion and there religious beliefs.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice .

  • Jez

    The i suggest you try reading it again Fergus.

    He is 100% correct regards the Ann Cryer statement, as an opinion.

    If an independant Police unit was formed to investigate past and present crimes it would blow the lid off the utter nonsense this Martin Bright, et al are coming up with as their last line of defence for these animals.


  • Fergus Pickering

    Tom Tom, I really have no idea what you are talking about. Is it your contention that muslim men rape white girls because of the British Raj rather than because of their deeply unpleasant faith?

  • TomTom

    “What on earth are you on about? these disgusting individuals do not represent me or my community. “

    Mohammed, you are so right. The Media is outrageous in the way it has buried this story for years, marginalised those who complained, and made the Police act in a PC way to cover it up. West Yorkshire Police has form here – Keighley, like Rochdale has this problem and it was swept under the carpet – Ann Cryer had to raise it because Nick Griffin stood against her.

    Why you cannot have Law & Order if you are Muslim I do not know; why the Political Elites treat Muslim areas as unworthy of proper protection from drug dealers and criminal gangs and fire-bombers I do not know.

    Maybe it is part of The Raj Tradition of Communal Politics to suppress people and have them live in fear. I do not know why Muslim areas are controlled by Politicians working with Gang Bosses to hold Voters hostage – they would not do it in Sevenoaks or Richmond, so why do they do it in Bradford or Oldham or Rochdale ?

  • Rhoda Klapp

    May we expect an answer?

  • EC

    “Can you or your liberal media sink any lower?”

    No, but they’ll try!

  • Jez

    I wish i hadn’t just read that before planning on going to sleep.

    I think you have a institutional hatred of what you percieve as ‘white’ in this country. You feel that circumstances and the final acceptance by some of the establishment that there has been a catastrophic misjustice that could hypothetically emboldon the white working class to stop for a moment and come together briefly as some kind of danger.

    You are the media. You have ignored this and marginalised through years of liberal left rubbish anyone that has dared to say anything.

    What should the white victims do? Go to the police- they did. What next do you suggest- progroms?

    You have focused on taking down the white working class for the last 30 years, now our children are being raped by gangs of perverts from different cultures and it STILL our fault?!!

    Can you or your liberal media sink any lower?

  • michael

    These crimes are the result of political correctness and its empowerment of a closed shop community. ‘Above the law’.

  • Georgina Orwell

    ‘we ought to be mad as hell about the neglect of our most vulnerable kids.’

    Who are ‘we’? How are whoever we are ‘neglecting’ our kids? Who are the ‘most vulnerable’ kids?

    We are the nation of Britain, we have laws. British law enforces laws against pimping. British law neglects to enforce laws protecting the legal freedom of girls living under strict Muslim customs. Muslim girls ( Not All But Some Number Of Millions) are most vulnerable to their fathers and brothers and husbands. They suffer cultural oppression amounting to slavery, and the abuse includes incest, murder, assault, murder, fgm. Muslim women, nabsnom, are prevented from enjoying their legal freedoms, including the freedom to choose what to wear, who to marry, not to marry, to leave home, to go to university – and to have sex, to be promiscuous, to wear mini-skirts and tank-tops without being assumed to be prostitutes or “asking for it.” British law has decided not to protect the freedom of Muslim females inside the domestic sphere out of cultural respect. It is also unwilling to step into the dwellings of state-dependent , ‘dysfunctional,’ so-called families where a drunken, drugged, abusive, on disability, common-law Step-Dad beats up the mother, clobbers or rapes the kids, all the abandoned children of different fathers, now long gone to seek similar domestic comfort elsewhere, or in the big house. British law, spurred by respect and compassion, has wrought that culture. It is most definitely ‘ours.’ We’re paying for it.

    Muslim men are the beneficiaries of the sexual repression of their own culture, and the sexual license of non-Muslim culture. The left would regard that as multi-culturalism, not hypocrisy. So what Big Society regulations may we expect concerning the protection, ahem, of “our daughters”?

  • S.Simone

    This article does sound a bit like blaming the victims.
    Also – “the white community”?

    No. The English.

  • Ali Buchan

    Could there be a better illustration of Douglas Murray’s point that the Guardianista among us are…

    “Narcissistically intent on analysing our own supposed failings — particularly our allegedly unending racism, intolerance and bigotry — we appear to have completely lost the ability to analyse, or even interest ourselves in, the actions of anybody else.”

    Open your eyes, Bright.

  • The failure of multi-culturalism

    The racial origins of the perpertrators is not what made them commit this disgusting crime, but its difficult to see how certain aspects of Islamic theology haven’t influenced this barbaric behaviour, most notably :

    1. Ma malakat aymanukum : (what your right hands possess)

    “In Islamic Divine Law (Arabic: Sharia), Ma malakat aymanukum is the term for slaves or captives of war.
    According to some Muslim theologians, it is lawful for male masters to have sexual relations with female captives.”

    And :

    2. Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha

    “Aisha stayed in her parents’ home for several years until she joined Muhammad and the marriage was consummated. Most of the sources indicate that she was nine years old at the time, with the single exception of al-Tabari, who records that she was ten. The sources do not offer much more information about Aisha’s childhood years, but mention that after the wedding, she continued to play with her toys, and that Muhammad entered into the spirit of these games.”

  • Maddy1

    Well some comments have since been taken down which illustrates my point perfectly. With regard to the prosecution, as pure law, it seems we live in a lawful society that means well maybe one year you could get away scott free or maybe you could be sentenced to nine years maybe, inshallah??????

  • Fergus Pickering

    Certainly muslims are rapists. I mean, given the leader of their sect, of course they would be.

  • Rue de la Loi

    Mohammed makes a fair point about parental failings and that it was a muslim prosecutor who took the case forward, but there are disturbing reports that the CPS shelved earlier complaints; why? As other have pointed out, parental neglect of the girls does not answer the point about the personal responsibility of the perpetrators. Can we expect an article soon from Julie Bindel about how girls walking around town on a Saturday night in skimpy clothes are “asking for it”; an analysis that would have been regarded as “utterly sane” orthodoxy a couple of decades ago.

  • Geoff

    This article continues the standard media efforts to diminish the significance of the judge’s comments on religion and community and to diffuse the blame on a wider Pakistani/Asian sub-set of society. This tars Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Indians etc with these vile crimes when the real factor is the appalling Islamist attitudes to women. We seem too craven as a society to pin the blame for these vile acts firmly where it should lie because Muslims are adept at claiming they are being scape-goated and playing the victim card. Let us all develop some backbone and speak the truth for once because if we don’t, we won’t halt these terrible crimes.

  • James R

    Oh dear.Another gang of nine men have been arrested in yet another case of sexual abuse of a ‘vulnerable girl’.In Rochdale again of all places.
    I very much look forward to reading the backgrounds of the accused,should prosecutions follow.It may turn out to have been a ghastly mistake of course.Let us await developments.

  • Bigal

    Mr M Ali

    Your missing the point – the issue isn’t that all muslims are rapists but the fact these gangs actively target very vulnerable white girls not just any girls because generally they see women as inferior and white girls even more so – I think the Pakistani Muslim community needs to face up to this issue honestly otherwise harmony will always be a giant step away.

  • Mr M Ali

    This community this – and this community that.

    The people who are responsible for this crime are the 9 men.

    The people who are the victims of this crime are the girls.

    Why do people automatically stereotype and villainize another whole race for the actions of a few.

    What about the thousands of Normal Good Muslim Men in Rochdale, and the rest of the UK who would never dream of doing such a thing – Do you not use your brains before you talk or type comments???

    Why does the Media and the UK Government (working hand in hand) to demonise People of another race for the crimes of 9 men???

    There were gangs of White Anglo-Saxon British Men in Heanor & Derby, in Devon and Cornwall (50+ individuals who committed such a crime) – surely that should get more coverage if you do the Math???

    What is the agenda behind all of this??? Is it informative propagation – Or Insinuating Infuriation???

    Ask yourselves???

  • James R

    ”It is the parents responsibility to know where their children are and what they are upto, they should not be out at all hours of the night.”
    Yes it is Mohammed.But should the parents fail in their responsibilities that doesn’t mean that a gang of racist,muslim paedophiles have the right to abuse children.You’re surely not suggesting it was anyone’s fault but the convicted,are you ?

  • Noa.

    Plainly a new generic statute is required to address the crime of white community conspiracy to Pakistani Gang child molestation, sexual grooming and rape.

    That should get the courts busy as the white scum are jailed by the Beak.

    “What do you mean, you didn’t do, know or condone it, Mr White? That’s no excuse. Guilty! Take him out”.

  • Andy Carpark

    Martin Metrosexual Bright concludes, as indeed he began, when dinosaurs walked the earth, that we are all guilty. Just as when he writes about arts sponsorship, animal rights or rubbish collection, he loftily concludes that we are all guilty. Predators? Why, they are just being predators! That is what predators do. No, no, no, you proles. We are ALL guilty!

  • Mr Adequate

    I’m a white man from the North West of England. Imagine my shock when Mr Bright informed me that it was my fault those girls were repeatedly raped by racists.
    I’m very sorry…

  • Crosscop

    To imply that this is a problem in the North West of England only is far from the truth. There have been many similar cases all over the country – from Glasgow to Oxford.
    Similar cases including Muslim men grooming and raping vulnerable non-Muslim girls have also been reported in Sweden, Holland, Australia and the USA. In fact, any country which has a Muslim presence has the same problem.
    It’s a huge problem in Lebanon, too and in Egypt, the Copts have had to put up with this behaviour for 1400 years. Perhaps someone should ask them what’s behind it.
    Could it have anything to do with Islam itself and the behaviour of Islam’s “Perfect Man” who surprise, surprise, raped captured non-Muslim females? Surely not.

  • Ian Walker

    “…challenge the Muslim community (or more precisely, the Pakistani community of the urban north west) about the systematic misogyny in its midst…”

    Almost right. As reported by the judge in this case, that particular community regarded specifically white girls as worthless sub-humans. Skin colour of the victims was certainly part of the issue (I don’t believe in the artificial construct of ‘race’)

  • Kevin

    “we do not look after our children and young people well enough”

    One of the most obvious, and simple, methods of looking after our children is to ban pornography from public spaces such as cinema, TV and newsagents – as much to clean up the adult culture as to prevent children from being confused about sex. Opponents of such a ban often claim that it is unenforceable (and their opposition obviously will not help), and that instead parents should look after their own children. In other words, they say, “Every family for itself”.

    That is why the white community is unable to operate as a community.

    As an addendum, the idea even that parents can look after their own children is undermined by those who seek to advise children in schools on the subjects of abortion, contraception and sexual perversion, deliberately acting behind the parents’ backs, and in some cases demonising the parents in the eyes of their own children.

    If you honestly want to look after our children, you must seriously examine your own conscience.

  • Bigmouth

    Is Oxford in the Industrial North West then! I suppose these Devon gangs specifically target specific vulnerable Pakistani girls drifting aimlessly through their community as they look for a suitable husband

  • Stuart Eels

    Amazing, really amazing the White Anglo Saxons are to blame then are they? anything to avoid saying the obvious that all but one of these men were Pakistani and he is Afgan!

    Why have you not mentioned Mohammed Shafiq’s views on this, he is after all the Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation.

    He points out that out of the last 77 cases 67 involved Pakistani men. He also says that the Pakistani community should be treated no differently than any other. His article on the subject should be required reading for all so called jounalists!

  • chesters

    Wilhelm your last paragraph is spot on. Martin Bright talks about shame, and whilst I do feel some personal and professional shame (as a retired social worker and ex-Rochdalian) my overriding feeling is one of helpless fury about having my nose rubbed in multiculturalism, and about the fear of being accused of racism which, as we see, trumps everything including, even, the authorities’ responsibility to protect vulnerable children

  • Nimble

    I’d just like to know if there would be such understanding if the roles were reversed? Or would we now have the same apologists for abusers instead excusing rioting and murder by “a certain section” of society – the one that can never be named in anything but a positive light

  • Mohammed

    What on earth are you on about? these disgusting individuals do not represent me or my community.

    I’m definitely not aware of the ‘collective community conspiracy’ you bleat on about.

    There is however a failure of parenting that allowed these very sick individuals to carry their disturbed fantasies. It is the parents responsibility to know where their children are and what they are upto, they should not be out at all hours of the night.

    Lets also not forget it was a Muslim prosecutor of Pakistani origin who reopened this case and made sure these sickos were put behind bars.

  • Noa.

    The Rochdale trial is not about the abandonment of parental responsibilities. Dickens identified this issue somewhat before Arronovitch, Bindell and you.
    It is about the collective community conspiracy to sexually groom and prostitute young, vulnerable girls, who were entitled to expect the protection of these men.
    That responsibility and trust was betrayed and no right to have their duty to protect reduced or diminished in any way whatsover.

    Would you so excuse them if it was your daughter they had abused?

  • terry needleman

    “Is a non-Islamic culture really in any position to claim the moral high ground if its girls, even given that, are known to be more readily available due to their sexually saturated culture and their near-total lack of supervision by parents, other older relatives and the wider community?”

    Yes it is in a position to claim the moral high ground. Our non-islamic culture does not grant anyone the right to rape children just because they are vulnerable and unsupervised.

  • Wilhelm 1

    ”So here are the bald facts about this specific kind of abuse. Men, many middle-aged and most of previous good character, and largely from one community, have been committing a particular series of sexual crimes almost entirely against young girls. Why? Almost certainly because of their attitudes towards women and sex.”

    ” From ONE community ” ? Hmm, more cowardice when the media cant even say the word ” muslims ” and ” Pakistani ”.

  • David Lindsay

    Assume for the sake of argument that sex with teenage girls is integral to “Islamic” society. I am not convinced that it necessarily is, and at the very least it is certainly not peculiar thereto. But assume that it is.

    Is a non-Islamic culture really in any position to claim the moral high ground if its girls, even given that, are known to be more readily available due to their sexually saturated culture and their near-total lack of supervision by parents, other older relatives and the wider community?

    “What we are fighting” in Afghanistan might come out of this very badly. But, at best, “what we are fighting for” does not come out of it any better.

  • Jon Stack

    What do you mean by “we”? I look after my daughter’s welfare because I take full responsibility for her. I don’t rely on the state to protect her nor do I expect the state to do so. The crisis in this country is that many people in it expect far too much of the self serving state.

  • KATE

    Asian girls have fathers who will protect them, white working class/underclass girls don’t. That is the reason one group is abused in this way and another is not.

  • anyfool

    Yes it is the fault of white men, who allowed the mass immigration, who destroyed family life in this country, who has let the police become part of social services with more interest in appearing to care more for likes of the human trash that do this sort of thing. it has not just happened you colluded with the politicians who brought this upon the country but you who allowed this will be dead before the horror of what you have wrought on this land comes to its final fruition. When you are whining about pasties and a little bit tax on your pensions think of the damage your children, grandchildren and onwards have to put right because of your nasty self centered attitude.

  • M47

    Martin Metro Bright, did it spoil your latte & croissants then ? I think it must be my fault…. oh no ! I thought it was Pakistani Muslems………

  • In2minds

    So this abuse case really is the fault of the white majority then?

  • Rhoda Klapp

    It’s just so gracious of the gentlemen of the press to notice this sort of thing, discuussion of which has been common in the community of real people for a number of years. Now Martin, don’t tell me any more about the latest bus you’ve missed, do your job and tell me about something that you are exposing to the light.