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Local elections: the video catch-up

5 May 2012

9:58 AM

5 May 2012

9:58 AM

A few videos from yesterday that we thought CoffeeHousers might care to tune into this morning. First, Boris’s victory speech (with a bit of Ken Livingstone tacked on to the end):


Second, Livingstone’s concession speech, in which he announced that ‘this is my last election’:

And, finally, Ed Miliband’s unfortunate meeting with an egg:

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  • rosie

    “I think that Boris does ‘get it’.”

    He and the PM have a lot in common – very similar views and aims, not just education – except that Boris manages in effect to tell the media to get lost. People always like that in a politician and the PM needs to “get” that.

  • rosie

    Have you some footage of the elderly Green Woman referring to her “partner” and of Paddick referring to his “husband”? I found this PC oneupmanship in defeat hilarious.

  • Ruth

    Labour won’t be in a rush to change leadership now, which in the long run will be a good thing. Poor old Ed really hasn’t got what it takes. He will never be Prime Minister material- like Kinnock- and the voters will see that. Keep him there, and the odious Balls !

  • The Crunge

    “Whilst I had never intended to run for public office again, I have been persuaded to run as an independent candidate for Mayor of London”

    January 1st 2016 ‘Honest’ Ken Livingstone

  • Jeremy

    I reckon Boris won it because he looks like a surfer. In fact, I think he is a bit of a surfer, really. A sort of nineties hippie. And that’s why he wins everything. We quite like that sort of thing in this country, you know. Plus, in his admittedly cobble-it-together-as-you-go-along sort of way…I think that Boris does ‘get it’.

    Were I him, I would give the smooth-fac’d Cameroons a Very Wide Berth. They have turned out not to be what we thought they were when we elected them. And we won’t be doing so again. And if the Tories think they are going to win the next election by ‘returning’ to the Daily Mail’s version of ‘Tory values’ – which appears to consist in shouting the word ‘filth’ at the seventy percent of the population who elected not to vote – then, in my view, they are very much mistaken.