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Brooks charges mean more trouble for Cameron

15 May 2012

11:02 AM

15 May 2012

11:02 AM

The news that Rebekah Brooks and Charlie Brooks have been charged with
perverting the course of justice means that there’ll be at least one trial involving friends of the Prime Minister before the next election.

In cynical political terms, that Charlie has been charged as well as Rebekah creates an additional political problem for David Cameron. Part of Cameron’s explanation for how close he got to Rebekah
Brooks has always been that she married an old school friend of his. Undoubtedly, the Charlie Brooks connection added a genuine layer of friendship to relations between Rebekah Brooks and Cameron.
I suspect that if it was not for Charlie Brooks there would have been no riding of the retired police horse and the like. But now the PM’s old school friend has found himself dragged into the
middle of this scandal.

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  • Simon Stephenson.

    I don’t understand the rationale of many of the commenters here. Here I am, someone who thinks that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and New Labour generally have been more malignant to UK society than anyone else in history, who also believes that Rupert Murdoch is no more than a hair’s breadth away from pipping them at the post. And yet, if I believe what is written here, to be so critical of Murdoch I have no option other than to be a Labour stooge.


  • wrinkled weasel


    Tweety is like totally sooo wrong. I mean, is like totally it scary to like, suggest that the DPP has a left wing bias? Or that this is like totally in some way politically motivated? History is like totally full of important figures who have spent a time in the slammer for pissing off the elite from Ben Johnson onwards.

    Gag me with a spoon. Totally.

  • Nicholas

    “What is it about tory voters? They are sooooooo blinkered.
    Its scary.”

    Tory voters feel much the same way about Labour voters but probably without the teenage girl Valleyspeak. And you have to be pretty blinkered not to realise that.

  • Mirtha Tidville

    I have a strong feeling this is motivated by spite rather than strong primary evidence.From all my experience in the Law, such occasions are fashioned by arriving at a verdict they would like and working back from it. Once of course such evidence is tested it falls apart.

    Wait til the trial at the Old Bailey, it will be interesting….

  • Fergus Pickering

    I am not an American and I think she is charming. All people of goodwill will wish her luck. Down with the hellish BBC and death to the Grauniad. Murdoch for God!

  • Tweety

    O.M.G! This vile woman was at the helm when folk had their lifes ruined.
    What is it about tory voters? They are sooooooo blinkered.
    Its scary.

  • John Guest

    To get a fair trial, aren’t there some protocols about the way that the media report the evidence (especially before the trial), or does that not apply if the newspaper which you used to edit supported the Tories in the last election?

  • wrinkled weasel

    What first attracted Keir Starmer, Marxist, and Labour Party Appointee to the idea of prosecuting a close associate of the Tory Prime Minister?

  • TomTom

    “Talking of the Today Programme”

    Is that still on ? Never listen to BBC radio or watch British TV – it is such a boost to mental health to opt out of British broadcasting altogether. Do try it !

  • Pramston

    So tiresome…Cameron did what Blair and Brown did before him – sought to have good relationships with an influential media group, which in modern politics sounds sensible. None of them are guilty of any criminal offences and aren’t even accused of any so this is no more than scandal by inference. At least Murdoch was open to changing sides, the Mirror group which has been mostly overlooked is basically a voice piece for Labour and does anyone really believe they were not involved in phone hacking (or listening to peoples answerphone messages which is what it really is – ‘hacking’ has been deliberately used to make it sound like live conversation interception which it was not. Cameron is not guilty, Blair was not guilty and even Brown was not guilty of hacking anything at all – something that should not be overlooked.

  • Coeur de Lion

    Given the BBCs slavering delight at Murdoch’s travails, shouldn’t there be an investigation every time the Today Programme (all spit) says “From information that has come into the hands of the BBC ….. etc” . How? Bribes? Dishonesty somewhere? Anyway, good on yer, Rebekah, you’re my girl, tough it out.

    Talking of the Today Programme, has anyone else noticed how very much more Humphries has become a loud, sneery, rude, interrupting autocrat with a very irritating delivery recently? Hardly any INFORMATION comes across when he’s on.

  • Holly ……

    Verity.3.04pm. I’m curious…
    If your assumptions are correct, and Rebecca was only friendly with Cameron to have the ‘ear of the Prime Minister’, did she foresee he would be PM?
    Did she decide to start with Blair/Campbell,then on to Sarah Brown, even married Charlie Brooks,(a long time friend of Cameron’s) just to make sure?
    If she planned all that,just to get ‘Cameron’s ear’, then she really is one heck of a canny lady.
    Sounds a bit far fetched to me though.

  • Baron

    madness, sheer madness

  • Paddy

    Verity: Get back under your stone where you

  • Cynic

    @Scary Biscuits “If it hadn’t been via Charlie Brooker (sic) it would have been another way.” Was that a Freudian slip?

  • Marcher Baron

    Charlie Brooks is a racehorse trainer. You’d have thought that he, at least, would have followed the maxim ‘keep yourself in the best possible company and your horse in the worst’.

  • Jeremy

    Scary Biscuits:

    ‘Cameron went out of his way to get into News International’s inner circle.’

    No he didn’t. There was no circle, nor any square. They just happened to find themselves at the same parties at the same time, that’s all. Haven’t you been reading the comments in this thread? Cameron and Hunt never sought to push through the BskyB deal in return for the support of the Murdoch’s media. In fact, there never was any communication between the two sides in relation to this matter at all. The suggestion that Rupert and James Murdoch ever tried to take over the remainder of BskyB was just a fiction invented by the disgruntled ex-employees of the newspapers they used to own. Didn’t they?

    Any suggestion to the contrary is just leftist posturing. Haven’t you read Ms Brooks’s statement? It really is the last word on the matter.

    Do catch up, please.

  • TomTom

    Strapworld, who can say ?

  • Nicholas

    Jeremy, I don’t speak with any voice here. I write, with a keyboard, and am free to do so with any sentence construction I choose to use. Who made you the Prose Sheriff?

    “Knickerless” – which is far from original – is the sort of silly playground abuse I might expect from someone who is less than twelve years old though and the first time I heard it was when I was about six which is probably several decades before you were even born.

  • Chris lancashire

    I very rarely agree with strapworld but he is 100% right on this one.
    Also trust that Ms Brooks stuffs it right up them.

  • Jeremy

    John Jefferson Burns:

    “This and her charm…”

    I’m afraid that only an American could confuse what Brooks has with ‘charm’.

  • Verity

    Paddy – “Hope they have made sure the case “stacks up”.” Why? Do you have a vested interest in it? Most of us would hope to see justice done.

    “She’ll have the best lawyers money can buy.” Wow! Quite the wordly observer, eh? Hint: Everyone in any case has the best lawyers their money will stretch to. No one says, “Hmmmm,maybe I should economise on lawyers here and trust my luck.”

    You sound bitter.

  • strapworld

    Tom Tom. Unless my memory fails me. Didn’t Stephen Ward ‘commit suicide’?

  • Verity

    I’m with Nicolas 11:37. This woman appears to have done nothing wrong but be immensely successful in her own right and have the appalling judgement to be friendly with Cameron. BTW, I do not believe for a minute that that is a real friendship on her part. It is handy to have the ear of the Prime Minister if you are in the media. She is clearly far too intelligent and savvy to actually like Cameron.

  • John Jefferson Burns

    Watching the delicious Rebecca on You Tube, I was struck by her coy sincerity.

    She has the backing of the mighty Murdoch Money.

    This and her charm will get her past any British Jury who are suckers for legs.

    She, Charlie and Cameron will win out.

  • Fergus Pickering

    No need to feel alone, Private Schulz. I am with you too. Let us all get together, storm the BBC, and hang the Director General on a lamp post. That was a joke, officer, a pleasantry. The DG is an A1 good egg and should be paid double.

  • Jeremy

    “Don’t care whether she is guilty of anything or not.”

    Knickerless, do you speak with the voice of a twelve year-old because you are twelve?

    Or is it just an impression that you do?

  • ellis000

    A very good friend of mine was once charged with, and later acquited of, a very serious offense. At no time did this ever reflect on me and why should it? As I recall, Rebekah Brooks was very close to Gordon Brown’s wife – so what? Let us not even begin to discuss Blair or Mandelson’s friends. Cameron must be judged by his failures as a leader and Prime Minister and not by his friends.

  • Paddy

    Hope they have made sure the case “stacks-up”.

    She’ll have the best lawyers money can buy.

  • Axstane

    I had a meal once and played chess a few times with a man who later blew himself up whilst transporting a bomb made for terrorist purposes.

    Nobody came to arrest me or accuse me of complicity.

  • Sylva

    What calibre of Prime Minister is Cameron whose loyalty is to Rebekah Brooks than the Nation (LOL).

    If he is wise enough which is not the case , he should make his way to the Palace sooner than later and tell the Her Majesty the he is not fit for purpose.

    Then he could be charge for treason (Disloyalty)

  • Scary Biscuits

    Keep up that loyalty, James.

    I suspect that if it was not for Charlie Brooks there would have been no riding of the retired police horse and the like.

    Cameron went out of his way to get into News International’s inner circle. He did it because he wanted to copy Blair. If it hadn’t been via Charlie Brooker it would have been another way.

    Cameron, despite his many talents, needs to resign as PM. He is too associated with the old way of doing things and the sleaze and informality of the Blair years.

  • James

    Whatever the guilt or innocence, whatever the outcome, the police will continue their campagn of spite, and the hypocritical judiciary will spout platitudes. The winners? The armies of overpaid, ruthless lawyers who swarm like vultures and hyenas smelling blood.

  • Civil Rights Campaigner

    Perhaps we will start getting red top editorials campaigning in favour of all the civil liberties protections they spent the last thirty years campaigning against. Right to silence ? Innocent until proven guilty ? Committal hearings ? All gone thanks to their Lock em up mentality. With today’s decision not many editors and members of the political class will be able to sleep easily in their beds without wondering whether the police will be bashing down their front doors in the middle of the night and hauling them off too.

  • TomTom

    “People in this country are innocent until found guilty!”

    Cliveden, home of the Astors (how apt) where John Profumo did no apparent wrong, but by implication….and for misleading the House…

    That was 1962….just 50 years ago…wonder who will be cast as Dr Stephen Ward this time around ?

  • Private Schultz

    Thanks strapworld and 2trueblue for making me feel less alone!

  • 2trueblue

    James. Glad your ‘article’ is short, it has no legs, no substance, nothing. His friend has been charged. Where are you trying to go?

  • Nicholas

    Don’t care whether she is guilty of anything or not.

    The way one malicious and odious man has been able to harness the parliamentary system to further his personal vendetta, the clamour of the metro mob and the politically motivated show trials orchestrated by the Clown Propaganda Service and the Metrosexual Police are far greater threats to our democracy.

    Her statement says it all. Good luck to her.

  • Austin Barry

    “.. there would have been no riding of the retired police horse and the like.”

    Riding of…the like?

    Is this a joke for those familiar with Irish slang?

  • Vulture

    Great news! Pity that there won’t be enough room in the dock for our entire corrupt political class to join this precious pair.

  • strapworld

    There are two other things one should have considered before classing it ‘this scandal’

    1. People in this country are innocent until found guilty!

    2. How on earth can Ms Brooks,especially, ever get a fair trial. After all the things that have been said about her, especially by that odious Labour MP, and I am sure she will be in his book.

    It would be rather fitting if a Judge was to rule that because of his book and statements she could not get a fair trial and throw the case out.

    I am sure she will have the best legal brains available and there will be lots of egg on many faces.

  • Heartless (Romantic) Curmudgeon

    Good, GOOD, – and GOODER!!

    Any chance it will hasten the departure of the ridiculous H2B?

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Reading about the Brooks couple, they do not seem very nice people. I personally come from a generation where I was taught that one was judged by the company one kept. “Birds of a feather flock together.” It appears from media reports that the Camerons were great friends of the Brooks. I rest my case…….

  • strapworld

    Now I am no friend of Cameron (thank the Lord). But before you come up with these stories, Mr Forsyth, just put your thinking cap on.

    Am I my brothers keeper? How on earth can this harm Cameron? The only way, of course, is if he is in anyway complicit and that, even I, doubt.

    I am afraid this story will ensure you are never called in to assist Cameron.

  • Rhoda Klapp

    I suppose the idea that what matters about Cameron is not his flaky associations but the fact that he is a bloody awful Prime Minister does not occur to the gentlemen of the press?