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Nadine Dorries: Cameron and Osborne ‘are two arrogant posh boys’

23 April 2012

1:09 PM

23 April 2012

1:09 PM

Nadine Dorries has form when it comes to attacking her party’s leadership, but this sets a new high water mark (from about 1:48 in):


Via the Daily Politics.

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  • tony

    What this tory lady said about Cameron and Osbourne being posh rich kids is totally true!!. It sickens me to the stomach to merely see or hear either of them on the tv news, particularly Cameron. I find it an embarrassment to call him my prime minister. I remember before his election, he used to talk about how the sick and disabled would not lose their benefits under his leadership, because he had experienced life with a disabled son!!!. Well let me tell you Mr Cameron, most disabled folks don’t have millions in the bank like you and your family, and what is one of the first things that you did after the election. Begin cutting benefits for the sick and disabled!!. i realise that the welfare bill is out of control, but to say one thing, and then to do a 360 degree u turn after been elected is disgraceful. Are you aware that many sick and disabled folks are sick with worry. Some of them even dying or comitting suicide. Im sure that you are aware, but don’t even give it a thought. Lets face it. Your parties only priority is to make the wealthy wealthier, at the expense of the other 95% of the population!!. Cameron, you shouldn’t be able to sleep at night, but i’m sure that you sleep perfectly well, because you are thick skinned, insensitive, and uncaring!!

  • Hexhamgeezer

    ‘two arrogant poshboys’

    Three surely?. Whatabout little nicky?

  • Archie

    What Nicholas said!

  • rosie

    She should remain in full view, as Edwina did, and as Sayeeda does, to remind people that there are genuine conservative alternatives to educated upper middle class men. Let the people decide which they prefer. I think we need both sorts in the cabinet, and in the government, and at the moment we have.

  • TomTom

    “I don’t mind them being well educated,”
    Nor would I, but they aren’t. They went to expensive schools but are not well-educated in any sense.

    They would not make elementary mistakes if they were. There is a singular lack of Knowledge in this Government and its machinery – far too much wing and a prayer in pursuit of ideological objectives.

    They do not even understand the Monetary Transmission mechanism they are counting on to revive the economy. they are wasting MY TIME and I am tired of their antics. They should move aside before the Olympics Hangover requires yet more public spending cuts or rise in VAT