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Hunt’s special adviser resigns

25 April 2012

11:45 AM

25 April 2012

11:45 AM

There’s been a resignation this morning, but it is not Jeremy
Hunt’s. Instead, it’s his special adviser Adam Smith. Smith’s departure before Hunt’s Commons statement at 12:30 is designed to put a firebreak around the Secretary of
State. In his resignation statement, Smith declares that ‘the content and extent of my contact
was done without authorisation from the Secretary of State’. This provides Hunt with his response to any questions about the nature of the text messages between Smith and Frederic Michel.

But special adviser appointments are very personal. Secretaries of State talk constantly to their special advisers and it is remarkable that Smith and Hunt never discussed what he was telling
Michel. It is also worth noting that ministers are, under the ministerial code, responsible for their special

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  • Tulkinghorn

    Keep an eye out for Adam Smith in the birthday honours list.

  • TomTom

    Adam Smith eh ? Did he resign for George Osborne as well ?

  • Erica Blair

    If Jeremy Hunt is telling the truth, why is his nose getting longer and longer.

  • Erica Blair

    Joke trending on Twitter

    ‘Two Adam Smiths discredited in one day!’

  • strapworld

    ministers are, under the ministerial code, responsible for their special advisers. EXACTLY. Hunt has to go. Sleeze has returned, yet again, to the tory party.

  • DavidDP

    The problem with this story is that every single media outlet has a vested interest in how it is reported, their own agenda, whether pro- or anti-Murdoch to pursue.

  • Austin Barry

    Did he altruistically fall on his sword or was he pushed?

    Why does the vision of John Terry’s sending off foul, a knee to the back, come to mind?

    Hunt by name…

  • Geoffrey Dron

    Smith must be called by Leveson to give evidence – before Hunt does so.

  • Andy

    This is the worse kind of firewall because rather then protecting Hunt, it will look like he’s kicking out a member of staff rather then confronting the substance of the charges laid against him.