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Hunt: I’m not quitting

24 April 2012

8:06 PM

24 April 2012

8:06 PM

Here’s the full statement:

‘Now is not a time for kneejerk reactions. We’ve heard one side of the story today but some of the evidence reported meetings and conversations that simply didn’t

Rather than jump on political bandwagon, we need to hear what Lord Justice Leveson thinks after he’s heard all the evidence.

Let me be clear my number one priority was to give the public confidence in the integrity of process. I asked for advice from independent regulators — which I didn’t have to do
— and I followed that advice to the letter.

I would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible which is why I have today written to Lord Justice Leveson asking if my appearance can be brought forward. I am very confident that
when I present my evidence the public will see that I conducted this process with scrupulous fairness.’

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  • TomTom

    “I think the Leveson Inquiry is not an impartial, nonpolitical exercise in democracy and fairness.”

    That’s my view of The Boundary Commission…

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Perhaps I am alone, but I think the Leveson Inquiry is not an impartial, nonpolitical exercise in democracy and fairness. I believe it is a craftily arranged witch hunt with a deliberate agenda.

  • RichardH

    “We’ve heard one side of the story today but some of the evidence reported meetings and conversations that simply didn’t happen.”

    What does that mean?
    That there was evidence of meetings that should have been held but weren’t?
    Or that the evidence was completely false. Can you commit perjury outside of a court of law?

  • Erica Blair

    I thought ministers were accountable to Parliament. Hunt could make a statement in the House of Commons and take questions. I wonder why he chose not to.

  • Thomas Paine

    A near identical defence to the one presented by .. Chris Huhne.

    Oh well, yet another Jeremy Hunt will leave the cabinet, a Tory this time!

    Makes two yellow two blue in two years not a fantastic record for the coalition.

  • Archimedes


    Proof that we’re not a minority yet?

  • Iron Feliks


    Your final paragraph last sentence’s question:

    In the case of any UK politician the answer is…….. Yes

  • rosie

    In the Scott inquiry people’s reputations and careers were damaged by the judge making partial remarks at half time. New labour was given a legup at the same time. Scott wasn’t a big enough man to apologise at the end when the people concerned were vindicated, and we all suffered from the consequences of the political fallout.

    This judge hasn’t done that.

    The BBC ought to declare its interest every time it comments in a case of this kind. So should the other competitors of NI. Not only do they have their usual axe to grind against a conservative administration, but they also want to kill off their commercial competition.

    The 24 hour smear campaign waged on this subject probably induces a great switchoff outside the bubble.

  • Ralph

    Oddly we give terrorists the chance to defend themselves but not Tories.

  • Matthew

    Well said Charles. i don’t suppose it will be enough for the BBC to sheath its pitchfork but the least the rest of us can do is try to show a modicum of fair-mindedness.

  • RCE

    Anything that causes Cameron grief is A-OK with me.


  • The Oncoming Storm

    We do still have something called innocent until proven guilty in this country, Hunt is entitled to state his version of events and to be given a chance to rebutt the allegations.

  • JR

    “Michel wrote: “Spoke to Hunt. He made again a plea to try and find as many legal errors as we can in the Ofcom report and propose some strong and ‘impactful’ remedies … Would welcomed [sic] other opeds [comment articles] like [Mark] Littlewood or [David] Elstein in coming days.”

    Littlewood, the director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs, issued a statement supporting BSkyB’s bid two weeks later and blogged for the Spectator a month later.”


  • Charles


    why are you questioning his honour?

    As far as I can see, certain allegations have been made, which he has denied. He has then asked for the opportunity to defend himself in the near future.

    What is unreasonable about any of that? Or should an accusation be enough to trigger a resignation in your view?

  • Tiberius

    Ooh, that will make the lynch mob unhappy.

  • alexsandr

    James Naughtie was right, he is a cnut

    have these people no honour?