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Galloway swears in

16 April 2012

5:38 PM

16 April 2012

5:38 PM

Here, via the New Statesman’s George Eaton, is footage of George Galloway being sworn into Parliament today:


And while we’re on the subject of Galloway and swearing, here’s one for CoffeeHousers to ponder. In his interview with the Big Issue today, the country’s latest MP says:

‘Because I don’t drink, I don’t swear, I’m not crude, sometimes male company turns me off. And from an early age I was the person who drove everybody home and I always saved the
prettiest girl to drop off last.’

Others have already touched on the not drinking thing. But not swearing? What about this report, from 2006, by the Spectator’s own Hugo Rifkind:

‘Uproar in gowns, after a visit to the Oxford Union from George Galloway. Students claim that, angry at being booed for his championing of Cuba’s “different type of
democracy”, Galloway accused his critics of being “hunting, shooting, fishing types”. Later, three (former state-school) students cornered him, angry at being tarred with a posh
brush. “You are confusing me for somebody who gives a f*** what you think,” the Respect MP explained, as a furious squabble erupted. Respect, indeed.’

I guess he must have stopped swearing after that.

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  • Jez

    Saying all that, the building in question may make a lovely Mosque one day.


  • Jez

    Leeds Town Hall- Cuthbert Broderick.

    The Great Tour seems to have been the early life experience that this genius drew his architectural inspiration from.

    What a guy.

  • Jez

    No i didn’t!

    Leeds Town Hall is an amazing bulding. The last time i visited the building, close friends of ours were married in a service there. (excellent bars in that part of town too!)

    I’d have thought if there were such a Masonic legacy in Bradford they would have at least had the noddle to influence the business heads of the struggling Mills not to fast track tens of thousands of Kashmiris without proper support for these migrants- or more importantly a plan B when the Mills ultimately failed.

    I’ve seen how foreign migrant Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers are often viewed and treated when i also worked abroad.

    My opinion only; The rights, quality of life and healthcare provided to these workers (and even letting their families settle here too) even in 1950’s Bradford whilst compared to modern day areas of the world where they work now was maybe the ‘golden ticket’ never before seen before or since.

    And yet we are told how horrible it is here and how we must make it more immigrant friendly- and that we are utlimately to be a minority here because we are crap, white and English.

    Really great that.

    None of it to me makes any sense to be honest.

  • TomTom

    Jez, did you know that Leeds City Hall was designed by a 24 year old who won a competition. I think he was from Hull.

    Did you know that Bradford City Hall had 3 Freemasons Lodges

  • Jez

    Next interesting fact regards Yorkshire architecture;

    Did you know that the Halifax Town Hall was comissioned by Charles Barry?

  • TomTom

    Bradford town hall 1873
    Manchester city hall 1877

    Actually, Manchester Cit Hall was designed 1868 and Bradford 1870. You quoted completion dates

  • Nicholas

    ” . . . and anyone lets slip their unease at what’s happening is collectively screamed down as a heretic.”

    And criminalised. You forgot criminalised. The Leftist Mob will scream for rights for Islamic terrorists whilst indigenes who mouth off on a bus or send rude tweets are banged up. Islamic terrorists will resist deportation for years at taxpayers expense whilst a 65 year old British businessman with no previous convictions is extradited in indecent haste and refused bail.

    This is their “equality” and “fairness”. This is there “diversity”. The diversity of double standards, of hypocrisy and of injustice.

  • Jez

    Fair enough TomTom.

    We’re actually seeing through the ‘how it is’ looking glass.

    1952- Mill owners ship over several hundred manipulated Pakistani’s to work for several peanuts an hour more than the peanuts an hour they were paying the Bradfordians.

    2012- Many parts of every old Mill Towns in the North with rapidly expanding Islamic populations, Sharia now taking hold at the behest of the Establishment, white flight, an establishment diktat that the country should become minority English in the next 50 years and anyone lets slip their unease at what’s happening is collectively screamed down as a heretic.

    Celebrate the replacement of the old grey Britain and welcome the new vibrant Bradford, London, Birmingham, Luton and the rest.

    From post war Bradford to present day ‘Respect’…. *Sixty years*- that’s all it’s taken.

  • poorer Bradfordian

    Would that we could build a cinema and pizza hut as part of the original Westfield complex unfortunately Westfields latest plans don’t fit the hole we dug for them …that’s 34 million pounds worth of Bradfordians cash that’s not even worth the back fill.

  • TomTom

    “To keep up with cheap cotton imports they shipped in cheaper than cheap labour from Pakistan and the Kashmir.”

    No Jez. In 1952 or so the Conservatives revoked wartime exemptions allowing women to work Night Shift. Then millowners needed Men to work for Women’s Wages and they found them in Kashmir with British Passports

  • poorer Bradfordian

    “copy” ?
    Bradford town hall 1873
    Manchester city hall 1877

    “building for eternity”…thankfully there are those with similar foresight, Saltaire is now a world heritage site.

  • poorer Bradfordian

    Word is that planning don’t happen unless you are called Robinson.

  • Jez

    It was the sixties when it started to go pop for Bradford maybe.

    To keep up with cheap cotton imports they shipped in cheaper than cheap labour from Pakistan and the Kashmir.

  • TomTom

    “in Bradford’s Little Germany when i left school- the architecture there is very impressive.”

    Not as impressive as the Venetian-styled warehouses they demolished so Freemason Wardley as City Architect could get his kickback for Broadway in the 1960s – then John Poulson got his bit like the Central Library… is corruption all the way when it comes to demolition.

    Never mind Royal Mail has new stamps with Manchester City Hall – Bradford’s is a copy. Note it was all Venetian style as was Salts Mill. They thought they were building for eternity

  • Jez

    poorer Bradfordian.

    I did my YTS in Bradford’s Little Germany when i left school- the architecture there is very impressive….. it’s from a different sort of immigrant influence- wealthy European textile investment from the 19th Century.

    The Westfield centre has fallen flat on it’s arse due to (now especially) the crunch, lack of credit, negative retail forcasts- and, very certainly, the lack of enthusiasm when it comes to neutral persons (or business groups) whilst faced with the economical realities of a completely divided city.

    The CH4 programme was called ‘Make Bradford British’ wasn’t it? Yet another utter waste of time villianising the percieved (by the CH4, et al) dumb, ignorant, hostile, loser, scummy Whiteys in the face of the peaceful, all forgiving, diverse, happy and socially superior rapidly expanding Muslim community….

    …. and then they spoil the facade by voting en masse for a anti-Western, pro-Hamas, anti-establishment Islamist Far-Left pressue group such as Respect.

    ‘Oh no! we’ve been told more BS about ‘how it really is’ by the Ch4 and all their friends- *again*!’

    poorer Bradfordian- It’s unreal that run down the old twin tower Odean and then built the carpark cinema near Little Germany with the Pizza Hut etc in it- that’s probably down to the complete short sightedness of the Braatfud’ council planning department. I think even that’s struggling maybe with the closed restaraunts there.

    One of the proudest Cities in the UK- a beacon to Eastern Europeans fleeing tyranny after the Second World War, the Bradford Pals, all the International investment pre WW1- that’s socially, architecturally and economically.

    Now they can’t even get people to build a shopping centre or drum up enough support to save iconic buildings in the city centre.

    But Respect are in- and they are against the Establishment- and they support Hamas- so Bradford will be noticed for a bit. So Lucky Bradfordians, your situation will be coldly inspected until they get rid of Galloway- and then back to the same…..

    and don’t dare complain or the PC brigades will get you.

  • poorer Bradfordian

    Little Germany … hope the Queen enjoys Bradford cathedral choir on her jubilee visit.

  • poorer Bradfordian

    Strict Muslim curry houses don’t serve anything stronger than mango lassi … -funny that.

  • poorer Bradfordian

    Galloway’s other campaign ‘beacon’ the Bradford hole… another Westfield promiseland mess, the shopping center, is not wanted by the local Muslim business community to the extent that the local councillor has introduced by-laws preventing
    potential new bars and restaurants in this the little Germany area from attaining planning permission (booze licences).
    George lad … how little you know about your voters.

  • poorer Bradfordian

    Bradford’s grade3 ‘twin towers’ Odeon CAN be saved. (Bradford Odeon Rescue Group & Bradford Civic Society) However this is a prime site. Even the local rag (T&A) are chasing some of the land. George needs the local rag onside for his ‘Respect’ relaunch. Apparently George is going to do absolutely all he can to save it.
    In fact, promised ‘engineers’ busily continue finding insoluble problems to allow the local politics to remove this icon of man made dereliction from the town centre.

    I feel sure that GG will be suitably mortified.- And no amount financial
    compensation could ever make up for this loss.

  • No subs

    Strange how the suspension of Lord Ahmed, which is a major political issue cut from the same cloth as this one, gets no coverage from The Spectator. Presumably because it undermines the Editor’s avowed enthusiam for mass immigration.
    The media’s self denying ordinance for Not Mentioning It clearly extends to this organ which is merely a shadow of its former self.

  • Jez


    I fully agree with what your saying 100%.

    I feel that Galloway is just the messanger of a wider concern though.

  • Austin Barry

    Galloway is no more repugnant than all the other self-serving prats who run for MP.

  • Widmerpool

    He and Ken Livingstone are et sui generis IMHO
    Their appeal seems specifically directed to anti Government and Non Main stream voters in a very cynical way.
    They both seem to me to be highly unpatriotic Quislings who appear to support the introduction to this Country of a new alien culture?

  • TomTom

    “I suspect it is better for this contentious issue to take a back seat for a week or two. “

    Really ? You certainly don’t edit “Community Pride” then the Propaganda Sheet from Bradford Council if you think reading it will drive you to shoot people.

    Then again, if you feel you need to restrain yourself take time out…..

  • Tulkinghorn

    @Boudicca; Yes I was listening to narration about multiculturalism on Norwegian television yesterday. I suspect it is better for this contentious issue to take a back seat for a week or two. On the other hand we can continue to decry the foul mouthed trotskyist scots ghit who should never have been alloewd to swear in.

  • Boudicca

    I suspect this is just the start of the Muslim block vote in ‘their’ areas of our country. When they get a real and more extreme Muslim to lead them – THEN we should be worried.

    Oh the joys of multiculturalism and Blair’s open-door policy to the 3rd world. Sharia will be coming to a city or enclave before long.

  • TomTom

    “Bradford just bust £3 million on a dodgy town centre fountain”

    You Jest ! It is £33 Million for a Water Feature and £10 Million on Consultancy Fees.

    As for David Lindsay, Gerry Sutcliffe is useless 16 years as MP and now Shadow Minister for Immigration !!!!! He was Council Leader 1992-1994 and a SOGAT Union Official. He’s real Labour – done zilch for his Constituents which is why Bradford is a Polo City

  • daniel maris

    Sir I salute your cat impersonation, the way you dealt with the Maryam Fund allegations, and your inability – shared with the rest of the country – to distinguish between Bolton, Bradford and Blackburn !!!

  • justathought

    I must salute his courage strength and indefatigability and send him heartfelt fraternal greetings!

  • David Lindsay

    George Galloway has been introduced into the House of Commons, supported by the Father of the House, Sir Peter Tapsell, and by Gerry Sutcliffe, Labour MP for Bradford South.

    Sir Peter is the living parliamentary link that the Toryism of old: Keynesian, pro-Commonwealth, opposed to everything that has come to be neoconservatism, accordingly anti-Thatcher, and on all of those grounds a stalwart defender of British sovereignty from the very start of the Eurofederalist project. Never mind Iraq. From the outset, he has opposed the war in Afghanistan.

    And Mr Sutcliffe is a pro-life Catholic who embodies mainstream Labour, neither Bennite nor Blairite, neither Trotskyite nor Thatcherite.

    Analyse those two positions, and see exactly how much difference that you can spot. The first can be more socially liberal than the second, and Gerry Sutcliffe has been constrained by office when it came to wars and the EU. But they form a broad stream, the mainstream of British politics.

    Today, George Galloway identified himself with that. And it identified itself with him.

  • Tulkinghorn

    @Jez; I do not worry. Just pity. Respect are nothing and will go nowhere. Galloway on the other hand is a narcissistic self publicist who will tar his constituency with his brosse de merde.

  • Wilhelm 1

    The respect party, that’s his own personal fan club.

  • Ralph

    I don’t pity the people of Bradford. If you vote based on prejudice and hate you end up with someone a loathsome as Galloway.

  • strapworld

    max sceptic..and a hundred virgins for services to the cause.

  • Dick the Prick

    Fair play to the lad. Bradford just bust £3 million on a dodgy town centre fountain. Who’s the showman?

  • MaxSceptic

    Muslims are allowed four wives.

  • Guru McKenzie

    Say what you like about his politics but he is a genuinely talented politician – a big beast surrounded by intellectual pygmies of the Cameron/Clegg/Ed variety

    We need more independent voices – Galloway, Carswell, et al to save us from the cult of PR empty suits

  • Jez


    No need to worry.

    The big three political parties have steadily sought to manipulate the voting power of newly settled communities within the inner cities for the last 30 years.

    Now, very simply put, the block voting potential of the Muslim communities (especially) have been recognised by themselves and they are in a position politically to manipulate their previous masters- if they cannot do this to a standard that they are pleased with then along comes something like Respect.

    Thus the rise of this phenomenon.

    The East End (where Galloway scored previous victories) and major districts of Bradford have one thing in common; detached, very organised and active Muslim majority populations in these places.

    Here are several of the key factors that make up the Respect;

    1.Members of the Muslim Association of Britain and Muslim Council of Britain.
    2. The Socialist Unity Network.
    3. The Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) RCPB(ML).

    The people who have created this anti-Western, anti-free market, anti Israeli and anti democratic Left wing Islamist ‘thing’ are each and every part of the liberal establishment, the main stream media and every pro-immigration supporter that has overseen the social climate evolve into furtile ground for Respect.

    But Tulkinghorn, although personally my family and i live about 30 seconds from the border of Bradford (and all the enrichment that brings), they could have elected Elvis Presley for what it matters to us- it’s two completely different worlds.

    I think we’ll have about 10 to (really pushing it) 15 years with the demographic shift from ‘Western’ to ‘Islamist’ in our area- so that will hopefully get the kids through school until we have to get out.

    When that happens we can be as enriched and diversely happy as London, as we keep getting told about.

  • Tarka the Rotter

    He says he doesn’t swear…does this mean he didn’t swear allegiance to HM her heirs and successors then?

  • TomTom

    “I pity the poor Bradford people.”

    Yes they are wowed by Gerry Sutcliffe and David Ward…..beacons of hope ???????

    That is Westminster’s Ideal for MPs – never mentioned in Speccie so they must be just perfick !

  • Tulkinghorn

    As nauseating as he was on Big Brother. I pity the poor Bradford people.