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Cameron’s diary looks clean

26 April 2012

5:12 PM

26 April 2012

5:12 PM

Downing Street was seething last night about allegations that there had
been meetings between David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch that it had not declared. They know that any sense that they are trying to cover up just how close Cameron was to the Murdochs and News
International would be extremely damaging in the current circumstances. There is enough pain to come for Cameron from Leveson without being acccussed of a cover up too.

But the revised evidence submitted by News International does support Downing Street’s
version of events. The meetings at issue are only described as ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ and — given that Number 10 has constructed what it is calling a
‘post-hoc’ diary of the Prime Minister’s engagements based on what its records show he actually did that day — it seems most likely that these meetings did not actually take

In a sign of both how angry the Tories are about this story, Baroness Warsi has called for the parliamentary commissioner for standards to investigate whether Chris Byrant abused confidential
evidence when making this allegation in the House.

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  • Rhoda Klapp

    Zod, wet centrists are no good to me. Why would I then vote for them? Whichever party label they are wearing. How about a party to address the five issues on which we can discern no difference in the three big parties? When your vote is meaningless you haven’t got a democracy. And all you care about is that the alternative face of the wets known as Labour doesn’t win.

  • rosie

    “Sadly the nation is in hyperventilating mode.”

    I don’t believe the nation is in hyperventilating mode over Hackgate. It is just the media people working each other up,and mistaking each other for the public. As you say, for commercial self-interested reasons.

    How about getting up a scandal round the connections between the senior members of the government and the Chairman of the BBC, who is also Chancellor of their old university? Just think what we could make of that, and what the BBC is getting out of it! And the toadying, and the cosying, every day. The only politician who doesn’t disrupt his mornings to go on the Today Programme is the leader of the Bradford West uprising.

    Now if the ADDH hacks could only focus their attention on what really matters to this country, and treated Neathergate as a national emergency, that might command the public’s attention.

  • The Engineer

    “I have been extremely impressed by Mr Justice Leveson.”

    ‘Lord Justice Leveson’ actually.

  • General Zod


    They are being particularly incompetent in their PR at the moment, but you lot who want a “traditional Tory Party” would restrict the party to no more than 30% of the vote forever.

  • TrevorsDen

    The Daily Telegraph story was a disgrace.
    headline says ‘5 new secret meetings’ but in the story even the dumb Rowena is forced to admit these were actually public social meetings.

    The Telegraph is crap and has been for several years. Appalling piece of junk.

    And of course in any event – what does anybody really think politicians (of all stripes) do? They meet people from newspapers. Why is Murdoch (after years of being friendly to Labour) worse than the owners of the Guardian or Trinity Mirror?

    A huge mess of a controversy is being built on plain old nothing.
    Police leak to the press – is that a surprise?
    The press rifle in dustbins and do the electronic equivalent – is that a surprise?
    We now know that thew Guardians main accusation – deleting the Dowler voice mails – was a lie.

    Sadly the nation is in hyperventilating mode.

  • Rhoda Klapp

    Zod, if this lot lose it, it will not be because of me and strappers an Frank and Nicholas. It will be because they keep doing stupid things. It will be because they cannot deliver on anything. It will be because their plans do not work. If they were doing anything useful, anyone from the right who carped here could have no effect. If they lose it, it is on them. As it always is, no matter who.

  • General Zod

    Don’t worry, Amanda; the “old-fashioned Tory” (very right-wing, anti-immigration in other words) types who dominate the posting here will, if they have their way, allow Labour to dominate British politics for decades to come.

  • pete-s

    Rupert’s revenge; I suspect that he did this deliberately, to see what snyde labour creature would take the bait. Along comes Bryant.

  • pieinthesky

    Typical of Labour, trying to turn ‘maybe’s’ into ‘actualities’. The person in question who did this in the HoC yesterday was none other than the ‘complete mastermind’/clever clogs CB! You can see bitterness written all over him, and most of Labour…witness Ben Bradshaw yesterday too…so angry! Bitterness is always a poor driver for anything beneficial to arise out of the person expressing any view.
    But that is what socialism does to you….feeds on creating and espousing bitterness, jealousy and envy.
    So little do these Labour people think of Parliament and Public life, they will do and say anything to justify their ‘thinking'(such as it is). Sadly, the British public seem not to care, but allow it to affect their thinking too. Thus the whole edifice of public life, regardless of who we are, is thoroughly demeaned. This is the product of power corrupting during 13 years of amoral Labour government.
    Economic decline may be a cause of concern, but it will not improve unless there is a severe pulling up of the boot straps by our public figures. And if Labour think they espouse the cause of the working class, then they should show them and us all the proper way. And that applies to the Conservatives too. Principle, truth, example, humility, good grace, and above all, a ‘fear’ of the Almighty.

  • ellis000

    I see the Telegraph is stll carrying the story on the front page (web) without a correction or allowing any comments. They really don’t like Cameron at all.

  • Amanda

    It makes me long for the good old days when Labour were in charge. You never saw Tony Blair ‘cosying up’ to Mr Murdoch!

  • Frank P

    “As I heard on the radio this am, David Cameron ‘needs a Willy’.”

    I dunno – the Milibrat has Balls – and that hasn’t gone too well for HIM. Gonads and government just don’t seem compatible.

  • Woody

    It’s about bloody time the tories started fighting back. Get the gloves off and get stuck it in goodness sake. Show some backbone.

    Start taking on the media as well, instead of just trying to be so bloody reasonable all the time.

    Labour politicians are just bare-faced —–and they don’t care either because they know they won’t be taken to task.

    I honestly believe the tories can win the next election, if only they can get their PR sorted out and stop rushing out statements. Stop dancing to the tune of the media.

    As I heard on the radio this am, David Cameron ‘needs a Willy’.

    What the public want if

  • Rhoda Klapp

    Pathetic. You cannot come back with what was ‘likely’ to have happened without being suspected of leaving open the door of deniability. In short, why are they not sure?

    And ought not any angry tories be angry about the people who got them into this mess in the first place, not mere minor allegations?

  • perdix

    Tell your mates at the Telegraph to stop smearing Cameron with misleading headlines.

  • John Jefferson Burns

    Do we believe the Tories any more. Cameron is beginning to have the air of Nixon.

  • toco

    It seems like Labour’s Smeargate trio of Draper,Whelan and McBride have inspired some others in its ranks to play dirty again.

  • rosie

    Why all the embarrassment at one section of society meeting another? It has always gone on and doesn’t imply corruption. If only the PM would be a bit more confident in his own incorruptibility, and a bit less inclined to keel over. He should never have accepted that “Hackgate” was a national emergency in the first place.

    Like other people in pulic life, he is going to meet an awful lot of people, and be polite to them.

  • Bill Brinsmead

    Coverage of Leveson and the evidence submitted to it is wholly disproportional and biased.

    Various competitors; The Telegraph Group, Associated Newspapers, The Guardian and BBC, lined up against the News Corp bid for remaining BSkyB shares it didn’t own.

    Their coverage of is informed and distorted by that competition and its general opposition to News Corp businesses – witness the Telegraph’s silly conspiratorial headline of today to which Mr Forsyth implicitly refers.

    We disinterested readers, viewers and listeners are poorly served.

  • Vulture

    For a former PR man he’s no bloody good at PR is he?

    Still, I suppose you can’t polish a turd.

    So Leveson is producing endless pain for Dave – the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    All this and the trial of his chums the Brookses, Coulson et al still to come. This is Dave’s Watergate.

    Just remind me of the name of the numpty who set up the Leveson inquiry in the first place….oh, hang on…

  • strapworld

    Slowly the noose is getting tighter. Will, as so many believe,this enquiry be the end of Cameron? I truly hope so.

    Far too close to many people who may well face criminal charges. Bad judgement and an arrogance in dismissing all those that warned him against his ‘pals’.

    I have been extremely impressed by Mr Justice Leveson. I look forward to the questioning of Cameron when he gets there.He will not get away with put downs there.

  • tom jones

    Good on Warsi! Bryant is obviously a wannabe Labour attack dog, but he’s bitten so many Tory MPs that his teeth are smashed up and now he just jumps to conclusions and jumps on bandwagons. Reminds me of another Labour MP actually… or 2… or 200+