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McCain’s on the warpath (again)

8 March 2012

12:04 PM

8 March 2012

12:04 PM

Senator John McCain was on the radio again this morning, urging us to intervene on behalf of Syria’s rebels. ‘It’s not a fair fight,’ he
said, as if that were a good reason to wade in.

McCain, a former prisoner of war, is to humanitarian intervention what Mother Teresa was to helping the sick. He never misses a chance to promote a good scrap in the name of freedom and democracy.
He cheered on western involvement in the wars in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. In McCain’s worldview, there is no conflict or international problem which cannot be solved by
the application of American military power.


When running for president in 2008, he made war-mongering noises towards Russia in defence of Georgia over South Ossetia. ‘We are all Georgians,’ he said, as the Russian tanks rolled in. He also sang that he
would ‘bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ to the tune of the Beach Boys ‘Barbara Ann’. He was joking, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t also serious.

McCain is a hothead and a war romantic. The world would be a more dangerous place had he taken over the White House. Yet every time there’s the slightest possibility of war, he is back in the
news, gravely urging us to stick it to the bad guys. Now he urging the Obama administration to ‘show leadership over Syria’ — i.e. start bombing ’em. Why should anyone take him

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  • Old Slaughter

    “I’m all for freedom of speech but I would have blocked Goebbels – why cant the Speccie.”

    Er…. when would you have blocked him? Fat good it did.

  • ellis000

    Nicholas All well said. We must expose these disgusting left-wing trolls for waht they are. Telemachus pretends he delivers milk but also says he is a higher-rate taxpayer. A milkman – even running his own business – earning over £150,000 a year? I don’t think so. Also a milkman who takes on the name of the son of Odysseus and/or reads James Joyce? Again I don’t think so. He typifies the small number of SWP/Labour propoganda trolls with multiple identities who inhabit the right-wing blogs. I’m all for freedom of speech but I would have blocked Goebbels – why cant the Speccie.

  • Nicholas

    And careful you don’t fall through any ceilings whilst you are lurking!

  • Nicholas

    “I am flattered.”

    Don’t be.

  • Nicholas

    “Now I must cry foul. This post is not me.”

    Oh dear, the biter bit. With your many identities and prolific trolling it’s hard to tell who is really you.

    “I wish to let it be known that I will cease to post”

    Hooray and good riddance. Don’t let the door bang you on the arse on the way out you muppet.

  • Koakona

    There are 4 answers to all foreign policy questions.

    1) Military – failed over the last few years
    2) Charity – failed over the last few decades
    3) Do nothing – fails because we want to help
    4) Imperialism – fails because we are too scared to take on ownership of the worlds problems these days, too weak and by half too concerned what others think of us pursuing our own and a territories joint interest.

  • telemachus’

    March 8th, 2012 6:42pm
    Now I must cry foul
    This post is not me
    I have no idea how the same ‘moniker’ can get through unless someone has stolen my email address. I now believe Fergus Pickering
    I wish to let it be known that I will cease to post
    Any further purported telemachus posts will be bogus

  • Kevin

    I cannot take this article seriously. As counterfactual theories go, listing four wars that happened without McCain’s presidency as evidence that the world would be more dangerous had he won is unconvincing to say the least.

    Are we not in greater danger following Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy’s war on Gaddafi? If that is how Western governments treat regimes that give up their WMD programs, what incentive does Iran (or North Korea) have to eschew nuclear weapons?

    How is the world situation better when Russia and China justifiably balk at Western Orwellianisms such as “all necessary means”?

    In 2009, McCain was reported to have praised Gaddafi as a peacemaker. If true, he certainly cannot be trusted as a diplomat, but the 2008 presidential winner needs no guidance from the Senator when it comes to duplicitousness.

  • telemachus’

    This on the other place
    “Yep. That’s their plan. To shut down right-wing discourse completely or to disrupt it. And the Speccie thinks that’s a wonderful idea and gives them oxygen. Like we don’t have enough left-wing crap shoved down our throats 24/7 already”
    I detect healthy political debate here on CH devoid of swearing and ‘comments which could reasonably be considered racist about individuals’
    Nothing withered that allowed free and fair debate.

  • telemachus’

    March 8th, 2012 6:32pm
    I am flattered. As will become apparent you credit me with more than is due.
    However even I was appalled at some of the highjinks on the site you advertise this morning. Better perhaps to allow open political debate.

  • telemachus’


    this milk is not going to deliver itself

  • Nicholas

    No leftist trolls at the Coffee House Wall. No multi-identity telemachus, who since “he” decided to camp here has completely changed the Spectator forums (and not for the better). True conservatives (not the left-wing “modernisers”) welcome.

  • victor jara 67

    The clue was in his last sentence. “We have a chance here to redraw the map of the middle east” Code for install a friendly regime that maintains US/Israeli military domination. More neo-con omnipetent nonsense.

    Like Iraq it is never about humanitarism and like other posters have said US involvement in Arab countries will always be resisted and end in more bloodshed.

  • telemachus’

    March 8th, 2012 4:54pm
    On Mondays and Thursdays it is 0330-You have to toil hard to earn a crust with this unfriendly coalition. Brown was more small business friendly
    Still I’m better off than the disadvantaged and poorly educated who the coalition are certainly screwing.
    Still to get back to the thread I am certainly better off here than with the warmongers in the US who would also rip the coat off my back given half a chance

  • Minnie Ovens

    John McCain has a viewpoint with which many, and myself, on these pages disagree.
    It is the way in which these emotional, and in many instances snide and ugly, rebukes to Senator McCain are made.
    At least John McCain has some credibility for his point of view.
    Being shot down and placed into captivity in the dreadful Hanoi Hilton for six years could make a person abhor violence to such a degree that intervention might seem to be the only recourse.
    Because of that I will say I disagree and give my rationale for that opinion politely.
    Some might think that a viewpoint might be more influential if a little less spit-spewing and vituperation were needed to embellish the argument.

  • ellis000

    Telemachus – this will be my last response to you and your alter ego Daniel Maris (and probably Billy Bowden). I don’t believe you. What you say is implausible and does not have the ring of truth – 4.00 a.m. my arse. Please just go to the Grauniad and The Independent and stop spraying your ridiculous comments here.

  • telemachus’

    March 8th, 2012 2:10pm

    FYI I run my own small business, usually start work at 4 am and extend into the evening.I have plenty of time at my PC to inform myself on work, politics and the news and yess to put a few self servind posters in the way of reasonableness

  • TomTom

    McCain has problems resulting from his 6 years in captivity in N Vietnam. He really is out on a limb and the fact he chose Palin as a running mate who would not overshadow him says so much about his personality. He is simply out in the left field

  • Cjamesk

    Yet more rambling from telemachus’

    Here’s your hero Obama’s “Warmongering” record so far:

    – Signed the NDAA – an indefinite detention bill – into law
    – Waged war on Libya without congressional approval
    – Started a covert, drone war in Yemen
    – Escalated the proxy war in Somalia
    – Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan
    – Will maintain a presence in Iraq even after “ending” war
    – Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan
    – Secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries
    – Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia
    – Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia
    – Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports
    – Signed the Patriot Act extension into law
    – Continued Bush’s rendition program

    Of course this will all be ignored as the left intelligentsia like to do.

  • ellis000

    Telemachus likes to pretend that he is a top-rate taxpaying working stiff but I notice he is nearly always first to post (another Billy Bowden or the same?. Obviously one of those taxpayer-funded labour trolls who seem to constantly inhabit right-wing blogs nowadays. Coffee House and The Daily Telegraph comments are now a forum for trots, lefties and the labour dregs leaving little room for us true-blue tories to express our views. They are also very vituperative to the point of abusive and I for one have had enough of them.

  • DavidDP

    “In McCain’s worldview, there is no conflict or international problem which cannot be solved by the application of American military power. “

    It’s astounding that he appears to have learnt nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Jez

    I fully agree with the author. Thank goodness this guy didn’t get the Presidency- mind you, he and Saakashvili would make great tennis partners maybe… pity their hypothetical opponents though.

    teletubby, i do not agree that Obama has done any thing but cripple America’s long term standing globally by completely losing control of the multi Trillion dollar debt there- catastrophically.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve had an idea.

    Instead of going to war alongside America, why don’t we just turn around, face in the opposite direction, and go to war against America?

    We could start the ball rolling by “talking up” its abysmal human rights record. Let’s face it….that alone would make for a big enough target.

  • Chris

    So the alternative is what? Sit idly by as the vague bit of international credibility (that the USA didn’t earn) gained by a successful Libyan intervention is squandered?

    Iraq was the abberation in a series of successful interventions. Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan (pre-Iraq), Libya.

    The screwups come when sit idly by and let Srebrenica or Rwanda happen. The tradgedy of Iraq would be if it caused isolationism and let Russia and China provide a cover to every dictator imaginable.

  • Maggie

    Given his position of spokesman for and promoter of gun manufacturers he may well have profits in mind when he urged the West to arm the ‘rebels’.
    When US politicians start demanding an increase in weapons supply they are invariably in the pay of the arms industry. McCain is no exception.

  • E Hart

    Experience obviously isn’t a great teacher in his case. Not only has been banged up as a result of a pointless war, he strongly approves of the US turning over hornets’ nests wherever it finds them.

    US foreign policy, like ours, is a disaster. They still haven’t learned from Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan… and we continue to posture as part of the special (read: retarded) relationship.

    It is great calumny that Cain should blather on in this mindless fashion when he and people like him have achieved little or nothing for their efforts – bar delivering many young (and often ignorant men) to an inglorious, futile and premature death.

    Can’t this idiot see the parallels between the present exercise in facing-saving and Vietnam. It is isn’t difficult to predict that the moment NATO leaves, the Afghan army, the Afghan police and the Karzai administration will collapse to the Taliban quicker than John Cain could say “Saigon”.

  • telemachus’

    Not just a hothead and war romantic but a dangerous warmonger-One worse than Bush
    What is it with these American right wing christian demagogues
    They should thank their gods for Mr Obama