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George Galloway is an MP again

30 March 2012

8:21 AM

30 March 2012

8:21 AM

‘This represents the Bradford Spring!’ said George Galloway after triumphing in the Bradford West by-election last night. So, let’s get this straight: comparing his victory in one of
the many fair elections held in this country each year to the dangerous and fragile struggle for democracy across the Arab world? Yep, that’s right — and it leaves a nasty, bitter tang in the
air. But we shouldn’t be one bit surprised. Bluster, exaggeration and provocation are, after all, what Galloway does best.


And now he will be able to do these things in Parliament for the first time since May 2010, when he was deposed from the Bethnal Green seat. The extent of his victory last night really was quite
something: 18,341 votes, representing 56 per cent of the total, and a 37 per cent swing away from Labour at the general election. Labour, for their part, came in second, some 10,000 ballot slips
behind Galloway, and with only 25 per cent of the vote. The Tories and Lib Dems were left in as comprehensive a state of languishment as you’d expect.

Although it wasn’t just the scale of Galloway’s victory that shocked, but also its likelihood. A couple of days ago, Ladbrokes suspended betting on the by-election, after a rush of money was put
down on the Respect man. But, even then, his odds were 10-1, against Labour’s nothing-bar-natural-disaster-can-really-stop-them-now odds of 1/25. This was a massive upset, if not on the night, then
certainly over the campaign as a whole.

Labour will be eager to downplay the result. It is, I think, the first by-election defeat that they have suffered under Ed Miliband’s leadership — and it could hardly be a worse one. Expect
them to spin it as an anomalous victory for an anomalous candidate. But you do wonder whether some Labour MPs will recognise a truth behind Galloway’s taunt that they ‘must stop imagining
that working people and poor people have no option but to support them if they hate the Tory and Liberal Democrat coalition partners.’ Miliband’s pasty and petrol fuelled mini-surge may just
have hit a bump.

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  • duncan

    galloway all the way he wants peace, cameron wants power and blood to many people have died but this guy can still sleep at night hes got blood on his hands he`ll get his day he`s putting us all at risk for his power hes an utter screwball ..

  • TomTom

    “Much to be be bitter and hateful about in modern Britain.”

    Heh Nicholas, get your rump up to Bradford and see what kind of mess the past 40 years has created with your lovely parties in London

  • TomTom

    “TomTom what’s your interest in Galloway? I think you should declare it. “

    None at all in Galloway himself, but really pleased Bradford West told the corrupt politicians what it thinks of them and the corrupt Council

  • Nicholas

    TomTom what’s your interest in Galloway? I think you should declare it. That way we can appropriately assess the worth of your other comments.

    Bile and hatred? You bet. Much to be be bitter and hateful about in modern Britain.

  • Austin Barry


    You are correct, the bile and hatred here is appalling, and I believe it bodes well for our future. We are the new crusaders.

  • David Lindsay

    As for the claims that Respect is the first overtly communalist and sectarian party in mainland British politics since the Liverpool Protestant Party or whatever, and that communalism and sectarianism are historically alien to the British Left, I honestly do not know which is funnier, these people’s obvious failure ever to set foot outside secular or occasionally observant Jewish London, or their failure to recognise that as in itself a communal and sectarian interest, whether expressed through the Communist Party of old and the Trotskyist groupuscules, or through the New Labour that those things have gone on to become, at least within that and certain other communal and sectarian milieux.

  • David Lindsay

    If anything, a candidate who, although not himself a Muslim, is far closer to the universalist and egalitarian core of Islam, has defeated the brazen nominee of the baradari system, the means whereby the ancestors of today’s Pakistanis kept the caste system going after they had converted to Islam.

    What has happened at Bradford West has been the victory, by the choice of Pakistani-descended British Muslims, of British ideological and interest-based politics over the baradari-based politics of Pakistan.

    In any case, even if every Muslim in Bradford West had voted for George Galloway, then he still could not have won 56 per cent of the vote, and that on an eight-way split and with a 50 per cent turnout, leading to a majority of 10 thousand due to a whopping 36 per cent swing. The extremely mixed University Ward gave him 85 per cent of the vote.

  • TomTom

    Galloway is a genius. His election has exposed so many on this Coffee House Blog for what they really are – the bile and venom – because a man won an election. Unreal. Still, he has done us all a service by showing the vituperative nature of party hacks posting on this blog

  • hackneyJon

    Deeply depressing that a cynical and preposterous carpetbagger and opportunist like GG should be once again elected in an inner-city seat. It does say a lot about voter alienation as other contributors have said. There will also be other specific local factors which GG always makes it his stock in trade to exploit, usually in crudely exaggerated and malodorous terms. It used to be the cuddly old Lib Dems that took such seats by being all things to all people. It is now something far more sinister.

  • Reality Check

    I thought it was very gracious of the Labour candidate on your video to essentially imply that the voters who put Galloway in are dumb idiots blinded by the fact that he once pretended to be a cat on the telly. That must have taken real backbone.

  • daniel maris

    Galloway looked liked a lost soul, as well he might having sold it to the Sharia movement (“by the Grace of God” – my rs!). Perhaps he suffers from the “Scottish Disease” that afflicts so many of our MPs. His skin had a yellowish pallour, he looked more defeated than elated – perhaps because his conscience knows this is not a victory for progressivism, socialism or the workers. It is a victory for a creed that opposes the equality of women, favours the owner over the owned and promotes communal strife, as witnessed wherever it reigns supreme.

  • Sir Everard Digby

    Look on the bright side, Ed’s latest disaster has forced him to get Unite to confirm there will be no pre-Easter strike in a diversionary attempt. I am sure Yvette Cooper will be outraged at such a tactic?
    Anyway,well done Ed -you managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more.

    Who won this seat is not the issue -Labour lost it big time.Playing the race card,or blaming Galloway’s campaign messages is mere bluster.Remind me what did happen to Phil Woolas?

    We,the public have had enough. We probably will vote for any donkey wearing a rosette coloured other than red/blue/yellow.

    I may enjoy the pliant media explaining this one away, or I may just watch the mildly more interesting chess- playing pigeons again.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    michael@8:31 am
    The troops withdrawn from Afghanistan should be deployed in Bradford. The barbarians have shuffled past Vienna and are now systematically despoiling Britannia.

  • Simon

    “Until the Spectator Mag, and the rest of the Westminster bubble-wrapped MSM, stops toadying up, starts to hold politicians to account, starts to ask some meaningful questions, then it remains part of the problem.”

    The MSM appears to see Westminster, and the adjunct to it which is the whole bankrupt process called “democracy”, as being licensed to run by its shining, high-minded self.

  • Wilhelm 1

    Charles cock

    ” You seem jealous.”

    Why are you self projecting your own personality on to me ?

  • MikeF

    Could we describe this occasion as one tbat involved rubbing the left’s noses in diversity?

  • charles hercock

    Wilhelm 1
    You sound jealous.

  • Wilhelm 1

    And who can forget the vomit inducing sight when the scum of humanity appeared on Big Brother pretending to be a cat, purring, meowing, licking his hands, drinking pretend milk given to him by a Rula Lenska.

    He also dressed in a skin tight red lycra outfit ( it wasn’t a pretty sight ) doing a robotic dance along to the music of Kraftwerk. No shame what so ever. You can see it all on You Tube to refresh your memory.

  • EC

    Party politics in the UK is broken, as it is in many other countries. Hence George Galloway is back in parliament.

    Candidates of the three main parties are, to a large extent, a self-serving political elite. A cabal of troughers. They are most likely not to be local, to have a degree in PPE, and more than likely never to have done a day’s work in a proper job.

    NOTHING will now change whilst the people keep voting for the same old, same old.

    Until the Spectator Mag, and the rest of the Westminster bubble-wrapped MSM, stops toadying up, starts to hold politicians to account, starts to ask some meaningful questions, then it remains part of the problem.

  • Chris lancashire

    Poor old Ed. There he was sharing his pasty with Balls gazing on the lengthening petrol queues and then this happens.
    Wonder whether anyone in the Labour leadership will be brave enough to raise the ethnicity of the Bradford electorate? Wonder whether Mr Straw thinks it’s the right time to vacate his Blackburn seat?

  • Wilhelm 1

    He also grassed himself, in his victory speech he said ” will the labour party stop committing treason.” He’s actually talking about himself.

  • TomTom

    “No, not really. Bradford is under occupation”

    Really ? well Cameron is going to deliver Bingley Rural into this Bradford West in boundary changes as he abolished Shipley to get rid of Philip Davies – so that is another Tory seat to bite the dust

  • henry pierson

    Kittler, And the size of the Muslim population in Scotland is? Your point being?

  • cuffleyburgers

    They might just want to check the postal votes.

  • Bob Dixon

    Most of these posts are from people who need to grow up.
    What ever you think of George he got out there and met the voters.
    There is a lesson here for all MP’s.Get out and meet the voters.Better still sign them up as members of your party & raise money for election expenses.

  • TomTom

    “This will teach the media to focus on Petrol and Pasties.”

    You are amusing. The Media are supposed to deliver Conservative Votes – System Press – no wonder it is dying !

  • Wilhelm 1

    ” A sensational triumphant win.”

    No, not really. Bradford is under occupation and the colonisers have voted for one of their own. He even talks like a muslim in that verbose flowery way.

    The sad part is the snake oil salesman is going to claim £65,000 salary and expenses.

  • Holly ……

    Questioning the nationality of the voter is not relevant here.
    Many will have been born & raised in Bradford West, and if fraud was in play then the EC has a job to do.
    All Galloway did was to play on the divide between communities that was already there, nurtured & encouraged by Labour, so they could stay in charge.
    If the white voter is happy to dither/stays at home, this will happen more & more.
    Whether right or wrong, the people who voted for Galloway did so in such numbers that no other party had a look in.
    This is why we are stuck with a Coalition, white folks just don’t stick together like the muslim folks do.
    We flit around voting Greens & UKIP who run on one or two policy tickets.
    Galloway has picked his target wisely,continuing
    the divide will be a piece of cake for him.
    Maybe that will stir the ‘white’ voter to stop voting for smaller parties, or even go out & vote in the first place.

  • charles hercock

    Not sure why we need to swing the race card
    This is a charisma issue.
    Miliband clearly has this in spades.

  • TomTom

    “and it leaves a nasty, bitter tang in the air.”

    Why ? Bradford West had the highest rise in Unemployment last quarter. Galloway got a majority among Non-Muslim voters. He expressed anger at the destruction of The Odeon. the LibDem candidate was Leader of LibDems on the Council; the UKIP Candidate was a Green last year.

    It is great news for Bradford West to have a high profile candidate to remind London that it exists. Marsha Singh did zilch – he voted for Tuition Fees and held the party line.

    It is Democracy in action and Galloway has upset the Bradree Culture that tried to shoehorn Imran Khan into the seat – it is the breakdown of the Communal Politics practised by Baroness Warsi and Ian Greenwood

  • Mac

    The Scots dumped Galloway unceremoniously at the Scottish elections. George is considered by the vast majority of Scots to be a heid-the-baw.

    He is unelectable north of the border so it is surprising that he keeps on winning south of the border. Why would anyone in England vote for George?

    It must show how unpopular and out of touch Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are, who all seem to know more about the South of France than the North of England.

  • EC

    Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 111 (0.34%)

    Hurrah, a Nelson!

  • Holly ……

    I don’t know why some are surprised at this result, it was as plain as the nose on your face.
    For all the spouting of Labour’s poll lead, this shows the dangers of taking polls as a dead cert on a win.
    I doubt whether Galloway will be all he cracked up to be, and the good people of Bradford WILL be very unforgiving if he isn’t.

    Chuffed to bits Labour got hammered, again, and before you go on about the Tories, they were never going to win this seat.

  • Framer

    You don’t need to be a British citizen to vote in Westminster elections. Any Commonwealth citizen living here legally or illegally can register immediately on taking up residence and that includes students coming to colleges for a year. Obviously no other country reciprocates this absurdity.
    Even citizens from ex-Commonwealth countries like Zimbabwe maintain this privilege.

  • rosie

    Why the shock horror on the BBC and in the Labour Party? This is communalism, long foretold by Enoch.

    It is not just the young indigenous who need to get their act together. Older people need to snap out of their petty class envy and gossip, and concentrate on uniting to help the present government deliver. If it fails, they won’t get UKIP or David Davies saving their bacon. The demographics aren’t in their favour.

  • Edward Ball

    Labour opened the floodgates of immigration to get up the nose of the right. Labour you need to pick your nose. As you sow so shall you reap.

  • Kittler

    henry, I think you exaggerate the extent of Galloway’s abilities. When he tried to obtain a Scottish Parliament salary last year he collected 3% of the Glasgow vote.

  • Andy Leeds

    What fun. Anything that kicks Miliband where it hurts has got to be good.

  • Nicholas

    How many postal votes? And, more importantly, how many postal votes from family members outside the UK?

    Don’t just throw up your hands. Get digging. Body-stockinged cat-impersonator and all round weirdo Galloway(withthefairies) was a pal of Saddam and is a pal of Dinnerjacket, so there will be skullduggery here.

  • Austin Barry

    Postal votes from the Ummah have won the day for the Caliphate.

    Next stop, London, Insha’Allah.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    How many of the voters in Bradford West were British citizens? How many votes were postal votes? Is it democracy that an immigrant community is able to have such an effect in one place, and on national politics?

    How many indigenous British citizens have been able to become Pakistani citizens? A vanishingly small number. How many indigneous British citizens are able to vote in Pakistani elections? ZERO.

    This is how it has begun. Overwhelming communities of immigrants using electoral fraud, intimidation and population density to gain access to and then control of political power – and there will always be a greedy, self-centred stooge like Galloway to play the patsy.

  • ellis000

    Just visited LabourList to read their wailing and gnashing of teeth. Was going to leave a comment but found that the site via Disqus had blocked me. Was it something I said? Obviously the left are more sensitive to right-wing bloggers than the Speccie is to its resident left-wing trolls.

  • In2minds

    And the future of Warsi is?

  • henry pierson

    Unless the indigenous youth of the UK wake up they will have a Muslim parliament. George Galloway has shown how to energise the young into voting. Now all parties have to replicate or face inevitable death.

    Cameron has the greatest task as he just does not understand young white,brown or black aspirations, he is out of touch. Apart, that is, from the Eton circuit.

    Would a leadership challenge against Cameron help?

  • David

    Galloway campaigned on his usual ‘infidels killing your brothers’ – like ticket to a huge Muslim community.

    The leader of Respect (whose name I did not get) has just been interviewed on Today, and stated the legitimacy of killing British troops.

    Having said that, George may be the biggest snake since Adam, but do hate myself for allowing him a smidgeon of a leg-humping chiwawa you just can’t shake him off.
    And am looking forward to his verbal theatre against H2B in commons.

  • michael

    “it appeared that the seat’s Muslim community had decamped from Labour en masse to Galloway’s call for an immediate British troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and a fightback against the job crisis”
    “That’s the way to do it” Boris.

  • Bruce, UK

    May I be the first to remind Labour of the words hoist and petard?

  • Swiss Bob

    Next, Livingstone elected mayor of London.

  • charles hercock

    This will teach the media to focus on Petrol and Pasties.