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Cameron lands in America

13 March 2012

7:35 PM

13 March 2012

7:35 PM

David Cameron’s plane has just landed in Washington. The next few
days should provide him with a set of images that will portray him as a significant figure on the global stage.

The Obama administration is giving Cameron the full works: a huge event on the White House lawn and the kind of banquet that is normally reserved for heads of state. This is an arrangement that
benefits both sides. The Obama re-election campaign wants to foster the sense that the President is friends with a Conservative British Prime Minister given that their Republican opponent in the
fall will accuse him of being a left-wing radical.

I suspect, though, that Downing Street will be rather worried that the arrests of Charlie and Rebekah Brooks could overshadow the opening day of the visit.

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  • Ahmed Khan

    @verity & Wilhelm

    So basically you are saying that it is ok to kill children and women.

  • Wilhelm 1


    Wrong question, the correct question is

    Why do muslim kill muslims. Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran ?

  • Verity

    Ahmad Khan … Maybe we should ask the entire Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan why they don’t keep their religion to themselves and stop trying to force it into developed foreign countries.

  • Ahmed Khan

    Maybe he will ask President Obama, why American’s are killing women and children in the so called war on terrorism in Afghanistan!

  • tb

    Suppose he needs to raise his profile to cash in like Tony Blair.

    He’s already following in his footsteps by crapping on his core vote.

  • TomTom

    “ill portray him as a significant figure on the global stage.”

    Wag The Dog….

  • Frank P

    Let’s turn the clock back 50 years:

    The careers of the POTUS and the UKPM each took a very nasty turn soon after that historic meeting: Kennedy’s ended in Dallas, when he got too close to a grassy knoll and Supermac’s ended in Cliveden when his War Minister got too close to a brassy moll.

    So it goes.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Anyone who thinks Cameron is a conservative Prime Minister isn’t an actual conservative. This bit of pomp and circumstance is at least as much about Afghanistan and Iraq as anything else.

    Hopefully Obama will at least give this Prime Minister something that will actually work on his DVD player….

  • David Lindsay

    John Harris, well said, although I don’t see what this has to do with American electioneering. How many Americans have ever heard of David Cameron?

    Torontory, nothing could better express the state of affairs.

    Axstane, of all the funny things about the Rebekah Brooks story, the funniest is that a Fleet Street editrix should really and truly be married to Charlie.

  • John Harris

    This whole trip is just a pointless piece of electioneeering on both sides. Nothing productive will come of it (although we may be discreetly moving towards war with Iran)

    In other news, the Home Secretary again rubber-stamped the extradition to the US of a British subject for an alleged offence which is not a crime in the UK.

    But at least Cameron gets his photo-op, and that’s the important thing

  • Torontory

    A pity that the Union flag was flying upside down. Are the US unaware of protocol?

  • Austin Barry

    The weasel has landed.

  • Archimedes

    Excellent! I was hoping we’d recolonise at some point.

  • Mirtha Tidville

    So glad he`s landed safely……..just hope he stays there..

    ps hope the Yanks keep him away from the horses

  • Axstane

    Old Git

    Cameron rode a horse. It was a retired police horse. That is hardly a crime and Steve Hilton is no longer needed. The whole story is a mountain out of a dung pile.

    More of a problem is that now his oldest friend Charlie Brooks, spouse of Rebekkah, has also been arrested about phone hacking. Of course, he usually wore a hacking jacket so they might have known.

  • porkbelly

    Big news on the British websites. On the American ones – nada.

  • Irascible Old Git

    Dave would be better off flying to the West Coast to see if Steve Hilton has any good ideas of how to get out of the Horsegate imbroglio without getting shit all over his shoes.

  • E Hart

    Thank God. At least he’s landed somewhere.

  • Wilhelm 1

    ” Cameron lands in America.”

    A non story, bit like ” Bear shits in the woods.”