Coffee House

What’s Lembit up to nowadays?

7 February 2012

12:20 PM

7 February 2012

12:20 PM

Why, this, of course:


And that’s not him singing, in case you were wondering.

Hat-tip: Guido

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  • ButcombeMan

    An utter irrelevance both him and the article. He needs a good woman or a trouser press? Maybe both.

  • Wilhelm 1

    Exile on Euro Street

    ” What are you on about and can’t you be brief ? ”

    If you think my post was long, you should read John Richardson’s comments, they’re like ” Lord of the Rings ” type novels, tedious in the extreme.

    Richardson was a pompous bore of the highest order ( a school teacher ) full of his own self importance, who would scribble turgid long winded essays , setting the world to rights on the Spectators Coffee House Wall, now closed down.

    I took the mickey out of him but like Asperger sufferers , John Richardson has no sense of humour and had the sheer impertinence to criticise me. ( mistake number one )

    Since I couldn’t post on the Coffee House Wall ( isn’t that an irritating name ? ) I decided to post here.

    I hope that answers all your questions because I’m always happy to help because I’m a helpful person, it’s in my nature to be helpful.

  • Exile on euro street

    @Wilhelm what are you on about and can’t you be brief?

    @Stepney Nice selection but surely “Speed king” for Chris Huhne?

  • Wilhelm 1

    John Richardson squeals

    ‘ He is a boring obsessive and his writing fails to be exciting. No edge. No insight.”

    You’re self projecting your own personality on to me, old boy. That’s the best description of your own psychosis that has ever been written.

    Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what fellow poster, the eloquent Austin Barry wrote to John Richardson.

    November 30th, 2011 1:25pm

    AB ” John Richardson writes in a flurry of epicine, talcum-powdered anguish ”

    JR “ If that IS the alarming part as far as you are concerned Mr Barry; then you are a freak.” ( freak ? wrong word, John )

    AB ” Rather shrill, old chap. Have you heard of the rhetorical device of hyperbole or are you as obtuse as your tedious, humourless, self-regarding and ill-considered posts suggest? ”

    Austin took the words right out of my mouth and sums up the pompous bore perfectly. Austin Barry certainly put John Richardson in his place.

    Or this when Austin Barry corrected Richardson ( he’s a second rate school teacher ) on his spelling.

    November 30th, 2011 8:22am

    AB ”I am somewhat alarmed that you, as a teacher, should write in your prolix post, ‘ defence council (sic)’.

    ” As you note, ‘..we now have a generation who are unemployable’. I wonder why.”

    Richardson still thinks he’s in the class room lecturing the kids. When this Coffee House Wall is closed down, he will finally have to do some work, teaching the children instead of SKIVING OFF.

    Class dismissed.

  • Malfleur

    Editor of the Spectator?

  • Wily Trout

    Poor Mr Hoskins – running the Where Are They Now? page. It’ll be the horoscopes next.

  • Stepney

    Hoping this sets a precedent for 2016 when we can look forward to:

    “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” mimed by Nick Clegg.

    “John, I’m only dancing” by St. Vincent Cable.

    “Highway Star” mimed by Chris Huhne (possibly available next year).


    “All meat and no potatoes” mimed by Lord Ashdown.

    Can’t wait.

  • Slim Jim

    I haven’t even bothered to look at the clip you posted. Why on earth are you giving this useless oxygen thief the light of day? Is there no other worthy political news for us?

  • Austin Barry

    I see that the Coffeehouse Wall after a robust, breezy life and painfully prolonged death, murdered by swivel-eyed monomanical trolls, has finally gone.

    But now readers can focus on more serious topics like Lembit, gravitas with a kidney bean head.

    Weren’t he grate on that show selibrity get me outer hear wiv them ant and dick gawdies from New Malden. This specktater magazine is grate innit, bro!