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What Huhne’s case means for the Lib Dems

3 February 2012

10:32 AM

3 February 2012

10:32 AM

The biggest danger for the Liberal Democrats from this coming trial is that it turns the
party into the butt of everybody’s jokes. Having gone into government and lost much of their original support by taking tough decisions, they have consoled themselves with the hope that they
have now established themselves as a serious political party.
Their aim at the next election will be to present themselves as a credible party of government who will make the Tories more compassionate and Labour more fiscally responsible. But at the top party
they are aware that there is a danger that a trial of Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce could make the party appear to be a bit of a joke, airing much of its dirty laundry in public.
I suspect that the reshuffle we will see later today will be the Lib Dem version of the limited reshuffle that followed Liam Fox’s departure from the Cabinet.

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  • Norman Dawes

    After the trial, I sense one of those “And I shall continue to fight to clear my name!” postures being adopted by our former Energy and Climate Change Secretary. Come on Chris, just come clean and people (other than your ex-wife and step-daughters) may eventually forgive you.

  • Trapped

    Libral Democrats… a few more years and they won’t exist. No matter what government comes to power. Criminals, corrupt, incapable of even sticking to their pledges made to students THAT THEY SIGNED. A perfect representation of everything that is wrong with the modern day politician.

  • Barbara

    Many people are quietly satisfied justice is being done, for both of them. However, his ex, laid herself open to be judged, and I believe it’s a small price to pay, she thinks for his betrayal. They are both well off, so lack of earnings won’t hurt to much. I day good riddance to him, and good luck to her.

  • Major Plonquer 1

    I don’t think this is all bad. I mean, now he can spend more time with his family. Or possiby, given the man’s character, with someone else’s family.

  • Cynic

    @DinosaurI’m continually astonished at how petty this country is becoming.” I’m constantly astonished by how lax this country is becoming; faithful in little, faithful in much. If convicted, the man will have shown that he is willing to be complicit in breaking the law and getting someone else to take the blame. How could anyone place trust such a person?

  • Frank P

    Austin Barry (11.07am)

    Who needs a Wall with that free flowing wit able to alight anywhere, or sting in full flight. I’m submitting your second paragraph to the OBQ – it should be a shoo-in. Bwaahahaha.

  • Andy Carpark

    You missed a trick, Frank P. It’s also Thorpe, not Thorp. What’s buggery got to do with it?

  • Frank P

    J Wright:

    It’s ‘sites’ not ‘sights’ and in this context ‘censoring’ not ‘censuring’ that I think you mean. And in general the discussion needs to proceed as to why the delay – and political interference in the process of a traffic matter that turned into an allegations of offences of perverting the course of ‘justice’. But thanks for your advice, the reminder of previous Liberal Party perversions and indiscretions – and for the commercial for Private Eye. Now piss off.

  • J Wright

    How ever perhaps members who are hoping to see him do time,should bear in mind that if the evidence against him is unanswerable his Counsel could plead that he cannot get a fair trail in this country ,using as evidence the many nasty spiteful blogs such as here and other sights.Members would do well to remember that their opinions may very well predjudice his conviction
    Funny things happen in trials such as this .I can remember how Jeremy Thorp ,a QC himself and the son of a very senior lawyer Escaped justice. See Old copies of Private Eye.
    I know it is a strange request, but perhaps you would consider Censuring all comments ,Not trial procedings until after the verdict.

  • Mycroft

    Nothing to regret here, as there was with Laws, he has been a deeply unimpressive minister; and this a post in which we need a serious one.

  • starfish

    “Much as I dislike Huhne, I hate to see him hounded for something a long time ago simply because his vindictive and self-destructive ex had it in for him.”

    So perverting the course of justice is OK in your book?

    And you feel that someone prepared to do this (and cheat on his wife) is somehow suited to be a Cabinet minister?

    Still, at least he’s not a banker eh?

  • Holly ……

    Is it shale fracking that can set your water on fire as it comes out of the taps?

    Recently my tap water has been ‘fizzy’ like pop.
    Why is that?

  • Anne Allan

    It would be easier to list a LibDem MP who isn’t a joke.
    One hand should do it.

  • Austin Barry

    Watching QT last night made me ponder a question of some import: of Alan Duncan and Huhne which is the most self-regarding, oleaginous and smug?

    You do get the impression that if you advised either of them to have congress with themselves they would surely try.

  • Dinobore

    I should imagine many people would be ‘vindictive’ should said partner of many years leave for a bi-sexual assistant.
    Chickens coming home to roost.

  • In2minds

    “The biggest danger for the Liberal Democrats from this coming trial is that it turns the party into the butt of everybody’s jokes”

    Outside of the Westminster bubble we have all been laughing at them for years.

  • Dinosaur

    I’m continually astonished at how petty this country is becoming. Much as I dislike Huhne, I hate to see him hounded for something a long time ago simply because his vindictive and self-destructive ex had it in for him.

    But the bright side of this is that we have a chance to refashion our energy policy away from windmills and solar and towards shale fracking. That’s much more important.

  • Vulture

    Of course they’re a bloody joke – the trouble is, the joke’s on us!

    As for the lovely Chris – proves yet again the old adage that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Nothing would have happened if the lovely Vicky hadn’t felt aggrieves and blabbed to the ST. after he went off with the lovely Carina.

    God rot all of them.

  • Philtunes

    Don’t think the Libs need a Huhne trial to make them the butt of jokes. They’ve already done a pretty good job of that.