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The week that was

3 February 2012

6:07 PM

3 February 2012

6:07 PM

Here are some posts made on during the past week:

Fraser Nelson
champions John Sentamu as the next Archbishop of Canterbury, and examines Labour’s chances in the 2015 election.

James Forysth contemplates what Chris Huhne’s resignation means,
and reminds us of the coalition’s political purpose over Fred Goodwin.

Peter Hoskin
has a six-point guide to the IFS’ Green Budget, and disregards
Miliband’s Eurospecticsm.

Jonathan Jones highlights the importance of the Scottish
referendum question
, and reveals the tuition fee effect.

Sebastian Payne looks into the politics of the Falklands standoff.


Peter Robins asks how dangerous cycling really is.

Nick Cohen reckons that Ed Miliband might be Britain’s greatest
leader of the Opposition

Rod Liddle wonders whether we really want to know more about
the nature of Gary Speed’s death.

Alex Massie says there’s nothing to talk about over the Falklands.

The Spectator Arts Blog looks through 50 years of the Sunday
Times magazine

And the Spectator Books Blog reviews Alain de Botton’s latest.

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  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Substitute ‘Night’ for Week and ‘Dixie’ for CHW

    The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

  • Michael

    Thank you Rhoda! I even looked H2B on the web, but no help. At one point, I decided it was some mysterious secret grouping of Bilderbergers, which I suppose it is…

  • Rhoda Klapp

    Heir to Blair, Michael. A claim Cameron made for himself, about which some awkward people cannot help but remind him and the rest of us.

    Unjustified abuse does not work anywhere near as well as a slur which has acknowledged truth at its core.

  • mac

    This week will be remembered as the week where the UK government gained the power to cut benefits to cancer sufferers for not dying quick enough but saying it is powerless to do anythig about executive pay and bonuses.

    A line has been crossed. The poor and the sick will not now inherit the earth they will have to pay for eating dirt.

  • Michael

    H2B… Mentioned here a lot. But while it is clear what it means as a collective noun, I confess I have never understood how the abbreviation is derived. Can someone enlighten an innocent please?