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Huhne resigns

3 February 2012

10:58 AM

3 February 2012

10:58 AM

We’ve just had a short statement from Chris Huhne — and, unsurprisingly, he’s resigning as Energy Secretary. His words and demeanour, though, were strikingly defiant. He described the CPS’s
decision as ‘deeply regrettable,’ adding that, ‘I’m innocent of these charges, and I intend to fight this in the courts, and I’m confident that a jury will agree.’


In terms of a reshuffle, the likeliest outcome is that Ed Davey will glide into Huhne’s former job, and Norman Lamb will in turn take Davey’s place as a junior business minister. But there may be a
pause before that’s confirmed, as Nick Clegg is currently travelling back to London from the Lib Dem jolly in Eastbourne.

Easy on the accelerator, Mr Deputy Prime Minister.

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  • Baron

    the curse of the AGW, sublime.

  • EC

    Fraser Nelson,

    Are we to take it that Mr. Rod Liddle will not be blogging about Mr. Huhne in the near future?

  • Major Plonquer 1

    This is not the end of the world for Chris Huhne. I mean, if he’s eventually found guilty, all he has to do is find someone – preferably a woman – to do the time for him….

  • mattghg

    PayDirt, if you don’t think that perverting the course of justice is worth resigning over then I despair for you.

  • Cynic

    @2trueblue W”The dye has been cast” Ah, but what colour dye? Will it be green, yellow or pink? It almost certainly won’t be blue, sadly.

  • Mirtha Tidville

    Not much bothered about the outcome just glad this arrogant,overpreening incompetent has been kicked out……….Pat on the back indeed to Guido…job very well done..

  • AAE

    xenophon, or perhaps some journalists and proprietors just don’t want to have any embarrassments over dinner in the next few days.

  • xenophon

    Panic at The Telegraph as comments are closed on every related blog post; a touch anxious about contempt of court allegations?

  • AAE

    Guido has posted the exchange of letters between Huhne and Cameron and don’t they both slurp from the same trough. Huhne begins, not with Dear Prime Minister, but Dear David. He continues with a Party Political resume of the (perceived) achievements of the coalition. Dear David reciprocates in kind by writing Huhne an up to date CV, in the hagiographic style of contemporary public life of course. No where does one apologise for bringing shame and distraction to the government at a time of national crisis, and no where does the other mention that to, at best, hamper the police in their lawful enquiries not only shame their profession as lawmakers, but has in its selfish stupidity made the situation against himself much worse than it should have been and that display of arrogant narcissistic stupidity alone will preclude his return to Cabinet.
    But will one windmill, there only to remind us all of being subject to mindless malicious Marxist will, remain unbuilt?

  • Torontory

    The aspect that interests me most is that I cannot envisage any cicumstances in which Vicky P will plead anything other than guilty: lower penalty, too much evidence gainst her to do otherwise; emails to the Sunday Times, etc etc. At that point Huhne must be doomed and all his pleas of innocence fall apart. The final revenge.

  • Fergus Pickering

    What on earth are feckin and fugging, Olaf? Please explain. I am always keen to improve my word power.

  • PayDirt

    Stepping back from all the huha, this is really sad. When the Russians want to nail someone high profile they put in charges of tax evasion millions/billions, in GB for ever laacking in imagination it is enough to speed on the highway. Even the frogs can muster a sex set up for going after that ex-IMF fellow. I just hope the international news media does not make much of this, laughing stock of the world: British Minister resigns on account of speeding charges. Barmy.

  • Patricia Shaw

    Following their embarassing closure of their notorious Race Hate Site, the CoffeeHouse Wall, I wonder if Nelson and Hoskin will resign?

    What was the reason Pee Diddy Hoskin? Another visit by the Police on charges of inciting racial hatred?

  • 2trueblue

    We can but hope that common sense will prevail in the energy area, but I doubt it. The dye has been cast and we are just blowing in the wind! If it were a commercial decision the company would have cone bust. Oh forgot, we are.

  • mattghg

    What a bizarre headline to the video. He’s not resigning over ‘speeding allegations’, he’s resigning over ‘perverting the course of justice allegations’. If he’d just ‘fessed up and taken the driving ban this would never have happened.

  • Axstane

    I was wrong and am I pleased!

    We are well rid of this two-faced, smarmy, conniving and deceitful rat as is his wife.

    Monotonous Perry or Heartless – do shut up for once and savour the moment.

  • Olaf

    It’s important because now there is a chance we can replace Huhne the fundamentalist, blinkered, rabid green with someone with a bit of bleedin common sense that might see that in the middle of a feckin depression(official or not) the country doesn’t have the money to waste on strangling green taxes, and political pet projects for the purposes of MPs’ willy waving at climate industry get togethers.

    But a pretty fugging small chance no doubt.

  • Frank P

    Hampstead Owl

    Hardboiled I would hope. And you underrate the pressure from said crew on the process.

  • Owen Morgan

    “Ho Hum. Is this really an important story?”

    Yes, as long as it leads to a significant change in the way British electricity is generated. If Huhne’s successor does no more than follow his dismal example, then, yes, the story is still important, but with a less happy ending. If you are lucky enough to be still around in fifty years’ time, you will know if the Huhne or the Anti-Huhne triumphed. (Clue: if you look at a tree and think of Good King Wenceslas, Huhne won.)

  • Wilhelm 1

    Ho Hum. Is this really an important story ? Will we be talking about this in 50 years time ? This is just idle gossip chit chat that the london metropolitan elite, cocktail party set love to babble about.

    While the rest of the country is screwed up, hacked off and full of resentment over mass immigration.

  • EC

    I hope that Mr Huhne wields ‘the sword of truth’ to greater effect than others have done in the past.

  • MaxSceptic

    The departure of the smug, sanctimonious Huhne is a ray of warm sunshine in a cold spell.

  • Anne Allan

    Perfectly happy to be proved wrong. I’m still waiting for a faceful of egg on the EU and immigration.

  • Heartless (Romantic) Curmudgeon

    It’s GUIDO wot done it!!

    The useless H2B will . . . . let’s see . . . seek to assuage and appease the whining trendy-bendy-po-faced-hand-wringing-ethnic-skirted climate-change tendency that seem to rate so much on his scale of importance.


  • Swiss Bob

    HO, always ready to accept I’m wrong and I repeat my apology to Starmer. He certainly took his time about it though.

    PS I am very, very happy to be wrong in this case and am enjoying an early beer along with a lot of other people.

  • Baroness Helena Handcart QC

    Joy unconfined.

  • HampsteadOwl

    Cameron might want to delay his announcement a little while – just to keep the focus on Huhne, the Lib Dems and their discomfort for longer, before it becomes a reshuffle story.

    Interesting that Vicky Pryce, in her statement, makes no grand protestations of innocence. She just says she wants the case resolved as quickly as possible. If she accepts that she is guilty, then its hard to see how Huhne can’t be too.

    Meanwhile, greetings to all Coffee House Collective of Conspiracy Theorists, who were convinced yesterday that a liberal-leftie-establishment fix would see Huhne walk away. How do you like the egg on your faces – scrambled or fried?

  • startledcod

    Iain Dale poses a very interesting question: what happens to Chris Hubris’s defence if Vicky Pryce pleads guilty?

  • Chris M

    Presumably he’ll have to pull his “Sword of Truth” out from Nick Clegg’s back. For a shield I hope it’s made from something recycled. Maybe a broken windmill?

  • Mark Dubbery

    Time for the trusty sword of truth and the shield of fair play eh Mr. H? And time to remove the cretinous expression: “climate change” from the job title too.

  • Joe Jonkler

    Why Ed Davey? Given the circumstances of this vacancy this should be a matter for the PM, which hopefully would mean anew Conservative minister instead.

  • Hugh

    I hope that the PM promotes someone really effective into this job, irrespective of the colour of their standard. The country needs its most competent people running the ministries, and the LibDems have lost their most capable people, so time to look to the wider coalition talent pool PM.