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CPS to announce tomorrow whether it’ll charge Chris Huhne

2 February 2012

3:40 PM

2 February 2012

3:40 PM

Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, will annouce at 10 o’clock tomorrow
morning whether or not the Crown Prosecution Service will bring charges against Chris Huhne. If he is charged, it could spark a Cabinet reshuffle — the Energy Secretary is now odds on to
be the next Cabinet member to leave, at 4/6 with Ladbrokes.

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  • potager

    What has been the cost to the taxpayer of this clown’s inability to sort out his sordid marital difficulties?A great use of our money at a time of economic difficulty.He should be out of the Cabinet at great speed!

  • Austin Barry

    Frank P. 5.59 pm

    The monkey is on its way. Stay schtum.

  • Draughtsman

    Axstane – ‘Not in the public interest’ might be the phrase. I would say on the other hand it is very much in the public interest to remove this deluded and self opinionated person from office before he does any more damage to the country and its citizens with his absurd energy policy.

  • Frank P

    In case anybody feels inclined to take on Austin Barry’s bet, I can vouch for the fact that he is not Keir Starmer, or his articled clerk.

  • It doesn’t add up…

    It would be appropriate for Starmer to announce that a proper court of law, rather than himself, should determine the guilt or otherwise of Huhne. There is too much evidence in the public domain to do anything else with any credibility.

  • Mark Cannon

    The alternative interpretatin of the news that a statement is to be made tomorrow is that this gives time for the Messrs Cameron and Clegg to agree on Mr Huhne’s successor.

  • In2minds

    Celebrity Bishops, see article below, and now celebrity public servants with Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions and his 10 o’clock tomorrow morning show. Is there going to be a drum roll, a fanfare, will it be on YouTube for people living in other time zones?

  • Russell

    How many current government ministers and shadow ministers or Lords & Ladies have been charged with theft from the taxpayer by double claiming 2nd home allowance? Fraudulence by claiming a bedroom in a relatives house as a primary residence?

    Almost the whole lot need a public flogging, and they have the cheek to criticise the thieving bankers.

    All of these self serving thieves from MP’s, Lords, barristers, council ceo’s, business executives, senior public servants, are all greedy pigs.

  • MilkSnatcher

    Can someone lend Nick Clegg a Ferrari?

  • Ghengis

    A member of the Government accused of committing a crime – doubts expressed as to whether or not its in the public interest to try him – consequently he may remain in office. Utter garbage, this surely is a matter for justice not any fanciful public image .nonsense

  • Swiss Bob

    I have as much faith in Keir Starmer as I do in Chris Huhne.

  • wrinkled weasel

    Looks as though Mr Huhne will get away with it. I hope I am wrong.

  • teledu

    He should get the welly from the cabinet because he’s a thick, deluded tosser with an ego that far outstrips his intelligence but it seems that’s not enough, you’ve got to be charged with a criminal offence as well! Oy vey!

  • Halcyondaze

    The sooner we’re rid of this cretin the better. Arrogant self-righteous little so and so. But as you ay, what’s the betting it all gets fudged over? Why do we tolerate this nonsense?

  • Austin Barry

    Rhoda Klapp

    Spot on.

    The only reason why DPP Keir Starmer is to make this announcement in person is to explain why ‘ is not in the public interest to pursue charges..’


  • Axstane

    We can suppose that he will announce that there is insufficient evidence for him to proceed.

    I would love to be wrong.

  • Frank P

    Stand by for blasting! Mind you – if he is charged, that’s that it – sub judice silence for ages, I suppose, as the timing of the Courts will be no doubt jigged to suit the convenience and wishes of the accused, as in the Terry case. Perhaps they’ll adjourn it sine die, so that they can engineer it to coincide with the inevitable ‘terrorist’ incident during the Olympics fiasco.

  • Mudplugger

    The only acceptable outcome is to let the jury decide.
    Any other result holds the justice system up to ridicule. It is in the public interest to have this matter resolved in the public forum.

  • Mark Cannon

    Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius.

  • Heartless C.

    Why bother to waste time and energy on a foregone conclusion?

  • Dimoto

    That’s a No, then.

    Surprise, surprise.

  • Rhoda Klapp

    Just wondering why anyone would need to announce this, or delay just putting out a release. Does he need to announce charges going ahead, bearing in mind that the rest of any press conference would be in sub judice territiry? Does he feel he needs to explain the reason NOT to go ahead? Is he just a labour placeman drama queen who is no good to man or beast? I suppose we will find out tomorrow.