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Clegg confirms the reshuffle

3 February 2012

1:00 PM

3 February 2012

1:00 PM

Nick Clegg’s statement just now was notable for how he stressed that he would like Chris Huhne back in the Cabinet if Huhne emerges from these current difficulties. This echoes what he said
in his exchange of letters with the departing Energy and Climate Change Secretary. Cameron — notably — made no such comment in his letter to Huhne.
The reshuffle is widely as expected with Ed Davey coming into the Cabinet and Norman Lamb taking his post in the Business Department. But David Laws, who is already acting as an unofficial policy
adviser to Clegg, doesn’t make a formal return to the government. Instead the spare pay roll post goes to Jenny Willott, who was a tuition fees rebel.
I suspect that the Tories will be happy with this ‘shuffle. Davey is regarded as a reasonable and collegiate minister and the Tories hope that he’ll be more conscious than Huhne was of
the costs imposed on businesses by green energy policies. The move for Norman Lamb will also be welcomed as the former Lib Dem health spokesman used his post in Clegg’s office to agitate
against Andrew Lansley’s reforms. Advocates of these reforms think that now Lamb has his own ministerial job he’ll have less time to try and change the health reforms.

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  • Ghengis

    TRM – not to mention the numerous layers of dotgov daily expanding such empires by exceeding their power.

  • The Remittance Man


    Laws may have the right brains and philosophy for the job, but one cannot avoid the fat that he lost his ministerial car and key to the cabinet washroom because he took money (taxpayer money) to which he wasn’t entitled.

    People are fed up to the back teeth with their MPs and ministers lording it over them, seemingly immune from the laws they impose on the rest of us, taxes they expect the rest of us to pay and the consequences of their incompetence and hubris with which we have to live.

    Quite frankly Laws should not even be in a position from which a return to the cabinet would be possible. He should have resigned or been recalled by his constituents (if only they had that right)

  • Holly ……

    I get your point, but writing so much slush was BOUND to be noticed…Therefore assumed to be fakery…yes?…No???
    I don’t think it was ever supposed to be taken seriously….I could be wrong being an ‘evil Tory’ and a girl…
    Happy Friday.Mr P.

  • Halcyondaze

    Peter from Maidstone:

    Unfortunately we’re not allowed to talk about immigration or Islam – it’s not as if they’re among the most pressing issues affecting the future of the country after all.

    The EU we can talk about but no one will listen – least of all Cameron.

    But we can post five times about Chris Huhne – as if anybody cares about this awful little man.

    That’s the Spectator – swooning at the insider nonsense of the day-to-day – totally neglecting to grasp the real issues that the readership care about.

  • chinasyndrome

    Huhne will not be back; ever. Good riddance. As for Clegg; shambolic performance as usual; gutter politics.

  • Ostrich (occasionally)

    Holly …… 3rd, 3:31pm

    “By the time the Huhne gets out(if found guilty)it will be a different government,”

    What??? A sentence of a couple of week, suspended for two years, with 2/3 off for good behaviour?
    He’ll be back before Easter!

  • Jon Stack

    Excellent. Another expert taking over the energy job. Except he’s not an expert in energy. Not even remotely. Why break a losing streak though? Oh, and can we get the prison roof covered in solar panels and a wind farm powering Huhne’s tv? He’ll be happy then; doing his bit for the planet, and might agree to stay there a bit longer.

  • charles hercock 1

    Knock it off Peter
    No wonder the Voice floundered

  • Publius

    Holly writes to Publius:
    “Cameron can’t exactly say serves you right you uppity little tw@t now,f*** off,now can he.”

    No, Holly. But there are gradations of falseness, you know.

    The gushing praise is sickening in its insincerity. It debases the already debased language of political discourse. I mean, what do they say about people they actually like?

    Would not silence have been better? Especially after the hate-fest directed against Fred Goodwin and Hester, neither of whom have ever been accused of perverting the course of justice.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    6 posts on Huhne, when no-one cares. Zero posts on immigration, Islam, national sovereignty and the EU.

  • reading

    I also hope Huhme will not come back. However I dislike the Laws bashing in these posts. He made an excellent start in the Treasury and it was sad he had to resign. He would make a first rate contribution to Cabinet

  • Cynic

    Pity – it would have been an ideal opportunity to save a few bob and abolish the post of Climate Change Secretary.

  • William Blakes Ghost

    The most welcome departure from a front bench since Gordon Brown’s departure from Downing Street. Long may he remain on the backbenches (if not in jail that is).

  • Holly ……

    Cameron can’t exactly say serves you right you uppity little tw@t now,f*** off,now can he. Doesn’t mean Cameron isn’t laughing his head off in private..Got rid of an arrogant.
    ..No sorry…’confident’ cabinet nut job.
    Can’t see Clegg been that miffed either.
    By the time the Huhne gets out(if found guilty)it will be a different government, so the chances of an ex lag(if found guilty/jailed)back in cabinet are slim to non existent.

  • Holly ……

    I got it into my head that Norman Lamb was Norman Baker….How relieved am I eh???
    Or is Norman Baker better than Norman Lamb?
    I have a dk blue gorilla ornament(pressie from Mr H a few yrs ago for our anniversary)he’s called norman.Quite costly £30 & he has got a very polished bottom.(Norman the gorilla, NOT Mr H)

  • Charlie

    He can’t get Huhne back into the cabinet without losing someone else first, given that there’s only a set number of LD cabinet posts. My vote would be for Cable!

  • Liz Brown

    I am sure that I am not alone in hoping that the ghastly Huhne does NOT make it back into the Cabinet

  • Publius

    “Cameron’s letter to Huhne praises his contribution to creating “greenest government ever”

    — I threw up at this. What a clubby set of shysters they all are.

  • Austin Barry

    Davey, Lamb and Willot?

    Who are these people?

  • Publius

    “was notable for how he stressed that he would like Chris Huhne back in the Cabinet”

    Astonishing and debasing how ready Clegg is to lie through his teeth.

  • tb

    In the cabinet or a cabinet?

  • Frank P

    So you confirm, James, what we all suspect: that Laws is slipping through the rear entrance (so to speak) to advise his fwend the DPM on economic issues that affect us all when he has been disgraced and shit-canned. Hmmnn. Will somebody call another general election pronto rather than a general erection that seems to pervade in governmental -er – circles and allow us to shit-can the lot of ’em?

  • 2trueblue

    Kets hope that there will now be some sense to tackle the whole issue of windmills, sorry those propeller things, that blight our countryside and the mad tax on all of for the whim of a few.
    We moved on form wind a long time ago for good reasons, it is not economically viable. What part of that do they not get?

    Oh, forgot 11 of the 18 on the panel under Liebore had direct commercial involvement in the industry. Why not educate people about energy saving and continue to concentrate on making sure insulation is correctly used?