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Another headache for Andrew Lansley

20 February 2012

1:55 PM

20 February 2012

1:55 PM

The Health Secretary confronted by former Unison rep June Hautot as he arrived for this afternoon’s NHS summit at No.10:

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  • dorothy wilson

    Guido has identified the “lady” concerned as a well-known and long standing leftie agitator. Her behaviour is a comment – and a very detrimental one – on a Labour Party that, once again, is becoming increasing under the thumb of the unions and people like this women. If anything it puts Lansley in a positive light. At least, he didn’t use Prescot’s tactic of putting his fist in her face.

  • Cynic

    A Unison rep? So no hint of a vested interest there, then?

  • EC

    This confrontation actually made Lansley look good!
    “You couldn’t make it up…” or could you?

    Kronsteen lives!

  • Guru McKenzie

    It was such a spectacular PR fail today I can only imagine there is an ulterior motive??

    i.e. annoy the health groups so much up to the seeming point of no return , and then actually u-turn at the last minute

    “We listened, you spoke, we changed direction”

    Cameron should get Tim Montgomerie on the team to avoid this sort of PR cock up


  • Tron

    I agree with Harriet Harperson. If only we had more women in public life we could solve problems with calm, rational debate and avoid the aggressive and confrontational shouting of men.

  • Jane

    A former Union Rep and a group about keeping the NHS public. I hope the news channels raise her background!!!

  • Publius

    “Another headache for Andrew Lansley”

    More like another headache for the Labour Party and the NHS if these are the kind of people working there.

  • Tony_E

    Well, its nice to see some principled opposition to the NHS reforms.

    Now, for those in the crowd: Hands up anyone who has even attempted to read the Health Bill?

    Nobody? Not even shouty woman at the back? Oh….

  • Paul

    Some shrill harpy from Unison (Oh how I wish Lansley or one of the coppers gave her a big shove out of the way!) and lefty thugs intimidating Lansley as he tries to get through their encirclement – well hey, let’s roll over to the demands of such cretins and do whatever they want.

  • GeoffH

    I’m fed up to the back teeth with people who think pushing and shoving, yelling and screaming at those they oppose in so-called demonstrations should decide political policies and actions.

    The whole business of the so-called right to demonstrate has become perverted and debased.

  • Mark

    Well, if you judge an argument by the quality of it’s opponents I think he may be on to something.

  • Russell

    ‘Former Union representative’ says it all!

    Labour and Union doing anything they can to trash the coalition government, even if it results in the same old PCT chiefs getting paid a fortune and making bad decisions on behalf of patients.

  • Submariner

    Isn’t that “Piss Woman” off “The Thick of It?
    Or is it just June Hautot of the Workers Revolutionary Party?