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A joke too far?

16 January 2012

5:01 PM

16 January 2012

5:01 PM

Tom Harris lost his job as Labour’s ‘Twitter tsar’ today after uploading this Salmond-themed Downfall
video onto YouTube. A pity it’s not even one of the funnier ones:


And here is, erm, Ed Miliband responding to the news:

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  • rani

    oh please, this is how it’s done:

  • MilkSnatcher

    Sorry but being a new media guru/Twitter czar is not a job, so he hasn’t “lost” anything.

  • Colin Cumner

    VERITY – and how about Blair? Mind you, finding anything funny to say about that man would be a task in itself.

  • Wilhelm 1

    Tom Harris should be sacked not for the clip but for lack of original thought. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

    Tom Harris is one of those Glasgow labour mp mafia types who thinks he’s a comedian but really he’s a cheeky smart ass with his snout firmly in the westminster trough fiddling his expenses.

  • Colin Cumner

    I suppose it is mildly amusing but I find it increasingly difficult to appreciate what passes as humour or comedy nowadays. Nonetheless, I think it was somewhat excessive to sack Harris for such a trivial ‘faux pas’.

  • Verity

    Wilhelm … good point. What about a pyjama-clad mouthy imam? Or Johan Hari might be good … Or Sarkozy might be a giggle now that it’s all going poire-shaped …

    Gordon Brown might be a hoot.

  • TomTom

    Wilhelm is right, I last saw this as Merkel but even that is not as funny as Dinner for One with Merkel and Sarkozy. It is so derivative that Tom Harris should be ashamed.

    Besides, Salmond is a former Labour MP so what does that say about Harris’ party – having had Oswald Mosley as a Labour Minister. These halfwits are so childish, no doubt he wasted taxpayers money on this trivia

  • TrevorsDen

    it has been done to death because it is the ultimate in black (the blackest of black) comedy.
    The original is in fact worth watching in its original context, horrific and funny at the same time.
    I suppose spoofing the scenes where Magda Himmler poisons her 6 children would be a spoof too far.

  • Wilhelm 1

    This Downfall clip has been done to death. There is a million clips of this type on YouTube.

    The first time it’s quite funny but not the millionth time. And Hitler that’s a SAFE subject, isn’t it ? instead of Adolf why don’t they put a clip of Mugabe or a muslim towel head with changed English subtitles ?

    I wonder why they don’t do that ?

  • Simon Stephenson.

    Following Martin Bright’s explosion of outrage over the Nazi/Burley affair last month (*), I look forward to seeing his reaction to this Nazi faux pas by a Labour MP, and to reviewing how even-handedly he deals with one episode compared to the other.

  • Wilhelm 1

    Yet the racist Diane Abbott still keeps her job.

    Racism code for anti white.

  • wrinkled weasel

    Tom Harris has a sense of humour shock! Sadly, poor Tom does not get modern politics. You have to be a speak-your-weight machine these days and anybody with a half a brain and pretensions to being human gets shown the door.

    I am afraid that humour has been abolished for the foreseeable future. Please amend your Newspeak dictionaries with the following:

    “Humour” a means of undermining equality, truth and the authority of our leaders. Used as a subversive weapon and consequently all users of Humour will become unpersons.

    (Ironically, Tom Harris was sent a copy of 1984 by the Libertarians and took the piss out of it.)

    Who will be “offended” next?

  • Ostrich (occasionally)

    Kittler 16th, 5:27pm

    “He would have been piss poor in that job if he couldn’t anticipate the consequences of his action.”

    Aye, so assuming he did, maybe its a case of “Better love hath no man than to lay down his career for his friends”?

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Thanks for the link – very funny.

    No wonder people despise politicians so much when you read the desperate faux outrage from the SNPbots. Guys and gals, look at yourself, get a life ferchrissakes.

  • Nicholas

    Seems a bit humourless to sack someone just for that. This hair-trigger offence industry is going to take us in ever decreasing circles. Whatever happened to John Bull’s sense of humour?

    Oh, yeah, the Labour party was created.

  • David Ossitt

    Bloody hilarious; loved it.

  • Holly ……

    Maybe MiliE thought he was taking the mick out of him during his time under Bozo?
    I think they are all funny, because they are so plausable at depicting the inner workings of the Labour bunker.

    Strange how the overall humour is similar to the Bozo spoofs though innit?

  • mattghg

    The Ed Miliband one is much funnier

  • Kittler

    Harris, Labour’s “new media guru” He would have been piss poor in that job if he couldn’t anticipate the consequences of his action.