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Telegraph reports that Wallis was paid for stories by the News of the World while working for Scotland Yard

23 September 2011

7:59 PM

23 September 2011

7:59 PM

The Daily Telegraph is tonight alleging that Neil Wallis was paid by the News of the World to provide crime exclusives while working as a consultant for the Metropolitan police. The paper claims that the News of the World paid Wallis £25,000 for information including the details of Scotland Yard operations during this period. According to the Telegraph, £10,000 of the £25,000 was for a single story.

This revelation will increase the pressure on the police to reveal fully the extent of contacts between it and News International. But with Paul Stephenson already having resigned over the hiring of Wallis as a consultant, further resignations are unlikely.

The other hack-gate news tonight is that a certain A Coulson is suing News Group newspapers. The BBC is reporting that the suit is over the company’s decision to stop paying Coulson’s legal fees.

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  • FvH

    It may seem like small beer compared to global economic meltdown but unfortunately that’s not how scandals work

    There’s a strange bit of gossip circulating in the Party at the moment that Cameron will stand down ahead of the next GE and let his successor – but this could be Chinese whispers – i.e. he has apparently made it clear that he will step down if the Coulson story gets too hot – and at that point the wannabees will have to be ready to go

  • Frank P

    Austin Barry (12.05am)

    The most apposite comment of the year (if you don’t mind me saying so). Fuelled no doubt by a couple of nips of Laphroaigh around the witching hour – and the truer for it!

  • TrevorsDen

    it seems he was paid by pother newspapers as well.

    There is no Coulson time bomb. Coulson resigned from NOTW over hacking and all this was well known. hacking had stopped by then. All these things happened under Labour, when NI was supporting labour and when the police were under pressure from labour.
    The only leader with an exNI journalist working for him is Miliband – and this is a journalist with a self confessed sniffing problem. and the man who helped Labour break the Dr Kelly story.

  • In2minds

    @Nicholas –
    Yes you are correct. The police are not only shameless but inept. Too stupid to see the – “courting publicity, inappropriate press releases and quasi-reality TV” as counter productive.

  • FvH

    The Coulson ticking time bomb goes on ticking away – this could very well still do for Cameron. Make no mistake the leadership wannabes in the party are very quietly getting campaign teams in place because if he is forced to step down (insiders say sometime in 2012) then they would have to move very very quickly)!!

    Interesting times

  • Fred

    Expect the police to take immediate action over this story – charges against the Telegraph will follow, and probably the Guardian again for good measure.

  • TomTom

    News International doesn’t like paying Tax but it does sponsor public sector employees !

  • Austin Barry

    Look, James, nobody cares.

    The Euro is bust, Greece and Turkey are squaring up in the East Med, iran and Pakistan are barmy, Islamic nuclear armed theocracies, and Obama is imprisoned in the Wicker Man of gazillion dollars of debt with China the cold-eyed creditor holding the torch. Oh, and Cameron thinks he’s Tony Blair.

    Lower the life rafts and instruct the musicians to play ‘Abide with me’ shipmates.

    We’re done for.

  • Nicholas

    Bet the police were complicit. They have been shameless in courting publicity, inappropriate press releases and quasi-reality TV.

  • Noa.

    Then if this story is correct Neil Wallis will shortly find himself donning the fluorescent jacket of shame in order to perform his community payback with the other bros.

    Oh yes’ and defending a breach of confidentiality and punitive damages action from the Met.

  • normanc

    Is this all there is? Can’t you give us any more details.

    I’m frantically hitting on the blog page in anticipation.