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Residents of Dale Farm win injunction

19 September 2011

5:33 PM

19 September 2011

5:33 PM

The residents of Dale Farm have been granted a last gasp reprieve by the High Court. The
BBC reports:

‘Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart granted the injunction at London’s High Court on the basis that there was a realistic apprehension that the measures to be taken – while genuinely believed in by
the council – "may go further" than the terms of the enforcement notices.

He said: "Having regard to the fact there is no fixed date for starting these – but they are imminent – I do not see that any serious injustice will be caused if the actual implementation
of any measures will not take place before the end of this week."’

This means that Basildon Council will not be able to remove structures or people from the site until the conclusion of the forthcoming hearing, assuming that the Court finds in favour of the
council. The hearing will take place on Friday.

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  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    I wrote the following on The Wall, and copy it here as relevant:
    I understand that if one does not pay council taxes the bailiff will call. Many elderly people have been dragged off to court because they couldn’t afford to pay or on principle. It seems that the majority of the ‘Travellers’ have never paid council taxes, but obviously the cowardly authorities don’t wish to become embroiled in conflict. If the good citizens of the surrounding area had an iota of guts they would also refuse to pay. But then like all good folk, they don’t like to make a fuss.
    I’d like to add:
    It seems to me, that the judiciary is either, criminal, insane or more likely criminally insane. We are cursed with a marxist judiciary and a so-called conservative party which is as spineless and dopey as its leader. How bad do times become before Fate or G-d send us somebody to take the reins of leadership?

  • Enough is enough

    If the eviction does not go ahead, this makes a right mockery of the so called planning laws. If that is that case, we should all be allowed to build what we want….. It’s plain and simple the authorities are ##it scared of laying down the law!! This country is turning into one big joke!! They would not hesitate to persue a mild mannered law abiding citizen who may have made a minor planning infringement. Again the fat cats in this country get the cream. They would be indeed delighted to see this go on for many more years, what a totally diabolical carry on!!!

  • Yow Min Lye

    The modern English justice system in a nutshell: the bigger the rogue you are the more can get away with – with the usual pillocks in the judiciary conniving in the charade.

    Meanwhile, if some little old lady’s patio happens to be fifteen inches to far to the left she will be made to hail it down forthwith, no ifs or buts.

  • In2minds

    There should be an offence of ‘wasting public money’. Then that gormless pillock Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart could appear before himself and be fined.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    The cost is irrelevant in this case. The non-travelling Travellers at Dale Farm must not be allowed to ignore the law. Indeed the costs should be recovered from the travellers at Dale Farm since they know that they are breaking the law. The millionaire Traveller property owners should have their properties confiscated to pay for the case.

  • anne allan

    Oh good. As a white, English and female Conservative supporter, I’m part of a minority. Therefore I am untouchable by any law.
    I’ll just nip out to the back garden and bung up a hundred foot folly.

  • Andrew SW18

    All those prayers at the shrine of Our Lady of the Benefit Office clearly worked.

    Worryingly, this may be A Miracle. That means they’ll be building an airport as well.

  • JohnPage

    When are these gipsies going to be made to obey the law?

  • Tommo

    Funny how the rule of law seems so very often to be applicable in only one direction……

  • Dimoto

    It woz Siobhan wot won it !

  • Heartless Perry

    Any chance of charging the ‘academics’ and other unspeakables with one or other of the Bliarist laws about ‘aiding and abetting’ foisted on us by the Hero of the H2B?

    Thought not!

  • Nemesis

    Well of course the easiest and probably less costly way to deal with the Basildon site would be to erect guard towers equipped with machine guns and searchlights around the perimeter and deny access or egress. They inmates say they have sufficient food for a year – let’s see if it’s true.

  • perdix

    As – I believe that Irish travellers began to choose England as their favourite destination after Ireland made pitching your camp without permission a criminal offence rather than a civil one.The settled Irish can’t stand the travellers.

  • Tiberius

    This decision makes any concern over the coalition’s plan to relax planning laws seem pointless. Anyone with a caravan, bag of pebbles to sell, and a white van complete with “victim” bumper sticker can already live on England’s green and pleasant land.

  • Frank Sutton

    Interesting that, on Radio 4 Today this morning, Candy Sheridan of the The Gypsy Council, who applied for the injunction, had little time or sympathy for the “activists” who she said have their own agenda and don’t have the welfare of the residents at heart.

  • Man in a Shed

    So the local council tax payers are fined again with the costs of keeping this going whilst lawyers and judges grow even richer.

    A way has to be found to make the antisocial thugs ‘protesting’ pay for all this.

  • Ian Walker

    Lefties have changed tack to complaining about the expense to the public of all this litigation.

    Well, here’s some news – stopping these people from breaking the law is EXACTLY what we should be spending taxes on.

  • Dimoto

    After 10 long years, lefty judges STILL impeding the justice system !

  • disenfranchised

    proving, once more, what a placating, mollifying society we’ve been turned into.
    thanks to righteous liberal lefties we’re now a total bloody pushover.
    there is absolutely no hope for us…..

  • Noa.

    I suspect, given the astronomic costs involved in the Dale Farm case, that Basildon and other councils will consider it to be an unrepeatable and unaffordable Pyrrhic victory.

  • Arthur Seacole

    Who’s paying for all these legal cases?
    And why aren’t these Irish Travellers travelling? In Ireland?

  • toontoon

    Your going to be well annoyed if you are one of the rwo people who stuck your arm in concrete.