Why IDS must get it right on youth unemployment

18 August 2011

6:25 PM

18 August 2011

6:25 PM

Iain Duncan Smith has given a detailed interview with the Spectator and the full-length version is online. Right now, beyond David Cameron and George Osborne, he has the
most important job in government.

There is some really interesting and innovative stuff here despite the unnecessary British jobs for British workers dog-whistle politics. IDS is right to talk about the riots being a pivotal moment
for our society and “social bonds” are certainly something we should look at very closely.


But he also needs to take another hard look at his Work Programme, which is being touted as the cure-all for
Britain’s ills by government ministers. This is a reform that must work and the government needs to start listening to people voicing serious concerns about the way it is shaping up.

I am not alone in being worried that the Work Programme will not deliver for young people (the incentives for the companies which have won the contracts from the DWP are just not lucrative enough).
At the same time, there is growing evidence that the charities David Cameron is so keen to get involved via the Big Society are becoming increasingly sceptical.

The Independent highlighted the growing catastrophe of youth unemployment this
. Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling have both promised that the Work Programme will deliver for them.

I do hope they are right.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Your think is nice.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    Andrew I entirely agree with you on this.

  • andrew kerins

    Any analysis of youth unemployment has to look at immigration.
    It is not the root cause but it makes dealing with youth unemployment very difficult.
    Sean O’Grady does not mention it.
    The media does nobody any favours by its self-censorship on this topic.

  • Andy Carpark

    Martin Bright is a mysterious man. But IDS is a noisy man.

  • Simon Stephenson.


    You’ve got the links from your post pointing to “main-homepage/blogs” instead of “martinbright” with the result that clicking on the article title, “continue reading” and “comments” takes you nowhere.

    Compare with the riots post to see where the mistake is.

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