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Last night in Peckham

9 August 2011

9 August 2011

This was what Peckham High Street looked like at about 6.45 last night. I had heard that a bus was petrol-bombed although I neither saw nor heard evidence of that. There was no confrontation
between police and the public and I didn’t see any arrests. Mostly it was just a case of people standing around wondering what, if anything, to do next.

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  • Edwinsson

    How bad does civil disobedience and the breakdown of law and order have to become before stringent counter-measures are used?

  • Tulkinghorn

    So why are the army still in their barracks?

  • toco

    Pity we no longer have penal colonies-perhaps these animals should be dropped off in Somalia or somewhere equally unpleasant so they may learn just how horrible life can be rather than complaining about the lack of new mobile phones and plasma televisions.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    Why were the police just standing around? (I am not blaming police officers, but why was that the strategy?)

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