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Whipping up a storm

29 June 2011

3:58 PM

29 June 2011

3:58 PM

The mini Tory rebellion last night, 15 Tory MPs voted to allow couples to transfer their
personal tax allowance, has further strained relations between the whips office and some backbenchers. One complained to me earlier that the whips had been overly heavy-handed in their approach,
describing their behaviour as ‘quite terrifying’.

Now, these things are in the eye of the beholder and I suspect that the whips involved just thought they were doing their bit to maintain party discipline.

One other thing worth noting is that even those unhappy with the behaviour of the whips are going out of their way to say that the chief whip Patrick McLoughlin is not the problem, that he is
courteous and respected. Rather, they blame some ‘middle-ranking’ whips.

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  • Cynic

    “The mini Tory rebellion last night, 15 Tory MPs voted to allow couples to transfer their personal tax allowance” Hooray! About time, too. Pity the rest didn’t follow them. After all, those who voted Tory voted for this, among other things, didn’t they? The sooner Cameron is history, the better. What about that Heaton-Ellis fellow? Wouldn’t he put the country first?

  • Officialview

    I worked for McLoughlin in 1990-92 when he was a junior Minister in Transport. Nice man. I was surprised, years later, to find he was a whip at all, let alone Chief. Seemed a bit thuggish and devious a profession for him.

  • strapworld

    Cameron is the problem and until he is removed as tory leader and prime minister this kind of bullying will continue.

    The decline of local association membership is also down to the fact that their right,as it was, to select their own candidate has been removed by the A list.

    The A list has produced a collection of nodding dogs sitting on the government benches. No guts, No principles just there because they have money, went to the right school or a friends of Sam and Dave.

    When they do get rid of Cameron, Maude, Letwin and Willetts must follow him out of the party.

    Perhaps then a real leader will emerge who will allow a real public enquiry into Common Purpose. The body which has its tentacles into everything and yet no politician has had the bottle to ask one question about it!

    This country appears to have lost its direction through spineless money grabbbing politicians and, let us face facts, a spineless media.

    Wanted, a leader who will put Country first.

  • pharbitis

    Peter from Maidstone and DJT – absolutely right! An election manifesto promise and the whips bully those MPs who want to honour it!
    Cameron wonders why women have seriously gone off him. The Conservatives cannot win an Election without a strong female turnout.
    They can’t win without a strong Tory turn-out either.
    So… I have wondered before if Cameron is hoping to lose the next Election so that he can do a Blair and make even more dosh before he hits fifty. There has to be an explanation for what is now the norm of broken promises and U-turns.

  • Mirtha Tidville

    Well it shows that there are at least 15 Tory`s left in the party so its something that can grow for the future I suppose..

    This afternoon I e mailed my Conservative MP on a particular matter and got a swift reply. It was sadly straight from the office of Cameron, repeated parrot fashion for my dubious benefit.

    Still at least I know now my MP isnt a Tory

  • Boudicca

    ONLY 15 Conservative MPs with the decency to honour their Manifesto Commitment to their electorates.

    The rest of them SHOULD be ashamed of themselves. They seem to be working on the principle ‘Oh Lord, please make me a truly Honourable MP – but not yet.1

  • DJT

    15 Tory MPs vote for a Tory manifesto pledge – and they are the “rebels”???? How????

  • Peter From Maidstone

    How is it a Tory rebellion when in fact these 15 Members with principles are voting for a manifesto commitment?

    Surely it is a Tory betrayal by the majority of sheep who vote as they are told?

  • Peter From Maidstone

    James, Erskine May says ..

    The acceptance by a Member of either House of a bribe to influence him in his conduct as a Member, or of any fee, compensation or reward in connection with the promotion of or opposition to any Bill, resolution, matter or thing submitted or intended to be submitted to the House or to a committee is a contempt. Any person who is found to have offered such a corrupt consideration is also in contempt.

    The whips should NOT be seeking to influence by threats or bribes the free exercise of MPs judgement. We need to have one of the whips charged with contempt. The whips are part of the problem.

  • David Ossitt

    “The mini Tory rebellion last night, 15 Tory MPs voted to allow couples to transfer their personal tax allowance”

    And why not indeed, in our life we have been what was in my childhood the norm.

    I have been the breadwinner my wife has been a full time homemaker and for us it has worked magnificently, a true and equal partnership both of us working for the good of our family, we had only one rule, completely joint accounts, that I earned the money to fill and my wife spent the money at the same time trying not to empty them.

    And so in effect my wife’s allowance did not benefit us in any way, it should have, and should do so today.

  • alexsandr

    see the greek parliament have passed their austerity vote.
    Spose it may buy time for a proper solution.