26 May 2011

3:07 PM

26 May 2011

3:07 PM

A lovely picture of Her Majesty with the Obamas. Captions please! (Also, what joke is Prince Philip keeping to himself?)

Meanwhile, I’ve a piece on Obamamania at the Daily Beast and a grumpy take on the "Special Relationship" at Foreign Policy.

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  • Herbert Thornton

    “…..and do you remember the time when Mandela had to explain to Prince Charles that it wasn’t Duke Ellington who won the Battle of Waterloo?……”

  • JohnBUK

    Obama to HMQ, “…and this is Michelle’s Prince Philip impression”.

  • normanc

    ‘Well done Barack, you got it in one, far better than that chap in that horrible Ricky Gervais sitcom. Camilla will be pleased’

  • Herbert Thornton

    I haven’t yet thought of a caption, but it seems to me that in this and other pictures of the Queen with the President, the Queen looks far more relaxed and at ease than she appears in most other situations.

  • DavidDP

    Pedantic, but shouldn’t it be “HMQ and POTUS”?

  • Tiberius

    “Indian or earl grey?” asks HMQ.

    “Thank goodness it’s not coffee and they don’t take sugar”, thinks the Duke.

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