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A model for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

1 May 2011

4:13 PM

1 May 2011

4:13 PM

With the newspapers still full of Royal Wedding pictures, I thought I’d draw
CoffeeHousers’ attention to something remarkable: a visit by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (pictured, left, at Westminster Abbey last Friday) to Helmand Province. That’s right, the 71-year
old Danish monarch visited the her country’s troops in late March this year, accompanied by the defence minister. Crown Prince Fredrik persuaded her mother to visit the troops after his own
previous trip to the region.

In this YouTube clip recorded in Helmand, Queen Margrethe talks to the camera (sorry, it is in Danish) about her experiences in the war-torn
province. She pays tribute to the two British soldiers who died while she was visiting, saying the loss is also her loss. She then goes on to talk about how important it is to support the troops,
as well as their families back home. I know from friends in Denmark that her visit was appreciated by a lot of people, whatever they may have thought of the military intervention itself.

The British like to talk about the “bicycling monarchies” in Scandinavia and the Low Countries, both as a mark of respect for their relaxed, people-friendly-style, but also as a
criticism of the lack of pomp and pageantry that characterises the British Monarchy. Yet to survive in the future, the Royal Family will need to do both pomp and practicality. Prince William and
the Duchess of Cambridge look like they know this instinctively. But they might still learn a thing or two from Queen Margrethe II.

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  • Frank P

    See that somebody zapped my first post. I love the black holes on these blogs, particularly when the evidence of the explosion that caused it remains extant in the following posts; astronomers might be able to pick up a few tips from the phenomenon. When you find a black hole in the universe with your telescope – look elsewhere for the substance that remains. Or perhaps they have twigged that already.

  • Coeur de Lion

    KG Six was at Jutland, Prince Phillip at Matapan (mention in dispatches).

  • RMH

    The Royals in Denmark are LOVED

    The Queen, the Prince and his Aussie Mrs.

    Not sure the firestorm in this thread was expected.

  • EC

    Vulture’s Law:

    “That the exact opposite of whatever DK thinks/predicts on any given subject is likely/certain to be the truth.”

    Frank P,

    Thanks for the link to DK’s wiki CV. Pure BS. Looks like it was written by his mum! Freedom of speech is nothing of the sort if it has to be muted by concerns about causing offence to a third party. That’s some arse Paddy must have there! LOL

    Keep it up, mind how you go.

  • Austin Barry

    One of the last remaining delights of these difficult times are Frank P’s posts. They’re a cold shower in a humid, clammy climate of political correctness and a rising tide of morally relativistic bullshit. We’re led by feeble, self-serving defeatists who have no courage moral or otherwise. They have sold us out. Frank P. is the voice of the rest of us, paradoxically plangent and angry. More power to him. He is Orwell’s crystal spirit.

  • Tom

    Have you been watching third-rate romcoms on BBC Three again?

  • Oedipus Rex

    Can I second/third support Frank and his in your face style of er…belles lettres.

    I heartily think he’s a plonker on some things but he’ll come out with a gem once in a while.

    He also said some very nice things about ‘lefty commie’ Gerry Gable over on Bright’s blog:

    Shows integrity on your part borne out of experience.Thanks for that 🙂

    You know if you met more republicans you might quite like us also – definitely in my case patriotic and, as far as I can tell, more ‘ethnically English’ than the present royal family.

  • Austin Barry

    Leave Frank P. alone. He is a national treasure.

  • Frank P for President – I mean King

    I stand with Frank P too, Korski’s ability to enrage is becoming suspicious it’s so good. For you wets who can’t stand a bit of plain speaking then unplug your BT Homehub and watch re-runs of Only Fools and Horses on the telly, now there’s a dear.

  • Ann Pearson

    Frank P’s abusive language says more about him than anyone else or their views about our Monarchy. His rudeness undermines any validity his own argument might have. It is quite easy to disagree without being impolite.

  • John HW

    Frank P – even allowing for the pantomime dame histrionics – really! It’s not funny any more. Go and blog for Fox News or one of those extremist libertarian websites.

  • daniel maris

    Maybe its the 20% of electricity generated by Denmark, coupled with its high standard of living that really annoys Frank P.

  • Ken Bishop

    Many blags have some mechanism for deleting grosssly offensive posts. Is there one here? It might encourage Frank and to express his ideas wirthout schoolyard swearing.

    Oh and Frank, learn the difference between it’s and its.

  • anne allan

    Good Grief, Frank P, what on earth have you got against the Danes to be so vitriolic? I’ve found them and their country extremely pleasant; for a start, the country is a damn sight cleaner than the UK.
    If it’s the history thing, it is over 1200 years since they trashed Anglo-Saxon England. Time to forgive and forget.

  • Verity

    Another piece of strong, informed straight talking by Frank P of this parish!

  • Verity

    Frank P – Agreed.

  • global realist

    I think we can handle this non-contentiously. Shall we try? –


    Many of us like and admire Denmark and the Danish monarchy. We share a similar approach to a number of European and global issues. In the past I’ve trained with the Danish Army – good players. So we do like HM Queen Margarethe.
    Now – Prince william pilots helicopters rescuing those in peril in the mountains and at sea. His “playboy” younger brother served in Afghanistan as a forward air controller until he was “outed” by those whose warmest desire seemed to be his death.
    His father commanded a minesweeper during the cold war. Two uncles were regular officers in the Royal armoured Corps. Another uncle (whatever one thinks of the Duke of York) saw action in the Falklands campaign.
    Does he really need lessons in how to behave in respect of his Granmother’s forces?

  • Nicholas Storey

    The British plainly still do ceremonial better than anyone elseand need no lessons on that. So far as ‘user-friendliness’ is concerned: their ‘customers’ or ‘clients’ have every reason to suppose that they know their onions and will bring home the bacon.

  • andy t

    maybe the british monarchy should cut back on the stuffiness and i think they will eventually . william and catherine seem more relaxed and thats a good thing . i like the pomp and pagentry of state occasions and i am proud to be british .

  • Frank P

    If Krapski is so keen on his own Monarchy, and his land of birth, WTF is he doing here? Perhaps this will explain (or maybe he can).

    Acting as bum-wiper for Paddy Pantsdown and easing his way into thinkwank after thinkwank doesn’t entitle him to make invidious comparisons between his Royalty and ours. ‘Post conflict expert’? WTF is that? Haven’t seen much evidence of his expertise at anything since he’s been banging out his posts on this blog. Get’s shredded by the sages that comment here every time. Remarkably naive, considering that bullshit CV.

    Interfering little prick!

    The arseholes from academia really do want it all their own way, don’t they? None of ’em from LSE – PPE and their ilk have done a thing for our Nation except sell it up the river. As for the BNP I’ve nicked more of that mob than you have probably every heard of. A whole lorry load of the bastards back in the 1960s, together with an armoury of clubs and other weapons. So don’t come that crap – typical leftist smear tactics.

    So called “Intelligent non-abusive style of political discourse” is what has delivered us to the bastardos of Brussels and Strasbourg. It’s time some plain speaking was delivered to the policy wonks. It’s what the vast majority of sanguine Englishmen are thinking and muttering to themselves these days – those that aren’t sucking the State tit and thieving on the side. You fucking day-dreamers live in another world.

    “Excuse my French”, please, which most people hereabouts understand as plain Anglo Saxon, you mealey-mouthed fuckwits.

  • Victor Southern

    Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan. Prince William wanted to but was prevented from doing so. However he flew there for Remembrance Day last year.

    Prince Andrew served in the Falklands campaign.

    George V was a regular navy officer until forced to resign his commission when his elder brother died.

    The Duke of Edinburgh and Lord Louis Mountbatten served in WWII.

  • Colin

    Good God almighty!

    This is a great post about a great story, lighten up for f*cks sake.

  • Occasional Ostrich

    @Frank P

    That third rate Scandinavian backwater is home to, among other world leading companies, a shipping company with big sky blue container ships that carries a huge amount of our imports, from China and elsewhere. Why do we not have a shipping company of equal stature?

  • toco

    Korski you really are a prat-our Royals have served and indeed fought for their country including WW2,The Falklands and Afghanistan.Before lecturing others you should at least have the courtesy to educate yourself about a country which judging by your surname you do not belong and if peversely you claim some citizenship rights please get back to the classroom and talk to a teacher.A truly disgusting piece of tripe typical of Labour’s finest.

  • Alan Scott

    Oh dear, Frank P, another day, another set of stupid bilious comments; are you on the list for a liver transplant?

  • Mark Cannon

    Or the Duke and Duchess could follow the example of the Prince of Wales who visited Helmland in March last year. His website report of the trip states:

    ‘During the two-day tour, The Prince visited bases in Nad-e-Ali, where much of the UK’s effort was based during Operation Moshtarak, and Lashkar Gah.

    After being told of the progress troops were making, The Prince left a wreath paying tribute to fallen soldiers at Camp Bastion. He was also shown mine clearance equipment used by British troops.

    A Clarence House spokesman said: “The Prince of Wales has wanted to go to Afghanistan for several years and was very keen to see for himself the Armed Forces and allied members.

    “He was also keen to see civilian involvement in regeneration projects and to thank them for their incredible efforts. The Prince was very pleased to have finally been able to make the visit.”

    During his two-day visit to Afghanistan, The Prince of Wales also met with representatives of serving Canadian, New Zealand and Australian forces. His Royal Highness also met with the Canadian Ambassador.’

    Nothing wrong with Scandinavian monarchs, but don’t ignore what our lot do.

  • Nick

    These bicycling monarchies – the Swedish Royal Palace is the same size as Buckingham Palace and the Dutch Royal Family are reputed to be significantly richer than the Windsors.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    Frank P, agreed.

  • John HW

    I actually think Denmark could teach us a thing or two, Frank P, with an intelligent non-abusive style of political discourse being one of them. Other pluses include a higher standard of living than us and the wisdom not to take all the royal pomp and flummery too seriously. It is looking better all the time!

  • arnoldo87

    @ Frank P

    Is this what really passes as reasonable comment on this site? The rudeness, arrogance and xenophobia on display here would sit comfortably in a BNP leaflet.

    I’m not so sure that the leaflet would contain the gutter language though.