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A day when politics is not the story

29 April 2011

9:04 AM

29 April 2011

9:04 AM

This, it has to be said, is not much of a day for politics. Although the world’s laser-like attention will be focussed on Westminster, it will not be on the operations of our Parliament or its
actors, but on Westminster Abbey and the marriage, of course, of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The cameras might pass for a moment over David Cameron, or Ed Miliband, or Nick Clegg. But even
their best morning suits will not compete, you fancy, with the collected fascinators and finery on display — let alone with the wedding dress itself.


We shall be marking proceedings on Coffee House with video, with archive posts and with our general observations. But I’d also like to make an appeal to CoffeeHousers: if you have any photos or
footage of your own celebrations today, then do send them to either phoskin @ or dblackburn @, and we will append them to this post. Consider it the special Royal
Wedding edition of the CoffeeHousers’ Wall. Yours to scrawl on, and to augment, as you see fit.

In the meantime, the official programme for the Wedding can be read online here, should you so be minded. Please do pop back for
Coffee House’s digital street party, minus tea and cakes, throughout the day.

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  • lescam

    Can Samantha Cameron not afford to buy a hat? The only woman there without one. Pathetic.

  • Kennybhoy

    Wot Nicholas said.

    God Save The Queen!

  • Paddy

    What a shame a few anarchists didn’t appear.

    It would have been a joy to see middle England take them apart.

  • Paddy

    Mrs Clegg looked absolutely wonderful.

    Very Spanish!

  • AliC

    Watch ITV, it’s a spite free zone.

    A nice wedding, nice guests, thousands of smiling happy Brits/tourists. No idiots.


  • Nicholas

    Well, after watching that wonderful celebration of the Monarchy, Christianity and Marriage anyone who wants to replace it with someone like Baroness Ashton (q.v. Diane Abbott) must be stark, raving bonkers (and/or bitter and twisted). But we know that anyway.

    God Save The Queen!

  • ollie

    I sincerely hope the cameras do not pass over goof ball Miliband, with that student union grin. What the hell is he doing there anyway? Up until a few months ago, he was squarely against marriage. Oily little ****.

  • John Findlater

    The SKY coverage is first class both on TV and its website.
    The BBC website is currently down and I have long since refused to watch or listen to anything on the BBC however the time to deal with this is to-morrow.

    There is nothing the republicans, the BBC ones or their fellow socilaist freinds, can do today to besmerch the happiness and joy we royalist feel watching the Royal Wedding

    Loads of love and happiness for the future William and Catherine.
    I salute you
    God save the Queen.

  • Hugo Chav

    See the BBC News have Simon Schama on thumbing his nose to the monarchy.

    Reminds me of when Gavin Esler covered Ronald Regan’s funeral with Eleanor Clift, she went on to trash Regan.

    I’m really getting vexed with the BBC, why should I fund such socialist claptrap?

  • Jeremy

    The ladies look fabulous in their hats, and there are some quite impressive waistcoats, too…^^

  • PayDirt

    Wait Kate it’s not too late.