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A princely problem

7 March 2011

7:00 PM

7 March 2011

7:00 PM

Tonight’s Six o’clock news had a long package on Prince Andrew that ended
with Laura Kuenssberg reporting from Downing Street on the government’s attitude to the prince. The fact that the government is now so much part of this story is due to an unforced error on
its part.
It was the briefing yesterday about how if more came out then Andrew would have to resign as trade envoy that pushed the government right into the middle of this sorry story. This set journalistic
hares running and had everyone demanding to know what the government’s position was. The government, which had got involved in this story more through cock-up than anything else, quickly
rowed back on Sunday’s lines.
In truth, the government is caught between a rock and a hard place. However bad this story gets, Prince Andrew resigning — or being asked to resign — as a UK trade envoy would only
inflame the situation. For if he is not an appropriate person to be a trade ambassador for Britain, how can he be an appropriate person to be fourth in line for the throne?

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  • dorothy wilson

    Tomtom: I wasn’t referring to Epstein.

  • TomTom

    “but when the prey is a person it is acceptable.”

    Hardly, Epstein did go to jail for abusing young girls, and now he faces civil suits….so it is hardly acceptable as you put it.

  • dorothy wilson

    It seems that hunting foxes is so terrible has to be outlawed but when the prey is a person it is acceptable.

  • Perry

    Um . . a posting to the something-or-other isles . . can’t remember their name but they are way from anywhere and a ship calls once a year.

  • TomTom

    “Labour’s republicanism and worship of the state is the underlying problem.”

    Funny since it was Gordon Brown that put him in this role…but maybe that is what you meant

  • 2trueblue

    Cjamesk. Spot on. The trouble is Liebore own the BBC, SKY etc so a bit tricky to get anything unbiased out on the airways. The foreign stations are better for news. Why do I have to pay for the BBC?

  • Nicholas

    Man in a Shed – hear, hear.

  • Maggie

    The Prince Andrew story was dug up to distract journalists away from the LSE/Gaddafi story which affects the Milibands and their associates. And it worked. Its as easy to lead the press by the nose as it is to distract a two year old with a biscuit.

  • Man in a Shed

    Labour’s republicanism and worship of the state is the underlying problem.

  • Mike

    Lets face it, Andy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and if it wasn’t by chance of birth he would probably be a small town accountant or bank manager. He’s no trade ambassador. Always an accident waiting to happen.

    Reminds me of a certain Mrak Thatcher.

    Send him off to the long grass to be forgotten.

  • Cjamesk

    He’s easy pickings for the MsM, Labour must be laughing how the scrutiny has been deflected away.

    I for one want to know more about Labours shenanigans with the “Mad Dog” How many more zeros were added to Bliars bank account, and dear old Eds links to the LSE and the regime.

    Who ever is in charge of propaganda sorry communications for the Gov needs to pull the finger out and fire with both barrels.

  • 2trueblue

    If more came out?? What? Where is this going? Slur, ineundo, gossip, just a bunch of rag-a-tags looking for noise.

  • David Lindsay

    Mike Spilligan, so much for the importance of co-operating with supposedly superior civil authorities.

  • TrevorsDen

    We are going to have to start awarding Strapworld prizes according to the devious ways he brings the EU into any thread.

  • Sue Collini

    Another unforced error – quelle surprise.

    Perhaps you could tell us who was responsible for yesterday’s briefing. Not Craig Oliver, by any chance?

    Collini Out.

  • Craig Strachan

    James: ” For if he is not an appropriate person to be a trade ambassador for Britain, how can he be an appropriate person to be fourth in line for the throne?”

    Maybe because he actually has to do stuff as trade ambassador?

  • Mike Spilligan

    David Lindsay: Not central to the subject, I know, but what suprises me about your comment on Catholic Canon Law is that two very Catholic countries in Europe, Spain and Austria, have ages of consent of 13 and 14 respectively, though there are some “ifs and buts” attached.

  • toco

    Chris Bryant is an utter prat who hates everyone probably including himself.He needs to get out more.

  • justathought

    Being an “appropriate person” does not entitle one to be in line to the throne, that comes through lineage alone. However being an Ambassador does require that the person is an “appropriate person”.

    When we could reasonably expect news headlines on the joyful occasion of a royal marriage we are instead being graced with the following Daily mail headline; “Prince Andrew and ‘naked pool parties’ at his paedophile friend’s house”

    I doubt that he will go willingly, royal marriage or not but neither will the media frenzy as long as he remains in post.

  • David Lindsay

    More is the pity, the crimes of one of the Duke of York’s less advisable associates would not have been illegal in Britain, with our dangerously low age of consent.

    Under Catholic Canon Law, that age is 18; any cleric or Religious who interferes with an person under that age is guilty of a specific offence in addition to any breach of the marriage vow or of the vow of celibacy, regardless of any lower age of consent in the civil jurisdiction where the act occurred. So much for the importance of co-operating with supposedly superior civil authorities.

    But just as you have to be a Catholic priest to be held in any (entirely correct) odium for having sex with teenage boys, so you have to be a member of the Royal Family to be held in any (entirely correct) odium for hanging around with men who have sex with teenage girls. For what next are the London media going to excoriate someone of whom they disapprove? Taking cocaine?

    Similarly, a decorated warrior who was determined not to send off any other young men to that which he himself had endured can, in his late seventies, be dragged through the mud for antique allegations of financial corruption, which is bad but which does not kill anyone.

    Yet absolutely nothing is done about a much younger and fitter man who in recent years lied his country into an illegal war which has made him enormously rich while having utterly horrific consequences for numerous other people, and actively permitted a terrorist bomb plot to be carried out in the centre of his country’s largest and capital city in order to further his pre-existing agenda of eroding his people’s age-old civil liberties.

  • strapworld

    Well they have undermined the police, courts,military,religion (especially Christianity), local government , national government. Why not the Royal family?

    Was it Marx or Lenin that identified how to create the pathway for communism to succeed.

    Communism/Facism is not dead it is alive and flourishing within the EU.

  • TomTom

    “a long package on Prince Andrew that ended with Laura Kuenssberg “

    Did he have a thing with her too !!!!

  • David Ossitt

    Chris Bryant has been drizzling his slaver over all of the airways in order to use this incident as a way of polishing up his nasty republican credentials.

    He should stick to being seen on the web in his y-fronts.

  • David Ossitt

    I have posted this on The Wall, on reflection it might have been better to post it here.

    The Mail on Sunday; as one might expect, ran numerous pages this last Sunday, on the salacious gossip surrounding Prince Andrew and his supposed contact with the ‘Epstein’ character.

    On page eleven it mentions other contacts of Epstein including Bill Clinton and Peter Mandelson.

    It also shows what it claims is a page from Epstein’s address book showing Peter Mandelson’s home address, email address and ten telephone numbers including Reinaldo’s (Mandelson’s then boyfriend) all of these details have been blacked out in a similar way as the published expenses of the MP’s were.

    But here’s the thing, if viewed at a slight angle all of the information could be easily read.

    Might one conclude that The Mail on Sunday did this on purpose?