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Sex gangs and the triumph of ignorance

8 January 2011

12:12 PM

8 January 2011

12:12 PM

As Rod Liddle notes, there’s a hell of a media storm raging over sexual abuse committed by men of
Pakistani origin. Certain of the media’s more craven elements have capitulated to the politically correct mantra that it’s wrong to judge at all; and certain of the media’s more reactionary outlets
are entertaining blanket condemnations of the entire Pakistani community. Jack Straw has it about right. He told Sky News:

There is a specific problem about a very small minority of normally Pakistani heritage men who are targeting young, vulnerable white girls. It is somethingt which is abhorred by the
Pakistani heritage community as much as anybody else, but it is an issue and its about how those young men think of women of their own ethnicity, who tend to be off limits, and what they think
about white girls, and there’s no point pretending it’s not a problem, because it is.’

Aside from cultural heritage, this story relates to David Aaronvitch’s and James Forsyth’s concerns about the sexualisation of society. By which I mean that the perpetrators’
perceptions of white girls did not originate from The Thousand And One Nights.  ‘She brought it on herself’ is never a defence; in this instance it merely suggests that two
broad cultural traditions are mutually unconversant, and that ignorance has led to the most barbaric criminality. The issue is not social conservatism per se (there are few more socially
conservative communities than the Pakistani British); rather, it seems to me, the issue is the continued failure of a multicultural approach to create an equable social settlement in Britain.


PS: Broadly speaking, Paul Goodman agrees. He writes:

‘This view can be summed up as multiculturalism – a settlement under which different communities are allowed, within certain minimal legal restaints, to find their own way.  Its inevitable
outcome is that there’s no real integration into Britain’s liberal and democratic settlement.  We have long passed the point at which such a policy is tolerable – if it ever was – or at which
serious problems, such as the grooming by some young Pakistani men of some non-Pakistanti young girls, should not be openly debated.

There’s an alternative both to silencing discussion by sweeping awkward subjects under the carpet, or exposing vulnerable people to racial and religious abuse – namely, a public conversation
that’s decent, honest, and doesn’t shirk the issues.  I believe that such exchanges will reach a clear consensus: that there must be integration into common British norms, including, of
course, equal opportunities for women and zero tolerance of racism.’

Paul is right. But to achieve his admirable goal, society must dispel ignorance and mistrust from its constituent parts.  

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  • David Bouvier

    I was stunned to here a BBC News announcer on Radio 4 say that Jack Straw’s comments “had been out-weighed” by the (hostile) comments made in reaction to them with even suggesting who had made what weighting of which comments. Pure biased editorialising.

  • Archie

    Verity. Straw also spoke a few days before the Old and Sad by-election in which the Tory candidate is………………a Muslim! Also I well remember the BNP breaking the story of Muslims “grooming” young white girls several years ago. Makes one wonder about what else they may be right?

  • Irene Brown

    These children are not targeted because they are white . It is because they are non- muslim. The rape of non muslim women and girls in Europe has reached epidemic proportions . In France it is Algerian muslim men to blame , in Holland Morrocans , in Germany Turkish immigrants . In 2006 an Australian Imam Sheik Tag al-

  • Tarka the Rotter

    Is this the opening of Neathergate by other means? How did Fraser let this one get by him?

  • Stephanie Tohill

    David Ossitt – 7:06pm

    “These Pakistani Muslim child molesters, would never dream of treating a young Muslim girl or woman in this way”

    Per the reports in the Times and a related article int he Guardian some of the victims were Afro-Caribben and Bangladeshi (the latter tend to be muslim.)

    I’d say it’s a mix of negative attitudes towards white women, and, overwhelmingly availability. Pakistani girls are more likely to be locked down by the families, making it rather more difficult (ironically) for them to fall prey to paedophiles.

    I don’t the abusers mentioned would have deliberately turned down the chance to abuse young girls of Pakistani descent had they had the opportunity.

  • TomTom

    “Ann Cryer, MP has also bravely and alone, campaigned against close family marriages.”

    really Verity ? She was rather late in the day I’m afraid and only took an interest when Nick Griffin stood in Keighley. Her main opponent in this quest was Ian Greenwood, ex-NALGO and Leader of Bradford Labour Group.

    Her husband Bob Cryer who held the seat before her did not appear too fussed about such matters. Her successor Kris Hopkins, Conservative Council Leader is silent on the subject

  • Fergus Pickering

    ‘White sluts’ is perhaps not a very good way of describing twelve-year-old girls. I think ‘children’ might be better.

    There is no way of describing female social-anthropologists. The mind boggles. Is this woman suggesting Norwegian women take to the burkha?

  • Simon Stephenson

    Publius : 5.21pm

    “– Is your comment itself the result of “cognitive bias”? Or do you claim some privileged standpoint?”

    Not privileged, no. Aware, though.

  • TomTom

    Les, Straw speaks out 1 week before Oldham Bye-Election.

    PayDirt: It happens in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden (Malmo), and presumably France. It is Muslim. There are enough cases in Bradford taxis to merit selective choices of driver. One Bradford taxi driver has even used the courts to regain his licence after conviction and the Council was forced to re-issue his taxi licence.

    Women should be very careful because this is now an integral part of European society and will be increasingly so especially for blonde haired blue-eyed girls

  • Ruby Duck

    I understand that it is very common for the victim of a rape to blame themselves.

    Are the English not being raped, and are the PC brigade not demonstrating the self-culpatory attitude of the raped ?

    I was willing to break the law to prevent my daughter being drawn into drugs and prostitution and I would recommend breaking the law to anyone who sees their children in danger.

    If you are convicted for protecting your children, so what ?

  • Austin Barry

    Unhappily, as goes Bradford so goes Scandinavia. This from the fjiordman blogspot:

    ‘Apparently, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reported that 65 percent of rapes of Norwegian women were performed by “non-Western” immigrants – a category that, in Norway, consists mostly of Muslims. The article quoted a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo (note: her name is Unni Wikan) as saying that “Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes” because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. The professor’s conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: “Norwegian women must realize that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.”

  • hexhamgeezer

    When it comes to media capitulation I hope you arent disassociating yourselves from it. Occasional elliptical articles slagging off the white underclass while slipping in the odd critical note on some other ethnic/religous group doesn’t absolve yourselves from the Neathergatian project.

    Claiming that Jack Straw has anything honest to say about Mr neslon’s multicultural nirvana is just heaping more insult to injury.

    You are colluding with Aaronavitch and chums in clouding the issue.

    The Oldham by-election might be interesting but I suspect it’ll be all media hands on deck for the usual ‘move along there – nothing to see here’ approach.

  • Ken

    I recall seeing an alarming reportage on a TV channel back in 2001 (which one I am afraid I no longer remember)filmed by a black reporter. Its subject was black on black violence in south London. (It focused basically on gang wars between Nigerian migrants in the area (nicknamed “slave traders” by their Jamaican victims) and Jamaican gangs (described as slaves by the Nigerian gangs) whose feuding appeared to be based around getting even for the 17th century Atlantic slave trade!

    One of the most telling moments in the film was a remark made to the reporter by a Nigerian asked why he was in the UK anyway.

    His response was along the lines of: “The British colonised and exploited us for centuries now its payback time”.

    The Pakistani community may hold similar views?

  • gardda

    Was it not the Anglo Saxons and the Normans who did not integrate for 150 years or more?

    It is no use imagining though that the main cause of their doing so eventually, was not sexual attraction and love, assuming of course that you accept there is any such human emotion.

  • Joy Stanger

    We are now at least thirty years into a period, during which the general public have known – by word of mouth – that this type of act has been taking place. Each and every call for it to be reported fully in the MSM has been met with the assurance that it is myth.

    All is well, we have been told, we only think that such things are taking place.

    Even now, the full facts are not given, and the hatred with which the white British people are regarded by so many of those who are entering the country, is skirted around in the hope that things might miraculously right themselves.