The ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory

2 December 2010

5:46 PM

2 December 2010

5:46 PM

This has to be the ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory story. Why have the Wikileaks
disclosures been so soft on Israel? Here is Tariq Shahid from the Palestine
Think Tank

I’m hoping it’s a spoof but here’s my favourite section:

“Browse through all the news sources available on the latest Wikileaks revelation, and try to find even only one revelation that actually damages Israel, even though so many of the
revealed documents are directly or indirectly connected to Middle East politics, and to a large extent to Israeli affairs. Did you find any document among them that either creates difficulties
for the government of the Zionist entity, or even slightly embarrasses it? Think about it well, you will find that the answer is a very simple ‘No’.”

On the other hand… maybe Israel isn’t so bad after all. 

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • Abtalyon

    Thank you for the link to the Palestine Think Tank, a site clearly devoted to those who can’t think clearly or perhaps can’t think at all. From the content of this site, this particular “ultimate” Jewish conspiracy theory is likely to be superceded very soon by others no less implausible. Michael Shermer has presented his 10 point Conspiracy Theory Detector in this month’s edition of Scientific American. Bloggers will recognize those with the characteristics listed in Point Number 10 on any blog dealing with the USA, Israel, globalization and others.

  • Tim

    To Augustus – the Arab Legion fought against Hitler, and the Stern gang fought against the British. Israel has a good enough case without needing to rely on crass generalisations.

  • AY


    Sabra and Shatila was a REPRISAL massacre of one Arab group against the other. Mentioning Jews in this context is just a good complement to Mossad sharks conspiracy.. not more.

  • JRR Catstrangler

    I think the ultimate Jewish conspiracy is the new one now circulating in Egypt – that the killer shark at Sharm el Sheik is working for Mossad and carrying out its attacks to destroy the Egyptian tourist industry. And no, I did not make this up. The Governor of South Sinai himself says that the rumour cannot be dismissed.
    9/11, the Tsunami and now killer sharks. Tch! Them Jews, what are they like!

  • Redneck

    To DavidR: thank you for responding. No, though I’m Christian I am not “bible-belt” / fanatical! I merely mentioned this to indicate I am not a Jewish-supporter of Israel, as I think there are likely significant differences between the two approaches.
    Similarly, my support of Israel is not based on some biblical interpretation: it is a much more prosaic feeling that a Jewish homeland is completely just and right. Any attempt to deny that should, in my opinion, be met with force.
    Read the article you posted: interesting, though I’m usually a bit sceptical of Wikipedia. Don’t approve of killings of this type by any group: regard them all (perpetrators) as murderous scum. Suspect this wasn’t purely a Judaeo-Christian religious exercise, probably a lot of compounding factors? What do you think?

  • Patricia Shaw

    Why does the Spectator choose to put Israel at the heart of so much of its editorial?

    Is the reason purely commercial or ideological? Is it a genuine fear of Islam?

    Martin please explain.

  • DavidR

    To Redneck, interesting hearing your views. I was wondering if your views were religiously inspired, as religion is prominently mentioned in your post.

    As a Jew, I’m always somewhat sceptical of Christians’ ‘religiously’ supportive of Israel. Also, I wonder what you make of the following:

  • DavidR

    Keep in mind that these are US diplomats’ cables to their superiors. Given the US’s rather one-sided record on Israel, if there was anything even remotely critical of Israel, one certainly wouldn’t seek to find it here.

    As for criticality, one doesn’t have to go as far as secret diplomatic cables. Israel’s own actions such as the use of illegal phosphorus bombs, recent ‘defensive’ attack on Gaza killing more than 1500 civilians, 300 children, attacks on aid convoys, the vast list of broken UN sanctions and international laws should alone provide enough evidence.

  • Redneck

    As a Christian & very pro-Israel, I am often labelled as a Judaeo-Christian by friends & colleagues.
    My pro-Israel stance is not well-received by majority of my friends & colleagues. They will usually try and oppose my views by claims of Jewish /Israeli bias in the media; prevalence of newspaper columnists & opinion-makers of Jewish heritage; the, so-called, Jewish Lobby & influence on the US Government; relative Jewish influence in the film & TV industry and alleged Jewish influence on World Banking. I’m not sure from where they get their “information” and its veracity but can be difficult to counter at times.
    Very difficult to convince them that these are all part of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories but articles like this bizarrely help!

  • Imshin

    When the current Wikileaks thing was just about to erupt, Israeli PM Netanyahu quipped that in Israeli everyone says what they think out loud anyway, so we have far less to worry about than other countries. And this is indeed the case. The leaks seem mainly to cause intense embarrassment as they reveal how diplomats and countries really regard certain international issues, and not just what they say in public. In Israel there is not such a difference between what people think and what we say. Even diplomats. And besides that, we have our dirtiest washing regularly hung out for all to see and made out to be the norm, and alongside it a lot of bogus washing that doesn’t even exist.

  • Augustus

    In article 95 of the Treaty of Sevres the sovereignty of Palestine, which the Ottoman Empire had exercised for 400 years, was transferred to Britain in trust for a national homeland for the Jews. As the local Arabs had never exercised sovereignty
    over Palestine they lost nothing, but their
    civil and religious rights were protected by a clause in the Treaty. That provisio has been fully observed by Israel, that’s why it ‘isn’t so bad after all’.

    Since 1950 Arabs have built more than twice as many settlements in Judea and Samaria as the Jews have. They filled them with Arabs from all over the place – Lebanon, Egypt,
    Jordan, and by the grace of Allah they all became ‘Palestinians’. The Arabs called Judea the West Bank, because they would have looked foolish claiming that Jews are illegally living in Judea.

    The war against Israel isn’t a dispute about bits of territory that can be solved with a concession here or there, it’s a jihad against the state of Israel, which is
    the transitional stage for the final victory of Islam. The conflict between dar-al-Islam and dar-al-Harb. During the British mandate period from 1922 to 1948, the Jews called where they lived Palestine. They were the Palestinians, they played music in the Palestinian Philharmonic, they read the Palestine Post (later the Jerusalem Post), they even fought in the British army as the Palestine Brigade against Hitler. The Arabs fought too,
    on Hitler’s side. The Jews from Palestine
    and those that came to live in Israel in peace with their religion and with goodwill towards their neighbours are certainly not bad. They have a clear conscience and a clean slate.