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BREAKING: England lose their 2018 World Cup bid

2 December 2010

3:37 PM

2 December 2010

3:37 PM

Bad news, I’m afraid: Russia has won the contest to host the World Cup in 2018. According to some sources, England didn’t even make it beyond the first round of voting. So, not the fairytale result
that David Cameron, or most English football fans, would have wanted – nor, indeed, the one that was expected earlier today. We’ll just have to console ourselves, once again, with memories of 1966:

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  • jimmy

    I feel that England lost in the bid because throughout the world they are no longer respected or liked. I have travelled the world over and witnessed a lot of anti English sentiment and the same applies to the USA. Today i ask, why are we disliked so much. I blame the media.

  • Chuck Unsworth

    @ Tweety

    “…. Cameron will never be Tony Blair?”

    That is something to be extremely thankful for.

  • Football_Lad

    We didn’t win because not only is Russia one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but FIFA is one of the most corrupt associations in the world.
    So much leads to this being a conspiracy, the unravelling of FIFA, because of the revelations about how corrupt FIFA, is about to begin

  • Jack

    When interviewed today, Andrew Neil claimed that the BBC was right to expose FIFA and it is their duty as journalists. What I would like to know is where was the BBC’s sense of duty and integrity to report alleged wrong doing when the climategate story broke last year? It would appear that the duty of the BBC is merely to further their own agenda. I would strongly suspect that the motivation of the BBC as in most of the things that it does is to discredit the Coalition Gov.

  • In2minds

    @lescam – “Sod all sport”. Agreed and all those who witter on about it.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Interesting and frightening thought. In 2022 will Qatar be able to host a sporting event? I was thinking of crazy Muslim FundaMentalists taking over, but on consideration, this country is unfortunately more likely to be dominated by these maniacs.

  • Osred

    Whether you like football or not the fact that we were trounced and couldn’t get past the 1st round should interest the politicos here. We had a very good bid and yet the votes went;

    Russia 9

    Spain/Portugal 7

    Netherlands/Belgium 4

    England 2

    Its like Eurovision (yes – dont laugh) where we usually end up last or next to last. Do we have the shiteiest songs? Of course not. Did we have the worst bid? No, we had the best (according to Sepp Blatter),broadest, and most professional.

    Qatar (!) won the 2022 bid. They havent qualified for a single World Cup to date. Look who they beat in the 1st round;

    Qatar 11

    South Korea 4

    Japan 3

    U.S. 3

    Australia 1 (eliminated)

    Korea/Japan and the US have held WC’s recently. Regular qualifiers Australia havent, and they, like us were last.

    I think the answer for our failure is clear. Cameron didnt raise our DFID budget enough. either that or every multnational/multilateral organisation is an utter cesspit of corruption.


  • Holly ……

    Tweety,when will your lot understand Ed will
    never lead Labour and will NEVER be PM.
    You are also correct that DC will NEVER be Blair,as he is a low down,lying greedy millionaire.
    DC is just a millionaire.
    Keep on tweeting.

  • Ed P

    Mafia & oil money works!

  • Holly ……

    The likes of davidk and his twittering pals
    do more to alienate the working class voter,
    who USED to vote Labour in droves,but now can no longer stomach them.
    At least the three lions acted like lions.
    Not ‘too busy doing something else’.
    You really do not understand how you come across as sick minded people who gloat at
    this country’s problems.
    Please keep up your great work at throwing the genuine of this country our way.

  • Robert


  • AndyinBrum

    The most damaging press attack was the MoS’ pathetic sting on Lord Triesman, who’s views, it appears have been totally vindicated.

    FIFA is the disgrace, and the FA’s & Governments that let them get away with it

  • Glenn Haldane

    Excellent news

  • strapworld

    Dimoto, Written from the heart sir! For over 48 years I have supported Leyton Orient. When living in London I went to every home game and derbies in London. I also, with pals, followed them in the FA Cup. The journey never lasted long, except that glorious year when we reached the semi’s and Arsenal beat us at Chelsea’s ground!! But I recall the constant threat of closure, one Sunday at Brisbane Road contributing into a bucket to save the club. But it also brought me great friendships. One a lorry driver from Bermondsey and his pal from hackney. We remain great friends although we are now aged, suffering from ill health and, in my case, living in the valley’s!

    I supported the bid because I can remember how the 1966 world cup brought the country together. Different times I appreciate.

    You are so right about the state of football, the people it attracts to run clubs and the weak politicians who should look into the structure of governing bodies and control of clubs. Yes, you are right, everything in the garden is not rosy, too many good clubs are fighting to stay alive. But clubs like yours and mine are necessary in their locality.

    Strange that Tottenham and even West ham are being considered to take over the new Olympic Stadium when it is on Orient’s manor!

    Peter from Maidstone makes a very important point. But the same, sadly, can be said about cricket’s international committee.

    Thank you for your kind comment.

  • AndyinBrum

    I like the way you blame the BBC whilst completely ignoring the much more damaging Sunday times’ investigation.

    The beeb & Sunday time were perfectly right to carry out & publish these allegations & there appears that there was no chance Eng would win, even if no corruption was shown. Why? Because the whole process is obviously a farce, don’t blame the messengers, blame the corruption.

  • Tweety

    When will the Tories understand that Cameron will never be Tony Blair?

    The search for your Blair continues. 🙂

  • Mike Brighton

    It was as plain as day that we wouldn’t win
    1) FIFA is utterly corrupt and Russia as a mafia-state will happily line FIFA’s executive committee’s bank accounts with mafia gold which England would not. Note Qatar have won the next world cup (which is in itself laughable), they are no slouches themselves in the international league table of corruption and bribery
    2) FIFA being uttterly corrupt is also utterly self-serving and vainglorious so wants to see a legacy of stadiums and infrastructure with nice shiny FIFA badges on them with the added bonus of kickbacks on the capital project costs. Russia will build stadiums, roads and apparently even a new Airport, all with nice shiny FIFA badges and names and juicy kickbacks no questions asked comrade and which swiss bank account would that be for your er consultancy fee…(see South Africa as an example)
    England = no infrastructure required…no hope.
    3) Pesky fleet street and BBC journalists to probe and ask difficult questions of FIFA and its very dodgy finances. No journalists will do this in Russia unless they want a 9mm diameter hole in their head. And certainly none in Qatar as there aren’t any.

  • John Bailey

    It was obvious as soon as Putin said he would not be intended, he’d have the nod, obviously.

    Just think all the money England saves from not hosting the Opium of the Masses World Cup can now be given to Scotland, Wales and N Ireland to keep them in the lap of luxury.

  • JohnPage

    Russia had been said to be the favourites for a while, but I suppose Cameron had to pretend. Quite why the media are devastated is beyond me.

  • MartinW

    This is indeed good news. A hearty cheer all round.
    As previously opined, it was a disgrace that Cameron debased himself and this country by going cap-in-hand to the dubious FIFA, and some its officials who are suspected of corruption. It is also shocking that he co-opted Prince William to this ill-judged venture.

  • Peter From Maidstone

    Why is International Football held hostage by this utterly corrupt organisation? I half expected to see one of the Kinnock’s involved somehow.

  • Hysteria

    “Bad news, I’m afraid”…..

    seems like good news to me…………

  • Chuck Unsworth

    @ Strapworld

    Fair points, well put.

  • davidk

    It was the Three Lions wot lost it!

  • Dimoto

    As a season ticket holder of a medium sized (non Premiership) club, I could not be happier with the bid failure.
    As everyone who takes a passing interest in football knows, the game in England is in dire, dire condition, almost on it’s last legs.
    If there is one organisation more corrupt and useless than FIFA, it’s the English FA (and their puppet masters in the Premiership).
    Any dodgy foreign interest can buy a Prem club – and they have. The Premiership is full of foreign players, and foreign managers, it is totally alien to English sport.
    Fewer and fewer international class English players are developing, because the Premiership clubs insist on buying any emerging talents and then never playing them.
    The money culture has filled the Premiership with thugs, petty crims and playboys.

    Every club beneath the Premiership is in a grim struggle for survival. When a major club like Sheffield Wednesday is on the verge of bankruptcy, it tells it’s own story.
    The Premiership is an alien, Sky created, show, mainly concerned with providing (fairly unexciting) television sport for a global audience – it has nothing much to do with English football.

    The FA and Premiership will no doubt seize on the failed bid to grab yet more privileges for themselves.

    The much ballyhooed “English bid” was a deeply dishonest stunt. Cameron and William should have kept well away.
    The video suggests that everything in the garden is lovely, with a rudely healthy sport, and mass participation – lies and rot.

    Labour chickened out of a complete investigation into this ramp of a sport – too many nasties under too many stones !

    Peter Hoskin, Ivan Lewis and all the other idiots commenting on this without the slightest knowledge of the real situation, should just shut it.

    Best wishes to Russia !

  • Noa

    Considering the essentially debauched status of world football not hosting the World cup should be considered primarily a financial, rather than a cultural or ethical loss.

    After all the net result will be turning on the TV; to watch a football match being broadcast from Belarus rather than Birmingham.

    If it’s revenge against those Fourth Estate lefties that a moronic public wants, then, given their undoubted expertise in dealing with the media, the FA could consider employing seasoned Russian advisers to manage its future relations with the media in general and the BBC in particular.

  • cuffleyburgers

    Great, can we have a tax cut then please?

  • Bruce, UK

    Never mind. I’m sure HMG will find something else to waste our money on soon.

  • gurney slade

    Hooray! I hate football. Did Putin threaten to murder the jury in the event of Russia not winning?

  • Airey Belvoir

    So – a corrupt organisation feels more comfortable dealing with a corrupt Government. No surprise there, then.

  • bob

    What a blessing. We avoid months of media obsession with bl**** football, save
    billions of public money and are not responsible for propping up a thoroughly corrupt organisation

  • Baron

    this is supposed to be a blog of the thinking people, right? how on earth could any you have thought we could win it in competition with Russia, ha?

    together with the UN, FIFA sits comfortably at the pinnacle of the most corrupt set-ups ever, it easily outflanks a number of African governments when it comes to the lack of transparency, backhanders and stuff. Even before the Panorama exposure we had no chance at all, after it, only the completely blind would have entertained the idea of our getting the mandate, like the three un-wise men bleating about ‘England’s national game, the fabric of our nation, guaranteeing financial success, bla, bla, bla’.

    No, Peter, schmaltz may be a tasty stuff in a diet, in international football it counts for nothing.

  • lescam

    I’m delighted. No nightmare prospect now of the UK being swamped with ghastly footie fans from all over the world, and Cameron won’t be able to smarm around claiming he won it. I just wish Russia had got the Olympics as well.

    Sod all sport.

  • dearieme

    Can’t we just agree to blame those moronic Birmingham City supporters who rioted last night?

  • Ian Walker

    I can hear the corks popping from the Panorama office right now. Cameron, Prince William, Coe, Beckham – all embarassed in one fell swoop.

    So a fairy-tale result for the champagne trots at the Beeb.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    What with some infamous British football fans, and even more infamous Russian alcoholic oiks, when the punch-ups start what’s the betting?

  • ajs

    Well said, Chris. Russia can have all the hangers-on to the Olympic business, too.

  • Pettros

    Oh dear, this wont rank well on Camerons

  • Chris lancashire

    Any chance Russia being interested in a job lot and having the 2012 Olympics as well?

  • strapworld

    I am afraid there will be many that will agree with toco, As for Ricky. That is a most ridiculous statement. I did not view an inarticulate male model.

    You, sir, epitomise the problem with our country, always so quick to cut down our sporting heroes. Beckham is not the team. He cannot be blamed for the faults of English football these days. Blame the billionaires, from Russia and elsewhere, who have ruined it!

    The BBC must be made to pay for their crass behaviour. But I look to see how the Chelsea Owner is now viewed in this country.I do not think he will be welcomed at football grounds in England now!

    At least we tried and did our best. At least Ed Milliband will be happy he will be able to return to the country of his forefathers now and support them.

    This country, though, has got to learn how to operate in an increasing corrupt world.

  • David

    Panorama (BBC) should hang their heads in shame. It’s not that they broadcast the programme but the timing of it. Cut all their bloated salaries.

  • ollie

    Come on guys, this is no great loss. The last World Cup was a total flop.

    Anyway, I wonder if FIFA are aware what the Russian fans are like. It’s going to be interesting seeing black African teams playing in a country where there is deeply entrenched racism – especially amongst the football fans.

  • Matt

    “It is the BBC what lost it.On the basis we lose some £5 billion due to its unpatriotic behaviour we should cut the BBC’s bloated salary bill by a similar amount.”

    Indeed – but they get to feel good about their fearless journalism so that is the main thing..

  • Ricky

    Once again the powers that be have put their faith in inarticulate ageing male model Beckham.

    Apart from filling his boots with gold and largesse, he never brought one piece of silverware home as England captain. The WAG culture he exemplified has played it’s part in the sad decline of our “national” game.

    No surprise that it was the wily Putin wot won it.

  • GDT

    Another one of Labour’s failings – the Jonah Curse strikes again.

  • toco

    Add Qatar to Russia and one can see the committee are looking to maximise personal reward is no uncertain terms.

  • Alan Campbell

    Looks like Cameron doesn’t have Blair’s lobbying skills.

  • toco

    It is the BBC what lost it.On the basis we lose some £5 billion due to its unpatriotic behaviour we should cut the BBC’s bloated salary bill by a similar amount.

  • pixi

    thank god.