Coffee House

A winning bid?

2 December 2010

12:28 PM

2 December 2010

12:28 PM

Football and Coffee House rarely mix, except of course when Manchester United win the European Cup. Yet I’m sure plenty of
CoffeeHousers want to see England come out on top when the winning nation of the 2018 World Cup bid is announced later today. This morning saw the English delegation – including Davids
Cameron and Beckham, and Prince William – make their final presentation to FIFA dignitaries. To my eyes, it was schmaltzily effective stuff, but you can judge for yourself from the video
above. All that remains to do is echo Iain Dale’s call of "Come on England!" And if we don’t win, then it was
obviously fixed.

P.S. There’s even some World Cup-related
for Ed Miliband. His outgoing spokesman, Katie Myler, has tweeted that Cameron is "pimping himself" out in Zurich. She has apologised for the comment.

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  • ToryScot

    Turn up the volume on that video when Cameron is speaking, when he breaths in he sounds really nervous – I’m utterly shocked, he never sounds that nervous when he faces Red Ed…

  • JohnAnt

    “To my eyes, it was schmaltzily effective stuff”
    You mean, Dave telling Fifa that we had so many different groups of foreigners living here and feeling happily foreign, each ‘community’ rooting for its own ‘home’ team, that the visiting teams and supporters would feel ‘at home’?
    That gave me a real insight into what Dave thinks of the future of this country. A Blairite vision of monoglot ghettos united around the telly and when they lose occasionally kicking off as a ‘good-humoured crowd’ (to use MetroRozzer speak.)
    Great, can’t wait.

  • GDS


    “Football is our national game. It has no class boundaries- unlike rugby!!”

    You ignorant tosser.

  • Fergus Pickering

    You are QUITE SURE that this will make money for us, are you? I mean megabucks.

  • Matt

    If we don’t win we could always negotiate a coalition with Spain and Portugal.

  • Bob Dixon

    All thats left to do is put the wonga on the table

  • tolpuddlemartyr

    Is corruption endemic? and…is football really so important?

  • tolpuddlemartyr

    FIFA? Who would want to do a deal with them,- at any price? This ridiculous and expensive triumvirate lower themselves by going cap in hand to FIFA

  • R.McGeddon

    There seem to be a lot of Labour naysayers around with bad, negative attitude problems.
    This not a petty tribal, party political matter, it’s our Country’s bid to host a global event !!
    What mean-spirited people ! Miliband’s muppets are the modern nasty party !!

  • strapworld

    Arise Lord Beckham. Let’s face it if a failed politician and former runner can become a Lord so can a great footballer who has captained his country and behaved in such an exemplary fashion. The young black man was magnificent and I apologise for not getting his name. But he was superb. I do hope he is well rewarded. A knighthood would be the least thing.

    Football is our national game. It has no class boundaries- unlike rugby!! and cricket. (I do hope that Gove makes cricket compulsory in ALL schools and thus will attract a lot more talent into the game).

    But whatever happens this afternoon. And I am not as confident as the bookies and media types, we should be proud of the team that produced such a terrific presentation.

    For once I will say that David Cameron was very good. If we get the world cup he will be swept to power!

  • Baron

    Peter, brace yourself, we ain’t going to win it, just think, if what has been alleged is only the tip of the iceberg, the Russian must have it sewn up pretty well, and who would want to take the risk of disappointing them, you know, mafia, radioactive polonium, Litvinenko.