A worrying rumour

23 November 2010

12:16 PM

23 November 2010

12:16 PM

News reaches me from Bangladesh that the British government may have written to the Bangladesh foreign ministry asserting that there are no war criminals from the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 resident in Britain. If true, this is a catastrophic error of judgement. For the UK to
pre-judge the present war crimes trials taking place in Bangladesh
would be a moral outrage. If we have suspects living in this country then we need to fulfil our international obligations. I have approached the foreign office for more information, but hope the
rumours are wrong.

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  • Rhoda Klapp

    Oh, a minute of research and it turns out BD has the death penalty, so we would not extradite anyone to there, just spend years and millions trying to. Next?

  • Rhoda Klapp

    If they haven’t been tried, what should make them war criminals in the view of the UK govt?

    Presumption of innocence ring a bell?

    If we are talking suspects, that is another thing. If Bangla Desh comes up with names and IDs, surely there is a system in place for extradition. Unless the suspects can use human rights laws to avoid being sent to a country where they won’t get a fair trial. And you know that is how it will turn out.

  • Noa Zrk

    I share your outrage Martin.

    HMG should institute immediate criminal checks on all immigrants who have been granted UK citizenship, to ensure they have not committed any crimes prior to their arrival in the UK.
    If they have we can deport or repatriate the immediately. Or would that not constitute harassment and a breach of their human rights?

  • normanc

    Britain a safe haven where criminals and terrorists can live with impunity, surely you jest!

  • Austin Barry

    Actually, I’m not worried at all and I don’t know anyone who is.

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