14.5 vs 13.5

4 October 2010

3:39 PM

4 October 2010

3:39 PM

A great effort from the Americans today but when it came to the final match you knew Europe could rely upon that tough little Ulsterman, Graeme McDowell. Not a chance he was going to let Hunter Mahan get a grip on their match. 

Great drama, mind you and pleasing too that every member of the side contributed points. Quality stuff all round. Even UKIP voters can like Europe today…

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • russell

    er Tommy…I’m not quite sure I understand what stereotype Jimenez is meant to represent….unless it’s the oldest-swinger-in-town-hippy-cigar-smoker type!

  • tommyt67

    Well, that was a bit close for comfort.

    Massie’s aside about UKIP shouldn’t be taken too seriously – a bit like the party itself – but it does highlight some of the complexities of the identitity of a sports fan. Where else would the English cheer a German to the rafters ? A staunch and avowed unionist took the winning point helped by the prayers of devout republicans. Generally if a Scotsman sees 5 Englishmen together on a (non cricketing) sports field his first instinct is to go for their kneecaps, but not yesterday. In fact teh only sporting stereotype which applies to the Ryder Cup is Miguel Angel Jiminez, and long may that continue.

  • Chairman of Selectors

    Massie, I refuse to believe Fraser is paying you for your inane musings around the Ryder Cup. Though I note even in this dismal missive, you have failed to hide your grotesque lefty prejudices. At least have the courtesy to undertsand what UKIP stands for and don’t come on here insulting our intelligence, you tedious buffoon.

  • russell

    Socialist Europe wins again! Huzzah for all those collectivists who run the game across our Euro-superstate.

  • Wilhelm

    ” Even UKIP will like Europe today.”

    As usual Alex you fails to grasp the point that no one has a problem with Europeans but with the political superstate EUSSR.

  • William Campbell

    The starry flag is Council of Europe flag as well, isn’t it?

  • Alexander

    Stuart: Belgium is a non-country according to Farage. Moderately insulting if you ask me.

  • Stuart Gulleford

    Sigh! I do wish people would take the trouble to learn about UKIP and what it stands for before making snide comments which expose the writer’s ignorance.

    UKIP is not anti-Europe or anti the peoples of Europe. What it does oppose is the creation of an artificial and dangerously undemocratic political construct which undermines democratically elected governments. I’m pleased that Europe won the Ryder Cup. I wish they’d won it by a wider margin and that they would use some other symbol, rather than the EU flag which doesn’t represent all European countries and is very annoying for the very many of us who oppose the EU, as a matter of principle.

  • lloyd

    Not just the ‘wee Ulsterman’, but also thanks to a certain Scots captain and even a sassenach, Westwood – and the competition took place in Wales!

    Who said there was no future in the United Kingdom?