So some people actually voted for Abbott?

26 September 2010

7:17 PM

26 September 2010

7:17 PM

The difficult question for me is who were the 0.88 per cent of Labour MPs, and 2.5 per
cent of Labour members, who thought that Diane Abbott was the best possible person to lead the Labour Party? Admittedly this is the sort of proportion of voters who at elections decide to select
the candidate from the Ku Klux Klan, or the Ban Chives Now! candidate or the dribbling bearded loon in a Union Jack costume and with the body of a stuffed ferret protruding from each ear, so
designed to make you think it was actually implanted in his skull and who calls himself something from a Monty Python programme like Kevin Zzzzzzzupppp and thinks he’s absolutely fucking
hilarious and sort of subversive, satirising the political process because they’re all the same, aren’t they, the parties, so let’s all have a bloody good laff, ha ha ha, etc.

Actually, thinking about it, these people usually get more than 2.5 per cent of the vote at general elections – but then the membership of the Labour Party, which includes me, is supposed to
be a more sophisticated electorate and 2.5 per cent is therefore an astonishingly high figure.


Are you Tories happy with Red Ed, meanwhile? For me, someone who wished that the Labour Party might choose someone who was not part of the London middle class faux left who has never done an honest
day’s work in his life, it is less than ideal. Because Ed is, even if he represents Doncaster. But then it could have been worse.

The first task, to my mind, is to re-connect with the millions of voters outside of the capital (and largely north of Bushey) who have drifted away from the party since 2001. Investment in
technology and industry and infrastructure, redistributive economically but with a clear notion that there are deserving poor and undeserving poor……..

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  • Paul Carlin

    To paraphrase a fine American writer: “‘Abbott, eh,’ Uncle Ed said reflectively,’Yup, know her; 300 pounds of bear liver wrapped in clingfilm, that one?'”

  • Osred


    I quite fancy Ms Warsi. Granted she’s not got much competition, but she’s got quite an illuminating smile methinks.

    As for irritating at least she can string 2 coherent sentences together unlike the truly repulsive Flabbot and, unlike Harperson, she doesnt seem to be fuelled by an unquenchable spite for her opponents.

  • Jo

    Following comments on H Harman and D Abbot could we have some on Baroness Warsi who must be the most irritating person to ever open their mouths on radio. How is she taken seriously?

  • michael

    Doncatras, well Ed could always do a runner and make a bee-line for neighbour: Barnsley.

    I’m sure ‘barnpot’ Arthur will take him in.

  • Lungfish

    @Baron- I don’t have a refined interllect, you should know by now that I’m usually drunk at that time in the morning and shouldn’t take any notice.
    P.S. I’v just read James Delingpole’s piece in the Telegraph and have just turned up my central heating.

  • Damon Hager

    So, something like redistributive socialism, plus “the white heat of technology” – Harold Wilson, circa 1967, eh Rod?

    Cos that turned out just brilliantly, didn’t it?

  • Ton Ton Macoute

    Never mind the KKK, where is Bushey?

  • Palookaville

    Think what might have happened had Andrew Neil decided against giving her regular opportunities to display her buffoonery.

  • Leon Vestey

    There are probably Liebore Mps who still believe in Santa Claus too.

  • James Delingpole

    Re: the unfortunate KKK reference. I think I can speak with some authority, here, because Rod is a friend of mine, I read a lot of his stuff and I can confidently say that the juxtaposition was entirely accidental and that Rod, having now had it drawn helpfully by one or two “Spectator readers” to his attention will be mortified. As ought to be clear from his previous columns, he has enormous respect for Diane Abbott.

  • spence

    First of all, your percentages are off. It wasn’t 0.88% of Labour MPs, it was that number times 3. Same with the 2.5%, it’s that number times 3 of Labour members. The percentages reported in each section were of the overall electoral college. Second, Labour has its results on its website. MPs that gave Diane Abbott their first preference were Kelvin Hopkins, Jeremy Corbyn, Mike Wood, Abbott, Linda Riordan, Katy Clark, and John McDonnell. Abbott also won a plurarity of first preferences from Aslef members and Musicians Union members.

  • phil

    I wish they had elected la abbott ,then they would never enjoy power again ,and better still I could continue watching BBC 1 after question time .It is of course sad for her that she is so unattractive ,but for me it is the words that leave her lips that sicken me .I do not think I can remember a more hypocritical and envious woman ,one who is desperate to relieve those who have worked hard and achieved success of “their ill gotten gains”-and yet continues to acquire massive amounts herself ,not to mention her record on private schooling .-Well that was quite a good rant :)-
    PS Rod I thought Andy Burnham came over as a moral man of the people,but too pleasant for this hard world . With any luck DC will have listened to his pleas regarding the elderly,words that should be applauded .